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  1. I just liked watching real football plays. It's been awhile.
  2. DTV or Dish is the only TV reception I get. They have been very good to me so I'm happy.
  3. Why did the refs start calling stuff this game when they never call stuff in the playoff games? Everybody knows they let stuff go in the playoffs. These refs were terrible.
  4. He stays. Strong ties to Rochester. Move family to LA?? I don't believe he would do that. Pay him more money and make him Asst. Head coach and he stays.
  5. Used to have a real Buffalo with the Buffalo Braves basketball team. Why Not???
  6. Daboll might like Buffalo to much to leave. Comfortable and from the area. Team is on the rise and more money is in the front window.
  7. If the players care about their future they will follow the rules and things will be fine. Than there are those who will not and ruin it for every one. Same as in life.
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