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  1. QB Film Room: Lamar Jackson

  2. To take a quote from Ice Cube, "here goes another one" https://www.boltsfromtheblue.com/2018/3/23/17154768/nfl-draft-video-lamar-jackson-quarterback-you-will-regret-passing-on
  3. He'll be gone when the Cardinals pick!!
  4. Bills very interested in rudolph

    Couldn't they have been scouting the receivers?
  5. Pro Football Focus just had a stat that most of his running were designed runs. It's posted in a thread. He's been injury free his entire career. Facts!!
  6. Guys, do your homework. Many of the analysts that has broken down Lamar's game says he's not a running QB and he is a pocket passer!! This myth has been debunked numerous times now. You saw him scrambling due to his porous Oline. Also, many of his runs were designed runs. I'd like to know what you think of Aaron Rodgers? Who plays more "sandlot" football than him. The idea of scrambling is to make plays. These guys make plays with their legs and arms. You rang!!
  7. Rosen's legs aren't any bigger!! IJS What type of QB are the Bills looking for?? I posted earlier that McDermott coached on teams that had Vick, McNabb and Cam for QB. All 3 QBs took their teams to NFC Championship or SB.
  8. Someone convince me Josh Allen won't suck in the NFL

    Actually, I heard Carr and Mayock both say he can "sling it"!! But we hear what we want to hear.
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/m/1cbae177-3c41-3fe3-bb3e-884058e9112d/ss_deshaun-watson-says-one-qb-in.html
  10. Pat Kirwan just stated, with certainty, that ONE team has Jackson as their #2 QB on their board. Hmmm.... Remember the rumors after the combine.
  11. Which QB is most likely to fall?

    Right into the Bills lap!!! Watch out for Arizona trying to move up.
  12. Sam Darnold had more turnovers than ANY of the prospects, yet he's still ranked #1? Facts doesn't matter!!!
  13. You're no Columbo!! How about Fl. State, NC State, Clemson(with Watson)!!
  14. Jones will be fine per his dad