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  1. McCarron's play in the preseason wasn't as bad a you make it. Who's to say the record would've been worse, could be better. Maybe we win at GB and Houston with better QB play because the defense is BALLIN OUT!
  2. Why the Bills won't take a flyer on him is beyond my comprehension even though he had a spat with receiver coach. Bring him in to talk and maybe bury the hatchet.
  3. the skycap

    Draft another QB

    To quote the BAD MAN that he is "R-E-L-A-X"!!
  4. No, the Jets knew who their starter was and decided to gain some draft capital by trading a valuable asset.
  5. the skycap

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    The guys on High Noon calls him The Peterman, likes he's the Bills Boogeyman. Lol
  6. the skycap

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    Fire Whaley!!
  7. Unless Peterman is the only option
  8. the skycap

    Joe B: Zay Jones is the Bills #1 WR at this point

    DiMarco and Peterman are wasted roster spots. I woulda rather seen Ryan Lewis on the active roster yesterday.
  9. the skycap

    MNF: SF vs. GB at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

    Is Beathard a rookie?
  10. the skycap

    MNF: SF vs. GB at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

    Woulda been nice if he had a QB
  11. the skycap

    MNF: SF vs. GB at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

    Goodwin, Woods. You never know what you had until its gone
  12. the skycap

    So who do we want to start at qb this Sunday?

    Whoever it is, let it not be "The Peterman".Named by my boy Bomani Jones.
  13. the skycap

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    Being a BIG fanboy of EJ Manuel, I have to say I am thankful for Nathan Peterman!!