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Greenberg - A Jets Fan - Pushing Back Against The Allen Hate


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On 12/6/2023 at 3:21 PM, H2o said:

I found this interesting. And of course the rest of the ESPN 🤡's yuck it up a bit later in the segment, but this has been my stance on Josh for forever. All of the idiots with an ax to grind continually spew the same crap, on their same crap shows, pandering to their same crap audience. Josh is a top 2-5 QB in this league, 5 being the absolute basement. They constantly act like he is the one costing this team W's. They don't talk about the 3 games he's led his team to a lead in the final 2 minutes, only to have McDermott's defense piss it away. No, it's his 1 INT two quarters before that which caused them to lose. Idiots. This team would have, AT THE MOST, 3 wins this year without him. At the most. Allen is not blameless. He's not perfect. But let's not act like he's not out here setting records in history of the NFL for things like total TD's, completing 68% of his passes this year, and leading the league in total TD's. 



I don't think anyone thinks Josh is below a top 5 QB.  I think most rate him 1 or 2, in terms of talent and what he can do when he's on.


He does have his "off" side, however, and he is probably the most inconsistent QB, AT THAT LEVEL, we've ever seen.


He probably take a little extra special "handling" from coaching and scheming to keep him on the trolley tracks, and of course, that we lack in spades.


He needs better coaching around him...and having almost NO relationship with McD after this much time is a HUGE PROBLEM.



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On 12/7/2023 at 7:13 PM, C.Biscuit97 said:


All that to ignore that Lamar has the third best mvp odds currently. But great post. 



Yeah, he's not winning MVP unless he turns it up several notches. 


His QBR on the season is 58. That would be abysmal for an MVP winner. The lowest in recent memory was Cam at 61 but the Panthers were 15-1 and Cam had a 45 TD season. Lamar is on pace for 26 TD's currently. Every other MVP winner of the las 10 years has pretty much had a QBR of 70 or above. Including Lamar's 83 in 2019. 

1 hour ago, billsfan714 said:

Wilbon and Tony are the grumpy old guys and you really wonder how much they actually watch of all the sports they spout off on.   Also when I hear Josh has the most turnover since 2018, I just want one person to say how many games he has played in that span relative to other QBs.


He is the current NFL ironman. Which is funny given his style of play. That's also why he has the most TD's as well. 

10 minutes ago, Nextmanup said:



He needs better coaching around him...and having almost NO relationship with McD after this much time is a HUGE PROBLEM.




Brady had almost no relationship with Bill and they were together for 20 years. But at least they could point to the rings together. 

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