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Josh McCown for HC possibly in Houston

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Nepotism and feather bedding are very popular in US companies including NFL teams.

Sometimes it is because family relatives sometimes work for free getting experience hard to get off the street or from college.

Requirement for open interviews are often given lip service.



My wife was applying for a position and the winner was the daughter of a supervisor.

The person who got the job got the position had no experience other than a few months as a manager-in-training.

She was told by someone inside hiring the decision was made before the interviews.

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They should just name Watson player/coach/GM/owner.

If Deshaun wasn't answering the phone before.....    He might change his number. 

Gase to Texas.  Vote early, vote often. 😉

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5 minutes ago, Just Joshin' said:

Is Houston racist - maybe.  Is Houston incompetent - yes.

ya this is it right here. old boys network stuff can be used very effectively by people who know what they are doing. 

if you're too incompetent to put the pieces together, you are going to fail whether you are hiring friends or otherwise. 

I think Caserio is likely a good hire for the texans, but if McNair won't get out of the way, it won't make a difference. 

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3 hours ago, DaggersEOD said:

Yes, there is. Yet the same retreads keep getting hired and young talent is ignored.

IMO, the problem is nepotism, not racism. By not identifying the correct problem, we can’t enact effective solutions. 


So I think the problem is the nepotism is indirectly racist. I agree that more often than no guys are not saying "oh don't bring that guy on the staff because he is black" but black coaches unless they were former players have no network so they are never the guy that is thought of. That is indirect discrimination. 


I don't love the comp picks solution the NFL have come up with but it does seem that this year that clubs were less inclined to do what they have done the last 5 years and interview whichever black position coach you have on staff (often a running backs coach it seems) on day 1 of your search to satisfy the Rooney rule and then scroll through the usual list of almost exclusively white names. Frazier, Bowles, Bieniemy, Lewis and Caldwell have all had looks and obviously Robert Saleh got hired. I still think we are not getting enough minority coordinators, especially on offense (good to see it appears Marcus Brady will get the OC job in Indy), and as a rule we are not getting enough new minority names in consideration. Of those 6 minority coaches that have had interview opportunities four are retread hires. 

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people who are into coaching will rub shoulders with people who are into coaching and they will find their way in--if they are into teaching and leading. just as bienemy and all the other black coaches did. if you want in, you have to network. it doesn't just happen. there is no wand. 

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