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Average penis size has been growing the last 30 years


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On 3/12/2023 at 4:33 PM, dpberr said:

IMO, it's the prevalent and continued use of Viagra and Cialis, and to a degree, the growing use of supplemental testosterone by men in the last decade not necessarily "growing" them in size, but protecting them from size loss.  


As you age, especially in men, blood flow to the penis can be a problem, and testosterone decreases, rather substantially, in most, compared to where we were at 18.  Men today can combat both.  


Men in every demographic and age cohort take these drugs now.  Not the case back in 1992.  


Penis and prostate - use it or lose it.  


I'm sure these same researchers said "well, pollution!" to answer why post-menopausal women were having all that sex in their 60s.  It couldn't be all that great hormonal therapy out there.  No.  


Much of it is due to the fact that the people who are willing to be involved in such surveys have plenty of size and confidence about that size. Therefore, skewed results.

It also doesnt help that some of these studies use self-reported measurements. Yeah... i'm sure those are totally accurate.

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