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  1. No broadcast on 10 in Albany. DTV is having the same war. Also FOX for the last 6 months so no games there,
  2. The guys a thug. Should have got a year off.
  3. And beside all these streaming services in the Albany NY area Direct TV doesn't have Fox and hasn't for months. More games I miss.
  4. Have Direct TV in the Albany area. WXXA is blocked because of greed. Cant even watch the Bowl. NO smart TV or streaming. Really don't care at this point. Poor me. Go Bills. Since 1960
  5. To bad some of us could not watch the game because we do not have Amazon Prime. What is the NFL doing other than greed for us fans.
  6. Terrible how the NFL allows only Amazon Prime people to watch this game. Pure GREED. I do not have Prime. Sad!
  7. What are we going to do with Blackshear? He looked great yesterday. Liked him a lot. Really going to be tough to cut any of the backs.
  8. I've had DTV since the ticket went there. I called this year and no deal. They said call back. I am not willing to only get half the games. Where I live it is the only game in town where I get excellent reception. Weather is no problem. Service when needed has been great so I have no problem. And I do not mind saying so. In the past I have also gotten deals including free. At my age I do not want to get involved with streaming. Friend are not that happy with it and adding up all the cost for each one is about the same. Recording five channels at once is worth its weight in gold. Be happy!
  9. Let me know in the morning. 25TH is too late for me this evening. They are not moving up.
  10. Businesses get tax deals all the time from the state to stay or come. The Indians taxes owed are paying a great deal of the state share. Our state wastes more money than carter has pills. Good for us we are getting a new home for our Bill's.
  11. I think someone should send the Gov. a box of candy and flowers. I thank her very much.
  12. After what gronk did to White I do not want anything to do with him.
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