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  1. Mittlestadt isn't scoring but he certainly doesn't look out of place. What's really impressive about him is that he has good hockey sense. In that realm he is like Reinhart only that he is a better skater. The Ducks are a good team. The Sabres were the better hockey team on the ice. I thought the Sabres played a simplified game and won a lot of battles on the boards against a good sized team. I thought Bogo played well. I hope he can stay healthy. He is our muscle but uses it judiciously. He could have beaten one of the Ducks but he held back and let the fight end with no one getting hurt. Again, good goaltending was instrumental in the win.
  2. JohnC

    This atrocity should be expected

    Because your response to him didn't make sense. But that's okay. Don't bother responding because I'm off to watch the hockey game.
  3. JohnC

    This atrocity should be expected

    I don't want to into a wasteful semantic argument over the word hamstrung. But it is a fact that when you take a major cap hit in one year instead of stretching it out you are limiting your options in acquiring talent in the near term. That was his point. I'm sure this regime knew the implication of absorbing the cap hit because it would be an obvious outcome.
  4. JohnC

    This atrocity should be expected

    What you are say is essentially what he is saying. They by design took the hit in bulk for a payoff not in the next season but in the not too distant future past this year. You are not disagreeing with him so much as agreeing with him.
  5. JohnC

    This atrocity should be expected

    You are exactly right that they by design created the gargantuan cap space. They made a decision to take a major cap hit all at once instead of stretching it out. That's the point that Steptide was making. Go back and look at what all the pro prognosticators/analysts were making about the Bills prior to the season. There was an overwhelming consensus that at best the Bills were a six win team, and most were saying the record would be worse. The obvious reason was that the organization was shedding talent and contracts and bringing in short term contracts for this year. And if you factor in our flimsy qb situation that included the least ready rookie prospect then the carnage you are seeing so far was predictable and should have been expected. Again, that's the point that Steptide was clearly making.
  6. No, Yolo, no. Any receiver they get this year in a deal will have little utility for this year. We are nearly at the half way point so any acquisition is going to take at least another few weeks before they not only absorb the play book but also establish a relationship with the qb. The Bills are a bottom feeding team and will probably be when the season is concluded. Entering the offseason we have a significant cap to work with and a full complement of picks. That's when the additions should be made. Even if we are not able to get a #1 caliber receiver that doesn't mean that we still can't upgrade the unit. I'm not against adding talent to the roster. I'm just not going to pay the price for additional talent until the qb situation is stabilized. If we can get a bargain deal I would be receptive. I just don't see that happening not only from our end but from the team willing to deal away the player.
  7. Let's not jump the gun. Be patient and keep the picks and start planning to smartly use the bulk cap space on next year's roster. I'm not against getting a player such as Thomas but you won't get much utility out of him this year because our qb situation is still very unsettled with a struggling rookie and a very pedestrian backup qb. The Bills have a road map and they don't need to deviate from it.
  8. The Kings looked horrible. Slow, sluggish and lackluster. The fans should ask for their money back. Housely's shakeup payed dividends. Ullmark looked really good. His style is very calm and he is usually under control. I don't remember many pucks being in play after he made the initial stop. I thought Bogo played well for a person who hasn't played too much for the past year or so. We sure could use good play from him. If the Sabres can win tomorrow the outlook on this road trip will be so positive. This is all tough task. It's not surprising that in all our wins the goaltending has been superb. You are mercurial as am I. The roller coaster ride can be gut wrenching.
  9. JohnC

    2018-2019 NBA Thread

    Never apologize to Celtic fans for a critical comment. Rejoice in taking a shot when given an opportunity. They are immune from criticisms because they are too absorbed with their own blather from their fading memories of the Russell and Havelicheck days. The old school chowder heads were insufferable. Do you know where I would have liked to have shoved Red Auerbach's cigar when he lit up on the bench? Hint: It's a lower aperture that is smelly.
  10. JohnC

    2018-2019 NBA Thread

    Don't get too comfortable with the Pelican star. It's going to be interesting to see how he and the Greek Freak in Milwaukee respond when their contracts are up. The big city and more media central teams such as LA (both teams), NY (both teams) and Boston compete for their talents. It is undeniable that both players' profiles and outside earnings would go up if they moved to these more economically prominent cities. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25029093/milwaukee-bucks-open-new-arena-win-see-contenders-east I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin Durant shopped the market now that he has some championships under his belt.
  11. Right now who is the option to him? I'm not saying that he is the right coach for this team but making a change right now could even more destabilize an unstable team. This is a mentally fragile team. I don't see who on the roster can internally impose some order. I'm not sure Jack at this point has the ability to be the authoritative voice in the room.
  12. I expect Guhle will be called up in the not too distant future. Defensemen are at a premium and not easily attainable on the market. I agree with you that Risto is more suited as a second pairing defenseman. But on this team with a dearth of talent back there he is playing extraordinary minutes that would usually go to a premium backliner, which he is not. Usually, when you don't have the requisite talent you can't hide it. It catches up to you. On our roster we have too many players who are playing on higher lines and defensive pairings than they should be playing. I'm not as critical of Housley as you are. In my estimation what this franchise doesn't need is another coaching time, at least right now. Could you imagine if a Torterella or Babcock was coaching this team? The sparks would be flying and players would be held more accountable via playing time. Housley may not be the right coach but if the source of the malaise is the roster then the mix needs to be changed. My fear is that this franchise has gone through too many coaching changes that don't ultimately change the course of the team. My belief is that although this team has added talent from the low baseline of the prior years more talent still needs to be added to get to be a seriously competing team. We're just not there yet.
  13. Coaches can't play for the players. But what they can control is who plays and who sits. Something is amiss when the problems are the same, over and over. I didn't watch the Shark game but I did see the first period of the Vegas game. You don't have to know much about hockey to recognize that the opposing team was much more tenacious and played with urgency. This is the big league. When you have a defensive lapse you are going to pay for it. And most of their lapses are glaring mistakes that shouldn't be tolerated. Hockey is a fast paced sport. There are going to be mistakes. But you have to respond and continue on. It just seems that this team is incapable of reacting when things are not going well. What I have noticed is if the first period is going well that it indicates how the game is going to unfold for the rest of the game. There is a sameness to this team that makes it understandable why fans are steadily peeling off.
  14. There isn't any curse. When all is said and done it comes down to who has the most talent. When you have a deficit of it and you are not the hardest working team on the ice then the outcome is predictable. When your effort is lackluster game after game then something is systemically wrong. The worst indictment that someone can make about a sports team is that they are a bore. And that's exactly what they are as a team and a franchise. It's just the same shiiit over and over.
  15. JohnC

    TBD "Kelly The Dog" - great writer

    I'm disappointed that I couldn't bring up the link. I'm sure I know what the take is if it has anything to do with Peterson. And I'm confident that the writing was clear and sharp. Although I'm confident that it was well stated I still disagree with it.