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It looks like we came out of this weekend without a true one tech

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I would still like to see competition there. I don't think we should just assume a 31 year old big man off a year of not playing picks up where he left off and Harrison Phillips (though he had a good

Do you feel better now? 😂

On 5/2/2021 at 4:23 PM, John from Riverside said:

Either a better player at the time of pick or picked before us so Beane moved onto another player......and any chances of a UDFA  looks like it didnt happen


So the question no is.....did Beane consider it a top priority or not.


Star is back.....so there is a buffer here.....but past him there does not appear to be a true one tech on this team yet.



I would've loved one late, but he probably didn't have anyone ranked as high, or for that matter have the position ranked as high as he had safety and CB.


I'm still guessing they bring in a big but cheapish backup in free agency.

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I think any big body player on running downs on DL is all you really need. 


Lets say both Boogie and Rousseau end up being good starting players on this roster.. And you have Oliver  you will have a AJ and Hughes this year on top of it all. On an obvious running down. Third and 2. first and goal at the 3 yard line... specific running players we will put our 1 tech DT star in there. But after that.. You will have Boogie and Rousseau in there flipping between end and DT creating miss matches and that is what is going to get you line penetration to help on sacks and even if they run the ball.  


On most first downs in the beginning of the year I expect star to be out there but as the season goes on and our DE draft picks get better, I think we see less and less of star and more of Boogie and Rousseau  mixing it up pre snap flipping to that second DT position.

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