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  1. the skycap

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    I remember him rushing for 200 yds against the mighty Oklahoma Sooners and the Boz in the snow. That's when I became a Thurman Thomas fan and wished like hell that the Bills draft him.
  2. the skycap

    My Relook at Josh Allen

    Mayock put bad Intel out about Jackson meeting/interviewing with teams. Lamar even mentioned this at the draft. Can't believe everything told to you. Must do due diligence
  3. the skycap

    Who Makes Your Priority UDFA List?

    U'd think Lowell was a given. I also like Nall. Did my man Deebo Samuel get selected? A burner WR
  4. the skycap

    My Relook at Josh Allen

    What about Matt Waldman, Greg Cosell, Ben Solak, etc
  5. the skycap

    My Relook at Josh Allen

    MAJ, that was false Intel. Says Petrino ran a very complex offense. All of the experts said Jackson had no problem reading defense. Dan Orlovsky had a great breakdown of all the QBs in the draft. He did have a problem with Allen not recognizing blitzes and where to go with football. People put out all type of false info out there. I read where they said Darnold was bad on whiteboard. The film don't lie. Jackson dominated games he played in against top notch defenses, Allen didn't
  6. the skycap

    Josh Allen = Drew Bledsoe

    Did Bledsoe look dominate in college. In other words, did Drew Bledsoe win games for his team in college?
  7. the skycap

    Does Doug Whaley Get Hired This Season?

    I guarantee Whaley would have looked at the production of the QBs and NO WAY would he have traded draft capital to move up and select Josh Allen, period.
  8. the skycap

    Gil Brant on Sirius yesterday - awful

    Hernandez should've told him he prefer German cuisine
  9. Okay Hapless, if you think so. Why would you want the potential controversy? Also, this guy just so happens to be the "face of the franchise" It seems as though he's gonna be a distraction to this team with his tweeting.He should've been vetted better.
  10. the skycap

    My Relook at Josh Allen

    MAJ, here's my problem with the Josh Allen pick over Lamar Jackson. 1) You saw the improvement in Jackson's game compared to Allen 2) Jackson DOMINATED games against top competition. Allen didn't 3) I'm hearing how "athletic" Allen is, but who's more athletic than Lamar in this entire draft class. 4) Fix his feet for better accuracy. The Bills could've kept their draft capital and gotten a better version of Josh Allen minus the weight, literally and figuratively.
  11. Well we know it wasn't the Bills organization
  12. The Buffalo Bills organization should FIRE their investigative staff!!! The off the field research on this guy is terrible!! I would think the FIRST place you look is social media nowadays. Talk about awkwardness in the QB room. Do the Bills really think AJ is gonna help a guy who was openly gawking at his girl?
  13. the skycap

    WGR Hosts Scared Of On-Air Confrontation

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. I don't mind listening to different viewpoints. I, personally, agree with Whitey, Howard, Schopp and Bulldog. They overspent on Allen. This guy showed NOTHING against top notch competition. Guys like Rosen and Lamar Jackson has. To give up so much draft capital on an unknown boggles my mind. I'd rather them made that move for Tremaine Edmunds. This Josh Allen move, to me, is similar to the EJ Manuel pick although Manuel had a better sample size coming from FSU. It seems that they chose someone who looks the part of a "franchise QB" as opposed to someone with the where with all the succeed at the position. On top of that giving up picks that could've helped this team tremendously. It's gonna be interesting to watch the careers of the prospects from this draft, I'm just hoping, as a Bills fan, that we see a positive outcome from the moves that the organization made and not dreaming of what could've been!!
  14. the skycap

    RD3, Pick 96: Harrison Phillips DT - Stanford

    I'm watching a QB from Louisville put up 44 points in the 3rd qtr against Bradley Chubb, Ryan Findlay, BJ Hill, Nyheim Hines, etc. Smh