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  1. The medical staff and the team came up with a cautious strategy to handle him before he was cleared to play. They stuck to their plan. They were prudent. I heard one account that when he was rehabbing and wasn't very mobile he worked on his shooting because he could do it while being stationary. He took a bad situation and used it to add to his game. Maybe in the long run that injury will end up working to his advantage because it gave him the time and opportunity to round out his game.
  2. Sorry for your loss. Where is your father going to be buried? If it is in Florida I would go down there. If your father is going to be shipped back north for a memorial service and burial is the advocate going to make the arrangements through a funeral home or through the nursing home? I can't recommend that you go down there or not based on the incomplete information but I would recommend that you maintain communication with the nursing home and the advocate whether you go down there or not. When my mother passed away she was in a nursing home in California where my brother and sister lived. The memorial service was going to be held in Buffalo. If I recall correctly ??? I believe the funeral home in Buffalo made the arrangements for the shipping and permits. If there are other siblings or relatives involved with the arrangements I recommend that you stay in close contact and communicate over what your father's wishes were. Again, sorry for your loss.
  3. The attached link is a 16 min segment with Marty Biron on WGR. He talked about where Jack rates in the league with the top players and the use of Reinhart on another line. He makes the good point that if Reinhart is moved off of the Jack line that it is imperative to get more production from him on the PP to compensate for him being off the top line. The most interesting part of the interview dealt with Risto and how he is used with the Sabres and his trade value. Marty takes a two prong approach to the Risto issue. The first prong is how best to use him on the Sabres, and the second prong is what is his value on the market. It seems that Marty leans more toward dealing him if you can get good value back. https://wgr550.radio.com/media/audio-channel/01-23-marty-biron-with-howard-and-jeremy
  4. As you well know the biggest transgression that the participants in this sex-escapade was not their heated bathroom conduct. What is most troublesome for them is that their behavior became public and embarrassed the department. For that they will pay a steep price. There is no doubt that the participants will be severely disciplined. I hope it doesn't rise to the level of termination. PS I agree with you that she is hot.
  5. I would say Dahlin and the player he is paired with is the first pairing for the Sabres. There is no doubt that Risto has value on the market. And there is no doubt that Dahlin has so much value to the Sabres that he is an untouchable player just as Eichel is. That untouchability does not apply to Risto.
  6. I'm a Risto supporter. He has upped his game under the coaching of Krueger, and has become one of our better defensemen. Is he a first pairing player? I would say he is more of a second pairing player. I say that as no slight to him because he plays a rugged style of play that the other defensemen don't. With respect to the issue of trading him for a player such as Ehlers I would be open to that type of deal because this team desperately needs more goal scorers beyond the first line.
  7. I think your numbers are a little high because I think his nerves are going to be very charged. I do think that he will beat the established lines.
  8. The attached link is an 8 min segment with Chad DeDominicis on WGR with Jeremy White. The core of the discussion is that under Krueger Risto has played better making his value go up. The issue as always comes down to is what can you get for Risto in a deal? Jeremy White has for a long time argued to deal him not only for the return but for the sake of changing the mix on the roster. I don't go along with his reasoning. The issue for me comes down to what can you get for him? If you can get a second-line forward such as Winnipeg's Ehler for him then I would be open to such a deal. If not, then keep your asset and don't settle for a lesser asset. https://wgr550.radio.com/media/audio-channel/01-22-chad-dedominicis-from-die-by-the-blade-with-jeremy-white
  9. Kris Barker was on WGR talking about the team's prospects. This is a 15 min segment. He specifically mentioned that he believed that Cozens and maybe Arttu Ruotsolainen, who might need some AHL play, could be with the big club next year. https://wgr550.radio.com/media/audio-channel/1-21-kris-baker-with-brayton-wilson
  10. WGR's Paul Hamilton wrote a column on Lazar whom he believes has earned a roster spot. He points out from a point standpoint he is outperforming the other lower line players. https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/news/sabres-lazar-has-earned-a-spot-to-stay-in-buffalo
  11. I want the TSA employee to use some common sense. He is in the wrong job. Sometimes good judgment is not quantifiable. But you recognize it when you see it being exhibited; and you recognize it when it is not exhibited.
  12. Ullmark has progressed as a goalie. However, I agree with you that he is more of a backup than a starting primary goalie. The goalie position is one of the most unique positions in sports. You can have a goalie who indicates that he is a #1 goalie on a team only to fall into the abyss the next year. And that same mercurial player can go to another team and carry his team to the playoffs and beyond. Look what's happened to Hutton. He was our starting goalie who was expected to be our mainstay stopper for the duration of his contract. No one would consider him to be a good to elite player but he was expected to be a solid player. It wouldn't be surprising to me that if he was dealt that he would regain the respectable play that he had before.
  13. WGR's Paul Hamilton reports the players will be sent to Rochester during the all-star break. Pilut will probably be the player who will return to the big club when the league returns to play. He also indicates that Skinner should soon be ready after the Sabres resume their schedule. https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/news/the-sabres-send-three-to-rochester
  14. Charles Barkley who had a similar body type had a long and distinguished career. He started off his career with a body type that fit the moniker of "round mound". It didn't take him long to realize that he needed to work on his conditioning and eating habits to have a long career. From what I have observed about Zion he is starting off his career in better physical shape than Barkley, a HOF player. Zion is a smart and well grounded kid with good people around him. I think that he will more quickly grasp what he needs to do to have a successful career like Barkley had.
  15. You can critique whatever you want to. Overall, both teams played hard.
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