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I live in Albany area so my local CBS and Fox Channels don’t always show the Bills games. They’d rather show the garbage New Jersey teams. Without paying for Sunday ticket how can I assure that I am able to watch Bills games? Is it paramount plus? Does paramount plus show all cbs NFL games? Inbox me if you have another way that you don’t want to share 

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2 hours ago, akcash said:

I have the premium one. I'm kind of scared because I used to stream game pass on the nfl app (on my roku stick) all the time and from what I understand I don't think that's available any more as far as streaming on TV. I think you can only watch it on phone or tablet.


2 hours ago, Donuts and Doritos said:

Let me know when it lets me watch every Bills game in it's entirety (like pick a team or game to watch each week). Until then No thanks.


I am not in WNY.  I used NFL Game Pass last year to watch the Bills game full replays on my large screen TV connected to my XBox.  Replays were available as soon as the game ended, and it's pretty easy to avoid the sports news for a mere 3 hours.  Supposedly, I will be able to do that again this year, because the NFL automatically "upgraded" my old NFL GAME Pass subscription (which is no longer offered), to the new NFL+ premium streaming service, all while lowering the annual price from $99 to $79.   Sounded good to me, but when I tried to fire up the NFL app on my XBox to watch the Indy preseason game yesterday, I got a screen message informing me that the NFL is working on fixing bugs in the NFL for XBox app and to check back later.


FWIW, the NFL app for XBox that I used last year also had issues for the first preseason game or 2, but worked just fine during the regular season.  It's supposed to work just fine this year - - but we'll see.


From https://www.whattowatch.com/watching-guides/nfl-plus-price-available-games-devices-and-everything-we-know-about-the-streaming-service


"NFL Plus Premium provides its subscribers with full and condensed game replays from every NFL game each week (as well as condensed game replays going as far back as 2009). These replays are available to watch on all devices and are ad-free." (emphasis added)


The above link has additional details that anyone interested in this topic may want to read.

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80 for full game replays wouldn't be the worst thing. That is if the update is within 24 hrs and the replay would be available the next day or that night. NFL highlight packages are 15 minute long now and summarize the game for free on YouTube too. The only way they can keep printing money is to find new places to put the printer.

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11 hours ago, AmishRifle said:


My NFL App on XBox is still messed up.  Did yours work yesterday?  I ended up screen mirroring from my Mac to Apple TV.


I had to watch yesterday on my MacBook Air laptop, because the NFL App for XBox was not working.  I tried it again just now - - still no joy.  I'm cautiously optimistic that they will get it fixed before the regular season starts, because that's what happened last year.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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