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Tom Brady audibiling mid play??

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1 minute ago, Joeziehmer said:

You mean when they wanted to trade up but took Loserman as the safe and conservative pick?  Yeah, safe and conservative worked so well.  Did you burn that Peterman jersey yet?  


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5 hours ago, CountDorkula said:

And IF Josh Allen did this Bills fans would have to change their pants right now.


I get it we all hate Tom Brady, but its damn amazing what he does.


Find me any evidence that this happens even remotely throughout the league.


Tom Brady is GOAT, sadly he plays for the Pats.


It happens a lot as long as the stadium is quiet enough,  players scream out to other players ALL THE TIME during the play if they can be heard.  They know the nomenclature down esp in the PAts Earhart-Perkins system, one phrase descirbes a lot.   Did you ever play and in the middle you tel someone to do something, i have and I am not GOAT.  In Foxboro when the pats are on offense you can hear a pin drop.

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