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  1. Almost every day. Same response: processing.
  2. Good for you. I'm still waiting. I just emailed my congressman to complain about the delay. I have been patient. Enough is enough.
  3. Great picture. Were you the guy in the sun glasses, blue shirt and high forehead with the people yelling sit the hell down? Was there much activity outside of the stadium after the game?
  4. I received a letter from the IRS that they couldn't process my taxes until I provided more information. It was vague on what information that they needed. I went back to my tax preparer and showed her the letter. I told her I don't know what information they want. She read the IRS letter and said I'm not sure what they want. She called the special IRS line for tax preparers and after half an hour had an IRS rep on the phone. When asked what specific information do they want the IRS rep said I don't know. What's most exasperating is that I e-filed through my tax preparer's office j
  5. The eroding issue with the Patriots wasn't their drafting strategy so much as it was the accumulation of mediocre drafting. Their body of work in drafting over the years was the core reason why this team sunk. Brady recognized it and smartly used his leverage to get out of the house that had a lot of holes in the roof.
  6. I was a Mac Jones fan. He's not as athletic as some of the other top qb prospects but for his style of play it is more than adequate. In many ways he has the same attributes that made Brady a special qb. I'm certainly not suggesting he as at the same level but the attributes that led to Tom's incomparable success are the same attributes that stand out for the Bama prospect. What I really like about him is his work ethic and character. Even in the years when he wasn't getting playing time he was still working on his game and grinding it out in practice. If he doesn't succeed it won't be because
  7. Leipold going to Kansas. Big loss for program. https://buffalonews.com/sports/ub-football-coach-lance-leipold-heading-to-kansas/article_b51fe76c-a9b8-11eb-b554-038206112248.html
  8. Is this how you look after one of your Buffalo excursions? https://www.google.com/search?q=fat+male&oq=fat+male&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l9.2623j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  9. The Phins will get the player (probably receiver) that they have targeted with this slight trade down. In addition, they currently already have more than a full complement of picks before even making this deal. Even if the acquired first round pick is for two years in the future that is a bonus because the pick that they made in the trade down will probably be the same player that they would have taken with the pick they originally had. They are putting themselves in a good situation now and in the near future. That's smart maneuvering.
  10. Why so? In the exchange they will still be able to get a top tier receiver in this draft which they wanted to address and accumulate currency for the not so distant future. The Dolphins have a plan and are steadily implementing it. This regime is doing a good job building up their roster from the mistakes made by their trading partners. (Most notably Houston.)
  11. Excellent post. You are the go to person for Alabama football. That is not the because you are primarily a Bama homer (which you are) but because you are the most knowledgeable person about the Crimson program and players. You more than anyone who has an acknowledged affinity toward a school is able to differentiate between favoring a program and players and still being able to objectively evaluate a the pro prospects of those players. Not everyone (including me) is able to make that separation. For that I salute you. For a long time I was not very enamored with Saban. I was tired
  12. Let me also add to my response that although he and his family members will own all the stock in the team that doesn't mean that there won't be sanctions by the league for the scandalous and ugly way women were treated within the organization. Once the league reviews the results of the ongoing and maybe even finished investigation of the organization's behavior a league course of action will follow. Make no mistake Dan Snyder is a sleaze ball who has run this organization into the ground. Now that he has become more hands off and allowed the football people to run the team and undo the damage
  13. He's not selling the team. In fact, he is buying back stock shares from the minority owners in order to not have to deal with minority owners. The only shares that he doesn't own are owned by his sister and mother. The buy back from the minority owners who were taking him to court for a variety of reasons was encouraged by the other owners.
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