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Here for the Funeral

Stroke 17

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" The real fans know the regular season doesn’t matter as much any more. It’s all about what you do in the playoffs and McDermott is great at collapsing under pressure in every single one of his losses."



It pains me to say this but I am starting to think of McDermott as the new Marty Chokenheimer.  Back in the 90's I was sure that whatever team ole Marty was coaching they were doomed, say it aint so,Coach.

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On 1/25/2023 at 9:53 AM, Stroke 17 said:

Our Bills ended the season on a sad note Sunday. I felt like they died on Sunday and the funeral is today so I need to attend and deliver an Eulogy.


Short and sweet, they gave me a fun ride, plenty of wins, couple of really sad losses,(Miami, Minnesota, especially Bengirls). I had higher hopes, the rest of Bills mafia and the team had higher hopes. We failed again. Dare I say, (Same old Bills!) 14 wins!  I think not, had a great trip to Miami, trip to Detroit, unbillevable start to the Patriot game with the kick return and the stadium rocking, family and friends tailgating at 2 playoff games. My personal favorite was beating the Steelers and quieting all those who live in my town. Beating KC, Green Bay, and the Paties twice, I think that a pretty good season. the NFL is a 1 winner 31 disappointed fan bases, once again I am part of the 31. However, after not having QB since Jim Kelly I realize that we are not really dead,  We are hurt, but we are not slain; 


On a personal note, been at this since I was 8 years old ( in 1964) back to Kemp, McDole Cookie, Fergy, O.J. Cribbs, Knox, Ringo, Flutie, Kelly , Bruce and now Josh ,too many to list and it always ends up short of the goal line. Got to go to 3 of the 4 Super Bowls, so close to the goal, wide right.  I'm 66 now, 1 wife, 3 kids, 5 grandkids all suffering Bills fans because of me and my obsession. I am starting to realize I'm not getting any younger I just may not see the the Bills win a Super Bowl so I am starting to just enjoy the ride. when I started this I always felt I'd see the finish line. Not so much any more.


44 years a season ticket holder, missing only 2 home games in that time due to a death( my Dad)and a marriage, ( mine, plane delayed) now a new stadium on the horizon,  Will they screw me when it comes time to re-locate? will they price me out,? do they even give a S**t? I also realize the current NFL is less about football and more about the MONEY. Fans are different, Bills games have become "the place to be" take a selfie " who really cares about winning?

Maybe I'm that old guy now but I still love football, BUFFALO BILLS FOOTBILL.


So many times after these terrible endings to a season I swear I am done, not renewing my seats, then they send the invoice and like a recovering coke addict I look at my wife and reluctantly say, "one more hit' and here it is going on 45, 45 freakin years of this addiction. 


Thanks for letting me get this out there, I feel like I have confessed and am now at peace, until next September.



Outstanding.  Well done, and thank you for encapsulating my feelings and those, I am sure,  of many other fans.   

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