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  1. What was your opinion on DeBeer performance? Although it was against 3rd string, he seemed to stonewall all pass rushers he faced.
  2. I'm a Warren Buffett guy
  3. the skycap

    Dez Bryant yes or no?

    I'd rather bring back T.O.
  4. the skycap

    Washington Releases CB Orlando Scandrick

    Can he stay healthy? Is Draya coming with him?
  5. the skycap

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    Raiders have a RB in one Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch. No need for Shady. They're also high on Arden Key so no need for an aging Jerry Hughes. Also they just made Donald Penn take a pay cut which freed up some money to potentially put toward Mack's salary. I'd LOVE for the Bills to acquire Mack and would give them a 1st in a NY minute. A man can dream, can't he?
  6. the skycap

    Marcus Murphy: Looking Good for the 53

    I thought the same thing. Saw a lot of similarities to FredEx.
  7. the skycap

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    Is it alright now to pkg some future draft picks to the Raiders for Khalil Mack?
  8. the skycap

    Why Do the Bills Need a New Stadium ??

    Why do the Bills need a new stadium???..........BECAUSE!!
  9. the skycap

    Bills' 2018 Training Camp Practice Day 7

    Love the Braves shirt!!! Raptors should have some preseason games at the arena.
  10. Although I think it's a little childish that T.O is skipping the HOF ceremony, it was also childish for the voters (media) to prevent him from being a first ballot selection. Terrell Owens was one of the greatest WRs to ever play the game. His passion for the game at the wide receiver position was second to none, Steve Smith Sr. a close second. I, personally, would like to see a current Bill HOFer i.e. Thurman, Lofton, wear a #81 Bills jersey underneath their HOF jacket to honor TOs time in Buffalo and to show the voters that their decision to delay his induction into the Hall was wrong.
  11. the skycap

    You Won't Like This Gronk Spike 😞

    Who was the DUMB GM who passed on him twice in the draft??
  12. the skycap

    WGR is ditching its App for Radio.com

    Shucks!! Almost had me return to listening.
  13. the skycap

    Top 16 All Time QB's According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com

    Neither is Troy Aikman. Kelly deserves to be on the list before Aikman. Yes Aikman has the SB, but I don't remember defensive coaches fearing Aikman at QB. And for the guy who thinks Moon should be removed is NUTS.
  14. the skycap

    WGR is ditching its App for Radio.com

    Is Brad Riter back on WGR?