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  1. Glad we didn't get Bell and Brown. Jets and OKL are having maturity problems with both already. He seemed all in when drafted and the kind of guy who is humble and will just go about doing his job. Ford the same thing.
  2. Our "D" will get even better than the second half LY. Running will improve a lot with the new "O" line the second half. Both open up the passing game and Josh will have a good year while learning the new receivers. We should be very good the second half. 9-7 and the playoffs.
  3. What your all saying is the pro bookies in Vegas don't know what their talking about. There is no sure thing and they are in the business to make money. I say that every time I loose and know better. Sure sounds like a good bet.
  4. QB reading the "D" is the most important.
  5. Good question. Thought the same thing.
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