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Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer says Shady struggles with resolving conflicts civilly

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18 minutes ago, mrags said:

I know that OJ was not found guilty in the murder trial and did not serve prison time for murder at any time. 


I just find it funny that there’s people that claim to not base an opinion on something until facts are presented. And the courts had enough facts that acquitted OJ of the murders, yet they can’t  come to grips of the facts. 


Where did anyone claim OJ served prison time for murder?


He was found not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in his criminal trial, and "liable of the murders and acting with oppression and malice" more likely than not at his civil trial, which seems to me to imply that a grip of the facts can lead to different conclusions depending upon the standard of proof being used.


(this isn't a line of discussion I'll continue because I personally don't care, had a pretty full plate at the time and didn't share the fascination with it)



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