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  1. You might wanna wear a TJ Watt jersey to bed tonight 😎
  2. Have a career night tonight Robert Foster!! Your friend will be watching from Heaven.
  3. They don't call him jackrabbit for nothing
  4. The other question should be is he better than Trent Murphy at this point?
  5. Why can't teams see that, right now, Lamar Jackson likes to throw to TEs and to the middle of the field? He rarely throw to the sidelines.
  6. This scenario would make for a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year!!
  7. This is the million dollar question. I'm don't know why John Murphy think you have to sit a different WR in order for Duke to be active. I say sit Lee Smith/Tyler Kroft. Both seem to serve same purpose except for the penalties. Why do Foster have to sit? Deactivate Lee Smith
  8. Giants defensive coordinator should be fired!! You double Zach Ertz after Jeffrey injury!! No way I'm letting Ertz hurt me.
  9. The K-Gun was named after Keith McKellar, Bills TE
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