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  1. Direhard Fan

    NFL committee proposes revamp of instant replay

    Address correcting the missed call in the NFC championship game with another official in the booth and leave everything else alone. Have refs call the game like its a playoff. Let them play ball.
  2. Direhard Fan

    Robert Foster stayed in Buffalo for offseason to train

    Cart before the horse. Wait until Sept. and than we will see. That's what I'm looking forward to.
  3. Direhard Fan

    Chris Brown Commenting on D. Jackson trade rumors

    Let me know when something happens. Until than snooze.
  4. Don't need a person like that on our team. Surprised he went after him to begin with. He is a me player and not a we player.
  5. Direhard Fan

    How Does a Bills Win Affect Your Life?

    In all honesty I sleep better for two nights after a win and feel much better for the week. And that's the truth.
  6. Direhard Fan

    Buffalo's reputation amongst free agents

    No hot water. No heat after Sept.. A/C on after Sept. Remove toilets. That is the way to treat the enemy. What is the problem??