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What Bills need to work on now

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You actually made it pretty far then

Thanks OP   Buffao has a couple of players sitting on the shelf that might be able to help IMO. T J Yeldon because of his pass catching abilities out of the backfield. I think Yeldon is a go

I think we could improve the productivity of our offense if Josh became just a bit more willing to take the checkdown promptly.  On a number of drives that ended with FG or worse, punts, a prompt thro

For me, 1) the Bills need to have a consistent run game to intersperse into their pass first offense, this is the number one thing on my list that they need to make happen, 2)  figure out how to stop the opponent from running the ball on the bills defense,’ “learn to tackle”  3) realize that Dawson Knox needs to take a back seat, use Kroft, Sweeney, and the fullback at TE, (and teach Knox how to catch and block), those other three can all catch a ball and block. 4) get our guys healthy!!!! The stretch is upon us and we need everyone healthy!!!  Oh and kick Josh Norman in the ass a few times Covid... just means he didn’t do the things he was supposed to be doing, it cost us a game, all of this is jmo.


Go Bills!!!

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I would like to see a contribution from some of our more astute students of the game as to why the running game is struggling on offense.  II think it has a lot to do with the lack of consistent personnel in the interior of the line.  The Bills have had injuries, let go of players, and have now left Mitch Morse out of the lineup in a "football" decision.  The result is the same group is never on the field two weeks in a row.  Maybe play calling and play design has something to do with it, but that's where my lack of a football background renders me unqualified to offer an opinion.  


As far as tight end play is concerned, I think Dawson Knox is running out of time.   I really wanted him to be the tight end we've been hoping for for years.  Yes, he's got oodles of athleticism and potential, but he's just not getting it done, dropping way to many balls.   Tyler Kroft lacks Knox's skill set, but when he has started and the Bills have needed him to make a play, he's been more consistent.  Buffalo may still need to look for an upgrade next offseason.


I have felt that Buffalo needs a legit 1 technique.  Alternatively, I have read assessments from supposed smart football people that suggest that the problem has more to do with players not being consistent with gap integrity.   In the case of Ed Oliver, he's been asked to play virtually every possible spot on the defensive line.  Every one of those spots has different gap responsibilities and requires different techniques.  Analysis shows Oliver does a lot of things well, but maybe all that responsibility means he's still having to do a lot of thinking and as a result can't react quite as quickly as he might.  I'm not saying McDermott and Frazier are wrong to put so much on Oliver's plate.  He may soon be a terror to opposing offenses, but it may have made his learning curve a good bit longer.  


I'm not too worried about turnovers.  I think as other things get ironed out, turnovers will come for the defense.



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Good "mailbag" article from Mark Vaughn on this topic.



He is hopeful that getting a health OL back will cure the offensive run game.

He sees the defensive run game as a continual bleeding wound.

The Bills’ run game should be fixable because they have the people up front when fully healthy to get the job done – or at least be more successful than we’ve seen.


I thought Mitch Morse was having a strong season before he got the concussion. His pass protection has been consistent. His run blocking was strong in the second game vs. the Jets, and against the Chiefs, Raiders and Rams. I expect him to go back to the starting center spot. With Cody Ford back from injury, he can join Jon Feliciano at guard. Presuming that’s the starting five for the game against the Chargers, it will be the first time all season the Bills have had their preferred starting five on the field together. Let that five try to build some continuity.


The stoutness of the run defense is another matter. The Bills don’t have a good solution at the 1-technique position – Star Lotulelei’s spot opposite a shoulder of the center.


Nobody they have rotating there is an ideal fit. Vernon Butler has the size at 330 pounds but he was signed to be mostly a 3-technique player subbing for Ed Oliver. I think Butler has been the best of the bunch at 1-technique, but it’s not his best role. Quinton Jefferson, 291 pounds, is more of a situational pass rusher at defensive tackle and defensive end. He has been the least stout of the bunch when asked to hold his ground at defensive tackle. Justin Zimmer is an athletic 300-pounder who has given the Bills more than expected. He has made some splash plays but too often also has been moved well off his spot. Then there’s Harrison Phillips, who has been on the bench for four of the last five games. Maybe late in the season and next year, as he gets farther removed from his major knee surgery, Phillips can give the Bills better production. But that’s a real rose-colored-glasses hope at this point.

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