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2 minutes ago, letsgoteam said:


I dont know, Ive tried to get into all of the new Maddens each year and I can't. Its like I get mad at the new Franchise modes. I played 06 for almost 10 years. 


I havnt played it in awhile, I need to give it a go again and then play some 23 and give it a fair shake.

I’m in a 10 year online franchise with friends in madden 23 and it’s the best thing 


to draft and develop a team over a decade is fun especially with bragging rights against friends 

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On 5/21/2023 at 8:47 PM, akcash said:


Some things I liked about it.


-Has McGovern and Torrence in and both do good as expected in pass pro. Allen is sitting in the pocket a lot which I strongly feel is going to be the case this season.


-Lot of 2 TE sets with Kincaid and Knox. 


-when we got 3 wide slot of Harty.


-Allen has tough game which I feel is realistic with Fangio.


-Has a lot of Bills focus on run game.


-Low scoring tough defensive game.


-Von in, good rotation on dline.


-Dorian William's at MLB. Highlights his speed and physicality on some plays.


Great sim! Worth a watch!


Last time Allen played a Fangio defense he put up 390 yards, 4TDs, and 0 turnovers. 🤷‍♂️ 

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