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#TBT 1972 Buffalo Bills -A Year to Cheer


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Thanks, Chan! What a way to end that season. I recall that Washington had already clinched a playoff spot, so they sat star halfback Larry Brown, the NFL rushing leader going into game 14. The "Over the Hill Gang" was thus fired up to stop OJ --but he still shredded them for 100+ yards to win the rushing crown by 30 yards. ... Plus your guy, #81, high-pointing that TD against Detroit !!  😆

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Remember this team well, thanks for posting.  Some observations:

  • An Al Cowlings sighting, who became best know for the quote, "My name is AC, you know who I am godamnit!"
  • Great classic NFL Films music, including "The Happy Runner," appropriately, at the 15:36 mark
  • Alvin Wyatt's odd single-bar facemask
  • J.D. Hill with his entire name on the back of his jersey
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If we don’t say it enough, we appreciate Chand you reminding us of our history.  72 was a little before my time as I was in diapers, but nice to see the footage.


I loved the 2021 review you just commented yesterday.  It’s just sad John Facenda wasn’t still around to narrate.  The whole Autumn Wind is a Raider stuff.


OJ is a piece of crap as a human being, but god was he talented on the field.

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