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  1. JohnC

    Top 9 players in the draft.

    Thanks for the response. Let me ask where you have the top three O-linemen ranked. And if we decided to take a more highly rated defenseman with our first pick then what O-linemen would be available in the second round and still be good additions for us.
  2. JohnC

    Top 9 players in the draft.

    What offensive tackles do you have ranked ahead of him?
  3. JohnC

    Top 9 players in the draft.

    Good point. But for the sake of simplifying my proposition let's assume that money is not an issue with our current tandem. Then which player between Thompson and Josh Williams would be more impacting for the Bills? My contention is the Bama lineman.
  4. JohnC

    Top 9 players in the draft.

    Your board is very sound. But let me ask you that if Delonte Thompson was rated #10 and Jonah Williams was rated #14 who do you think would have more value to the Bills? Without diminishing Thompson I would comfortably say Jonah Williams. The ranking of players is a very imprecise process. Precisely sticking to it without factoring in your specific team's needs is in my opinion is not the wisest approach to take.
  5. JohnC

    Top 9 players in the draft.

    Now that the Bills are out of the market for a franchise qb this franchise has so many more options in the draft. Last year, the Bills had to figure out how to move up and compute the costs associated with moving up. Now we have the flexibility to stay pat or move down. However the brain trust decides to go I think we are getting to the point where the accumulation of three good drafts will at the minimum get us at threshold of having enough talent to have a competitive team. The theme of this offseason should be surrounding Josh Allen with enough talent where he can be successful. This is a notion that Beane has stated on numerous occasions. I hope he can accomplish it. The model that I would like to see followed is the Colt model where they added talent on the line to (Nelson and Smith) and upgraded protecting their talented qb and allowing him to flourish.
  6. The most effective way of upgrading your roster is stringing together three good quality drafts. That is in my opinion better than having one great draft followed by average drafts. In the McDermott era we have had two good drafts. And hopefully having another good draft will set the stage for this team to become a more serious team in the league.
  7. I would say New Orleans's draft in 2017 was even better and more impacting. https://clutchpoints.com/how-the-2017-nfl-draft-completely-turned-the-new-orleans-saints-around/
  8. The Colts had the most impacting draft class in the league with G Nelson, OT Smith and LB Leonard. It wasn't a sexy draft but it was a focused draft that made their qb more effective and safer.
  9. JohnC

    Redskins may want to trade up for QB

    Kirby, You are getting greedy. I don't see the Skins making that move. If there was an elite qb prospect then your proposal might make sense. But I don't see that caliber of qb in this draft. There is a chance that Alex Smith's career might be in jeopardy. If that was the case I would think that they would go the free agent route for a qb and then use their picks to address their other multiple needs. The owner has become a pariah in his own market because of the incompetent manner he has managed the operation. This franchise has literally lost a generation of fans. The problem with him is that he is constantly taking a marketing approach when running the football operation. That is a predictable failed strategy in this highly competitive business. He is currently reaping what he has so arrogantly sowed. The fans are tired of this systemic mediocrity and are responding with their indifference.
  10. Our defensive unit is exponentially better than last year's group. Having a healthy Bogo has made a difference. He's not our best defenseman but he is a player who has improved the play of everyone who has been paired with him. We have the making of a good unit now and for the future. Risto, Dahlin, Pilut, McCabe and hopefully in the not too distant future Guhle. I always considered Risto more of a second pairing caliber of a defenseman. I have elevated my view of him and consider him a legitimate top pairing player. He's certainly increased the breath of his game with more offensive participation. Pilut may have the most accurate shot of the defensemen. I envision him playing more on the PP because of his shooting ability. Dahlin is in a class of his own. A couple of years down the road when he physically matures he is going to be an elite player in this league. He already has the vision and skating ability. Now he needs mother nature to take its course and allow him to muscle up.
  11. I wonder how he would respond if his daughter/wife came home and told him that someone acted like he did at her job?
  12. I'm missing your point. This case was investigated by the personnel department that gets involved in these type of complaints. The dismissal was because of improper conduct as it related to interaction with a server.
  13. The company interviewed people who were involved and were at the scene. A decision was made according to the facts of the case. Due diligence and process were fully applied. Your complaint how this case was handled make little sense.
  14. Scandella is a third pairing caliber defenseman. If he plays at that level I would be more than satisfied. I'm not as harsh as many in my assessment of him, maybe because my expectation is less than some. What I would like from him is a little more consistency in his game. When defensemen make bad plays it is usually more evident than when wingers don't play so responsibly because their mistakes often directly lead to opposing scores while forward lapses are more likely to indirectly lead to scores. The Sabres have for the most part played well against superior teams such as Tampa, Toronto and Calgary. More often than not the more talented team prevailed. But that is not to say the losing team (Sabres) didn't play well and hard. The problem for the Sabres is that there is an imbalance of talent throughout the roster. Or simply put there is a dearth of overall talent. That's the heart of the matter that can't be missed. While some people see the HC as a problem I don't see it that way. The last thing this team and franchise needs is a churning of the staff. My recommendation that I strongly held (right now) is to stay the course.
  15. The Pegulas are setting a standard of conduct for people working within their enterprise. They are not allowing people in authority to abuse their status. This is not individual conduct isolated from their business. Whether it is in the workplace or outside of it there is a standard of behavior that is going to be applied. By taking action the Pegulas are making it clear to those involved (people at the top and bottom) in their company that certain behavior will not be tolerated. People who work for them are going to be held accountable for their conduct, especially as it relates to treating women. I give the Pegulas credit because they are not hesitant to apply the rules to people high up in the organization such as Brandon and the upper echelon employees in this story. The people at the top set the tone for the company. Their actions give their words meaning.