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  1. The Phins will get the player (probably receiver) that they have targeted with this slight trade down. In addition, they currently already have more than a full complement of picks before even making this deal. Even if the acquired first round pick is for two years in the future that is a bonus because the pick that they made in the trade down will probably be the same player that they would have taken with the pick they originally had. They are putting themselves in a good situation now and in the near future. That's smart maneuvering.
  2. Why so? In the exchange they will still be able to get a top tier receiver in this draft which they wanted to address and accumulate currency for the not so distant future. The Dolphins have a plan and are steadily implementing it. This regime is doing a good job building up their roster from the mistakes made by their trading partners. (Most notably Houston.)
  3. Excellent post. You are the go to person for Alabama football. That is not the because you are primarily a Bama homer (which you are) but because you are the most knowledgeable person about the Crimson program and players. You more than anyone who has an acknowledged affinity toward a school is able to differentiate between favoring a program and players and still being able to objectively evaluate a the pro prospects of those players. Not everyone (including me) is able to make that separation. For that I salute you. For a long time I was not very enamored with Saban. I was tired
  4. Let me also add to my response that although he and his family members will own all the stock in the team that doesn't mean that there won't be sanctions by the league for the scandalous and ugly way women were treated within the organization. Once the league reviews the results of the ongoing and maybe even finished investigation of the organization's behavior a league course of action will follow. Make no mistake Dan Snyder is a sleaze ball who has run this organization into the ground. Now that he has become more hands off and allowed the football people to run the team and undo the damage
  5. He's not selling the team. In fact, he is buying back stock shares from the minority owners in order to not have to deal with minority owners. The only shares that he doesn't own are owned by his sister and mother. The buy back from the minority owners who were taking him to court for a variety of reasons was encouraged by the other owners.
  6. The one area where he has excelled is his ability is to read defenses. As the season advanced his play list expanded because he was able to absorb the expanding play book. Mac is a super bright guy. However, high aptitude and academic talent doesn't always translate to the football field. But with him it did. The biggest issue and unknown for high ranking qb prospects have little to do with their physical talents. It usually relates to their ability to quickly process the extraordinary amount of information at game time speed. In that regard he ranks very high. When it comes to the qb position
  7. I echo your sentiments. The Pegulas are presiding over a franchise that is in a disarray. It's not only the worst team in the league but it has become irrelevant to the sport. It's bad enough that the Sabres are an irrelevant franchise but it has descended to the point of being an invisible NHL franchise that isn't even part of the hockey discussion other than about their dysfunction. How's that for an accomplishment! Simply because they are the owners they have the right to run the operation they want to do. And because of the amateurish manner in which they have exercised their authority t
  8. I'm not suggesting that Lance is desperate to get out of Buffalo. But what is evident is that he is willing to consider other opportunities.
  9. He was in consideration for the Tennessee job. That tells you that he is receptive to go to a bigger program that needs a major rebuild. And it should be noted that he is seven years younger than Miles who took on a major rebuild job when he was 60 yrs old.
  10. Leipold was under consideration for the Tennessee job and as you point out his name is being floated for the Kansas job. Is Leipold desiring to move up into a bigger albeit more challenging situation? I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to step up into a bigger and more lucrative job. When Leipold took over UB it was a dead and invisible program in a second tier conference. No one can deny that Leipod has done a magnificent job in a longshot program. Look what happened when UB's basketball program was revived by Hurley? He left for a bigger program. And then he was replaced by Na
  11. I don't understand your reasoning and what you are advocating for? If the most successful coach in the school's history felt that Khalil's brother deserved a scholarship he would have offered it. Why does being a brother to one of the program's best players warrant a scholarship offer? If another player is better or is better suited for the program then that player should get the scholarship. Coaches all the time make tough decisions as to who should get a scholarship and who should not. This current coach has successfully rebuilt a moribund program and for the past number of years turned what
  12. There is nothing innovative or exceptional about the lessons learned from the people formerly associated with the Carolina football team. The takeaway from that Carolina experience is basic. In any large and multi-faced organization there has to be a guiding principle from top to bottom that everyone not only understands but also buys into to. The Washington example is easy to dissect. There were too many factions not only competing with one another but were expending energy sabotaging one another. The blame for this constant depleting in-fighting and intrigue was the owner who wanted a system
  13. The Haskins pick was a surprise to the coaching staff. Their former HC, Jay Gruden, had no interest in Haskins, especially as a first round pick. He considered him a project and a third round value. It was the owner and a faction of the front office that included Allen that made that ill-fated selection. Gruden on a recent podcast stated that he was surprised and upset with the Haskins selection. The manner in which that pick was made without the input of a part of the personnel department demonstrated the chaotic and tumultuous state the organization was in. When you have a mercurial and inco
  14. If Wentz is willing to be receptive to better coaching and tone done his extemporaneous game and make quicker decisions there is no reason why he shouldn't return closer to his more successful past. The Colts have a good OL and a good running game. That was exhibited when we played them in the playoffs. He needs to use those assets to his benefit. I'm not comparing Josh to Wentz but what differentiated Josh last year was the quantum leap he made in understanding the game and more quickly responding to the play. Reich is the right coach to get Wentz back on track.
  15. One team that would be interested in him and would be willing to give up a first round pick would be Washington. It would secure the qb position with a young player with some experience and it would come with a relatively modest cost of one pick.
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