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My prediction for this next year

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To my way of thinking the Bills cannot possibly rebuild BOTH the offensive and defensive lines in one offseason with little cap to work with. And, after finishing 13-3 it’s highly unlikely that they need to. So with that said, it’s more likely they’re going to look to make smaller moves, bolstered with the assets they already have. So, this means looking to reinsert Star into the D Line, and finding a consistent spot for Ford on the O Line. They simply don’t have the cash for an overhaul. 

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Left to right, Dawkins, Ford Morse, Feliciano, Williams, that is my starting O line prediction for the upcoming season. 

Our best pass blocking center is Morse, I don’t think they are cutting/releasing Morse. 
Maybe a trade but not likely. 
The run blocking will improve with Ford on the line. 

Go Bills !!!

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On 2/22/2021 at 11:57 AM, John from Riverside said:

Actually my prediction was that diggs would come to the bills



Does your crystal ball show Najee Harris or J J Watt coming to Buffalo John?


We need you to go big like Diggs because Ford to guard is a bit of a let down.


I'm just saying...



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On 2/21/2021 at 9:17 PM, FireChans said:

Cody Ford was my pick last season of not making out of camp.


This year, after everything we have seen so far....


That hasn’t changed! This dude sucks and will get jettisoned for a bag of peanuts.

let’s hold out for pistachios 

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