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Critters and Car Wiring


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On 3/3/2021 at 8:35 AM, ExiledInIllinois said:

Sorry to hear!


Put some DECON under the hood.  If a mouse touches your wiring over those "mice Snickers bars" they are insane in the membrane.   Just remember they're there so they don't go flying around in the fan! 🤣🤣


House wiring can get nasty too.  Code here has to have wiring in conduit/EMT... No Romex... Why there are strict codes in populated areas. Insurance companies want to COLLECT your premium money, NOT pay claims.  Then there's Texas and the "cheap" South. They don't build anything to last down there. 🤨🙃😉


^^^Thank you!  That was my NOT so veiled social commentary against the Dirty South and Insurance companies. 😆

Wouldn't your Auto Insurance or homeowner's cover it?


You want your car smell like ammonia? Or... A return trip back from the Mother Inlaw's house... 😆


Never thought of Auto Insurance or Homeowners lol. Mechanic charged me $250 labor to do it so it wasn't too bad. Thanks for the ideas though.

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5 hours ago, 4_kidd_4 said:

Just popped the hood...couple tiny mouse turds, no damage. Whew.


That’s especially good news if you are into tiny mouse turds! 


My sister was here visiting her daughters a while back. Single width driveway, no garage, so three cars deep. The car farthest from the road never went anywhere for quite a while. She may have been happy to save on gas, but it cost her over a thou$and to replace the wiring the critters ate. 


I didn’t know that was a thing, but it hit her HARD! 



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On 3/2/2021 at 8:46 PM, Just Jack said:

About five years ago I got back from a two week trip for work.  Got dropped off late at night to pick up my car from the office. Start it up and had some errors show up on the dash.  Nothing that would keep me from driving it thankfully.  A few days later I dropped it off at the dealer to be looked at.  They sent me these pictures a couple hours later....



2015-07-01 15 55 17 - Jeff Wells - IMG_4142.JPG



2015-07-01 15 55 17 - Jeff Wells - IMG_4143.JPG

I had a woodchuck eat the heat shield and some wires a few years ago.  I guess some manufacturers use materials that attract them.  If I had not seen him run from the car I would not have believed it was a woodchuck.

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