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  1. Snicker all you want. I will neither admit or deny the accusation that will expose me as a Neanderthal. I am expressing my right to claim plausible deniability. 🤡
  2. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=car+commercials+fucillo+ford+buffalo&docid=608038262288157182&mid=B94DE975AFD84F02E630B94DE975AFD84F02E630&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  3. You got the response mixed up. It actually said "What the f*****k do you mean they want more money?!!!!
  4. I live in the DC metro area in Maryland. One report of the name change is that the organization wants to change the name to the Red Wolves but have to work out an agreement with Arkansas State Univ. whose nickname is also the Red Wolves.
  5. The issue wasn't so much that he was going to make more money with the name change as it was that he was going to lose a lot of money if he didn't make the name change. The three top minority owners (together 40%) were putting their stakes up for sale. And one of the minority owners who owned Federal Express sent him an official notification that if he didn't change the name he was going to take the signage of his company for Fed Ex field off the stadium. The impetus for Fed Ex was that they were receiving public pressure to not associate with the Redskin name or be at risk of facing a product boycott. Bingo!
  6. This is an 11 minute segment with ESPN's Heather Dinich talking on WGR talking about the college schedule. Everything is up in the air and nothing is settled. I don't see a full scheduled played, and I'm starting to believe that there is a good chance that the season for many schools will be cancelled. https://wgr550.radio.com/media/audio-channel/07-07-espns-heather-dinich
  7. The attached link is by John Tonin writing for the Whitehorse Daily Star. It states that because of the later starting date for next season that Cozens could play for the national junior team and also play for the Sabres when the season starts. It is likely that there is going to be plenty of player shuffling with the lower half of the roster. It will be interesting to see if Cozens, Tage and Mittelstadt all make the roster and are given meaningful playing time. If two of the three make the jump then that will give the organization more cap flexibility to bring in outside help. https://www.whitehorsestar.com/Sports/cozens-selected-to-national-junior-camp?view=getnewpost
  8. I disagree with your characterization that it is being gutted. The coaching staff in Rochester will be replaced. It might not be right away because it is still up in the air when the AHL will start. Without a question the scouting department is being thinned out but that doesn't mean that the scouting function won't still exist. There will be more reliance on video, scouting services and the remaining staff in that department. The Pegulas did what many large enterprises do: They had an outsider do a review. What was determined was that there were scouts who weren't sufficiently out in the field and issuing useful reports. Or another way of saying this is the production didn't match the cost. There is nothing unreasonable with doing a company analysis and then acting on the report. Adams is the new GM. So it shouldn't be surprising that he is going to bring in his own staff. The advantage he has is that there is no rush because of the unusual pandemic schedule that has stretched things out and given him more time to make staffing decisions. As far as the debate over what many people characterize as the austerity strategy I really don't give a damnation. For at least the short term this organizational reshuffle doesn't matter much. What matters the most are the hockey decisions regarding what players to keep and what players to let go and what players to bring in. That's where the attention should be.
  9. What's so surprising about the Pegulas having a cash crunch in a world-wide pandemic health crisis that has crushed a number of business sectors? You don't think that other hockey franchise owners are not or soon will not be dealing with tremendous financial stresses because of this unexpected health calamity? Why do you think that the league is going to great lengths to put on a post shut-down playoff system in the midst of an uncontained epidemic? It's trying to salvage a fraction of the revenue that has been lost because of the public health issue that is affecting all sports, pro and college. What you are doing is isolating what is happening with the Sabres without considering the context for not only the NHL but for all sports and businesses. What was the normal business environment for hockey yesterday doesn't exist now and very likely will not exist for the next year, and maybe even beyond. The expected normal money stream has been dramatically cut off. What other than what they are doing in tightening their belts do you suggest that they should be doing? Magic and wishful thinking don't work in the real world of hard currency.
  10. Those directly involved have been open-minded and receptive to expanding the fan base. But it is not unfair to say that a segment of their fanbase have not been so receptive to expanding it to others.
  11. The tough and complicating issue isn't dealing with those individuals who have tested positive but how you deal with those who have come in contact with those who are infected? If you have a player or two or staff member who has test positive then how many people do you quarantine because of their proximity to the rest of the team and staff? That's the challenge here. The protocol recommended by the health professionals is to quarantine everyone who has come in contact. That makes it difficult to carry on the operation.
  12. The bottom two thirds of the players are going to be reshuffled. On the other hand the core players are going to remain. I like players such Larsson and Gergs but they are not primary players. They leaving is not debilitating because they are replaceable. The issue is can they make a deal or two to bring in genuine second line players to take some pressure of the Jack line? I'm open to trading Risto and throwing in the first round pick if a good deal can be secured to accomplish that procurement.
  13. What's so surprising? The white racial backdrop of this sport has been a part of its environment since its inception. It shouldn't be unexpected that the dead enders and resisters would express their ignorance to the positive changes happening in the sports. Some people are comfortable in moving into the modern world and others are reflexively grabbing their guns and heading to the ramparts because they believe they are under siege. I'm not shocked by the display of ignorance. Quite the contrary I'm surprised to the extent the officials and participants of the sport have embraced the change to a more inclusive sport.
  14. There is certainly going to be some reshuffling of the players on the expiring contracts. They are not the primary players i.e. first and second line players other than a player such as Reinhart. You may consider having so many players with expiring contracts as a negative but I do not. It gives the organization the flexibility of who to keep and who not to. And it gives the organization a better ability to bring in some different players to alter the mix and team dynamic.
  15. I wasn't able to bring up the BN article but I am familiar in Krueger's approach toward running an organization. The one approach that is antithetical to everything he stands for is the autocratic top down power approach to running an organization. His philosophy is predicated on collaboration and empowering people to maximizing their talents. He believes in building an organization where there is an ethos and direction that everyone has bought into, from the top to the bottom of the staff. If you want someone to be impowered you want someone who is enlightened and competent to be the most influential person in the organization.
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