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  1. Met Jeff at at Hills Department Store promo way back in the day when I was kid. It was one of those meet and greets, sign a picture deal. He was the reason I always tried to get #38 in sports as a kid. (didn't work out so much with youth baseball) Met Mark while shooting photos on the sideline of a preseason game between Houston and the Bills in the Alamodome in San Antone. You're right, super nice guy and really down to earth. This also happened to be time Bruce and Phil Hansen borrowed my camera and zoom lens to scope out the Oilers cheerleaders on the opposite sideline. Interviewed Greg Cater back in 1983 for a mock television program during a kids summer program at SUNY Fredonia. Another fantastic guy with the best southern slang terms 12 y/o me had ever heard. I he was wearing sandals during the interview and I remember being freaked out at the blood blisters on his kicking toe. Knew Bryce Fisher when he was at the Air Force Academy. Spent some time with him and saw him in a couple bars in the local area before he reported to Bills camp back in WNY.
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