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  1. Didn’t they say the same about DK Metcalf?
  2. Actually, I get on here to read football related material. I watch Bravo when I want to watch the Kardashians. I see you're a Kardashian person
  3. How is the NFLPA going for this? I thought they had the players best interest at heart? Letting them play with injuries?
  4. I bet you that dude didn't fall asleep in another meeting, ever
  5. Too bad McDermott couldn't figure this out with Frank Gore
  6. Kirby, the Titans were looking to trade Henry at the deadline. Mostert was cut 5xs from different teams. It wasn't the "speed" that kept them on rosters but the "playmaking" that teams saw in them. Ruggs would be nice because he has that combination of speed and playmaking
  7. Chaisson to me is like Tyler Kroft...why the love? I hope so. He's my definition of "playmaker"
  8. Speed does kill, but speed needs playmaking ability to be a threat!! Robert Foster has speed, but appears to have limited playmaking ability. Get me a playmaker. I can list a plethora of players with average speed but we're playmakers opposed to those with speed and no playmaking ability.
  9. Here's a one word synopsis, PLAYMAKERS!!
  10. From my viewpoint, I saw Mahomes buying time with his movement and making unbelievable throws like the TD to Watkins. Mahomes is very good at buying time in the pocket with his movement. He looks to throw the ball before he runs. Another example was his TD run.
  11. I think I might want Steve Smith Jr in the room when I’m evaluating my prospects at receiver
  12. I'm lost on the Chaisson love. I looked for him to put his imprint on the championship game and didn't see it. I'm not seeing a 1st rd talent in him.
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