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  1. Along with Knox, Breida was shaky last night also!
  2. ... and similarly Jim Harbaugh's seasons at Michigan. Hopefully Michigan shows up this Saturday, best of luck Yolo!
  3. ...should of asked Frank Reich to come in at QB for the 2nd half.
  4. Next years draft/free agency will most likely key in on OL.
  5. Sadly, the other Josh Allen was in the same building!!!
  6. Last game has to have left a bad taste in their mouths' and I hope the Bills can put up 50 on Miami!
  7. I'm sure it will happen again during this years Super Bowl.., with a more positive result!
  8. ...and that's the good news! It will get worse before it gets better!! Enjoy!
  9. Trubisky was the first to receive this distinguished NVP award but what separates Allen from Trubisky is Josh has the revered "Idaho Potato Bowl MVP" which Mitch does not!
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