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  1. But Flores said they aren't tanking? /sarcasm
  2. One score game. I don't care how, just get it done, learn, and move on.
  3. I regret only having one Consumer's growler for this game.
  4. I guess it's progress. It's better than Baltimore last year.
  5. Amazingly, we're in this. Power of positivity?
  6. Great job by the D. Hopefully the O can get it rolling again. Move past that mistake, we got this.
  7. Good to see Hausch hit that 54 yarder.
  8. I remember when all we could do was punt...
  9. So does Josh Allen move up to #31? Or do they put Brissett ahead of him just because...?
  10. 20-25. First was Wade's home opener against the Rams (Banks TD in the last minute), last one was Tennessee last year. Had seasons for Doug's last year and Rex's first, and a few other games sprinkled in.
  11. September 20, 1998 Rams @ Bills Wade's home opener as head coach, Bills lost 34-33 on a Tony Banks rushing TD in the last minute.
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