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  1. if any team is going to allow a comeback it's the chargers
  2. Depends on what happens with Edmunds. LB could be a massive need.
  3. Establishing a running game and sticking to it is the paving of the road to the SB imo.
  4. I hope it's Sunday. Am driving back from NY to NC Saturday.
  5. Yeah that's what I mean. Players usually get slower throughout their career and it would probably give leverage to the team signing, but I think it'd be fair to know their real 40 time. Just something I always thought about. Also, I dig the username.
  6. Yeah this was my go to when I used to play madden. My opponent would always tell me how good looking that combo was. And people on this board will always flame this look. Same people that walk around in white New Balance shoes like they are Steve Jobs, cargo shorts and graphic tees probably. 😅
  7. I wonder what his 40 time is now. He came out in the 4.3s iirc. I find it strange that players only run the 40 when coming out of college and then that is the time that represents them their whole career. It should be updated every year I feel like. I'm sure they do them at private workouts, but they're never made public.
  8. Next year all blues will be sick looking with red helmets.
  9. I think he might have meant Benford to safety. But you make some good points.
  10. F it. Let's kick all FG to beat the Pats 33-0. 3's ALL DAY!
  11. I think it was going to be a 40-34 type game
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