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  1. Wesco is gonna be a more than serviceable TE. I'm glad posters are taking notice of him.
  2. If the Giants pass on QB (Haskins), Gettleman will have a one way ticket out of NY. If he does, the Bengals will trade up with the Bills and take him before the Dolphins. I like the rest of your draft except Metcalf will be the WR and Zach Allen will be defense
  3. He was a pre draft visitor and he seems like a "process" type of guy. Hard worker, tough. He won the combine
  4. Especially with the players Beane/McDermott will acquire/acquired to put around him.
  5. Bills won't trade no farther than Cincy. I believe they want Metcalf to help Josh Allen and to be his WR for the foreseeable future. Cincy will want to get before Denver and draft their QB. Bills won't go after GB because they will ***** Metcalf. Bills will trade Zay Jones during/before draft.
  6. If not Miami, then Cincinnati. Bills will help Allen with the Metcalf pick. He's a Beane/McDermott type of player. Faith and family based. Hard worker, competitor.
  7. Pegula connection can't be ignored!! He'll be the 3rd rd pick. Gore is here not only to backup Shady.
  8. I like Alpha!! I just don't see them trading back up for Irv Smith. I can see them trading Zay Jones though. I think they will use pick #48 on Miles Sanders(Pegula's pick). I think they covet Trevon Wesco and will ***** late with #137. Wesco was All Big 12 1st team. He's 6'3" 267 and ran 4.89 40. He's a great blocker in the run and pass game. Good receiver with run after catch ability. He's my sleeper pick in the draft. So I'm looking at Metcalf, Wilkins, Sanders and Wesco. With the Zay trade they get Zach Allen, EDGE, from BC
  9. https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2019/4/19/18507430/2019-nfl-mock-draft-buffalo-bills-select-wr-d-k-metcalf-at-no-9
  10. Sleeper pick 2.0 Had many of the best scores for a TE at the combine
  11. I'd be very surprised. I don't think he's a Beane/McDermott type of guy. 1) The public dust up he had with HC Major Applewhite. Not totally blaming Oliver, but a team rule is a team rule regardless of who you are. 2) Reports are that his family had him sit out, with fake injuries, games because they wanted to "protect their investment". Do you want a "me" guy or a "we" guy. I'd be curious to know the story about him having a knee injury but was jumping, catching footballs before the game. 3) Have a feeling that the Bills have something working with the Falcons. https://247sports.com/college/texas-tech/Board/102951/Contents/Ed-Oliver-vs-Applewhite-124790381/
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