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  1. JohnC

    Top-ranked professional athlete suspended for using PEDs

    The below link shows a contest where the competitors don't use steroids but do imbibe a lot of vodka. This contest is a slap in the face sport. https://nypost.com/2019/03/21/two-vicious-blows-make-russian-slap-competition-go-viral/
  2. JohnC

    Syracuse Basketball 2018-2019

    Texas A&M is interested in hiring Buzz. He had a prior affiliation with that school. The Texas school could offer him a lot more money than Va Tech could ever give him. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/texasamaggies/2019/03/14/virginia-techs-buzz-williams-responds-question-potential-texas-am-coaching-vacancy
  3. I'm not aware of Exile's political inclinations. My point is when the subject of suicide arises there is nothing surprising that the method of the act is the next obvious question.
  4. I don't understand your response to Exile's post? What was so disrespectful or troublesome about it? If a person learned that someone committed suicide why is inquiring how the person killed himself/herself beyond the pale? The method of the act certainly is an obvious line of inquiry after learning about the death. Are you suggesting that he is politicizing the death and has an agenda because it involved a gun? Your response and not his question is puzzling, at least to me.
  5. Gunner, the limb you are going out on is hanging precariously. Should I call the ambulance before or after the anticipated fall when this year's roster is set. You need to climb up a different tree with sturdier limbs. He's a solid two way player and there is a roll for him. That is not to say that we couldn't use a more pure pass rusher. Murphy is a classic wrestling coach kind of guy. I'm confident that he will be on the roster on opening day.
  6. Gergensons is one of our hardest playing players. He just can't score even when the opportunities are staring him in the face. He has the attributes of a physical presence but his scoring impotency limits his role. As you have noted Okposo is past his prime as a power forward and is untradeable because of his contract. If Larsson and Gergensons are kept (I doubt both will be kept) I see our checking and physical line being made up of Okposo-Larsson and Gergensons. If Botterill is going to be aggressive in the offseason he will have to focus on bringing in a player or two who can play on the second line. I believe Mitts is capable of being a second line center but he simply isn't ready yet. Sheary-Rodrigues-Nylander make up a good skating third or fourth line. I'm hoping that as Nylander matures he will develop into a second-line player for us.
  7. Do you have a second or third round grade on Winovich? He is the embodiment of a McDermott type of guy.
  8. The Sabres won. I'll take it. This is far from a complete team. There isn't enough talent throughout the roster. That's the reality. Without question this season has been a disappointment but players such as Mitts, Tage and Ullmark were rushed and weren't yet ready for this level of play. Will it benefit them in the long run? I believe so but we'll just have to see. You can blame how this season materialized on the coach, I don't. The core problem is the talent-level. And that issue wasn't going to be satisfactorily resolved this season. Sometimes you are what you are.
  9. I'm not going to over-interpret this win. But what has been one of the primary reasons why this season has turned out to be a disappointment is the caliber of goaltiending. Today, Hutton played well and allowed his team to stay in the game. There have been too many soft goals that have deflated this weak-minded team. If we could have gotten just above average goaltending we could have easily had another ten points added to the ledger. I thought that the Sheary-Rodrigues-Nylander played well. All the members of that line can skate and create space. The pass out of the zone from Dahlin to Nylander to Sheary was exquisite. I believe that Nylander is going to be an entrenched player on the roster next year. He embodies what the GM espouses in developing your own players and not to rush them. I realize that my perspective about this hockey team isin the distinct minority here. After watching this game I am more entrenched in my view. I am convinced that it would be a horrible mistake to make a coaching change. The coach is working with players such as Mitts and Tage who were rushed into NHL action and are learning through their mistakes on the ice. The sequence of hitting in the third period got the crowd and team aroused. It would have been a shame to lose this game. The fans deserved an entertaining game, and they got it. I'm not part of the majority crowd that believes that this team and organization is in a state of chaos. With a few significant additions this offseason and the development of the young players on the roster and in the system this team is going to be a competitive team next year. The distance between success and failure is not very much. Trust the process and let it run its natural course. There is no other way that is better.
  10. You are deteriorating. It's bad enough that you want to get rid of the coach but now you want to get rid of the GM. What's next? Start a partition to get rid of the owner? You are incorrigible. In no way am I going to give a highly prized free agent a bonanza contract with the purpose of squeezing an organization such as Toronto that is in a tight cap box. Poking the bear is a good way of in the future getting shiiit on by the same bear. When you kick a team in the nuts when they are vulnerable you are inviting future kick in the nuts for yourself. There are beneficial deals to be made with teams that can't afford or don't want to pay their free agent players the lofty price that is demanded. A good example of that is the Skinner deal with Carolina.
  11. Have you met Plezmd? Some people ferociously cling to their narrative of negativity in order to avoid seeking solutions. They wear their impenetrable armor of cynicism with pride. (Not talking about Plezmd but I am talking about 4merper4mer.) The notion that making a deal that might include some young players to improve your roster is crossing a bridge too far is laughably stupid. Is 4merper4mer Crayonez? Or are they both just cut from the same cloth?
  12. How about using some common sense and think about what I actually said. If you have a good prospect such as Guhle and you trade that player in a deal for a young second pairing defenseman (Montour) with term left on his contract you have improved your team. In addition, the Sabres had Pilut in the system who is actually better than Guhle so you are covered at the position. If a player such as Risto can bring you a second line forward or two then even with the subtraction of a good defenseman your roster can be better. If you have assets it's smart to consider parlaying for additional assets to make your team overall better. I'm not advocating for trading any particular player. What I'm saying is that if you can make a deal that makes the team better you do it. This isn't a charity endeavor where another team is going to give you a good player for nothing. In the real world if you want something you have to give up something. If in your calculation (judgment) the deal makes you better then you do it.
  13. JohnC

    Tyrod is back with Lynn

    When all is said and done TT is carving out a long and lucrative career. More power to him.
  14. You and I are in accord on the need for adding talent in order to have a competitive team. This team desperately needs to some how build a credible second line. Is it doable? It is if Mitts becomes the player that I think he will eventually become. The Sabres are in a good position with its good cap situation and extra first round pick to deal for a couple of players that can legitimately staff that second-line. I also believe that Risto is going to be dealt for some forward help. He is one of our few players who has value on the market. I would hate to se Reinhart dealt but he is another one of our few players who has value. It's not sexy or dramatic but internal improvement of our young players as much as the addition of outside help is going to be the decisive factor to our success. I have confidence in Botts that he can get this team over the hump of its current malaise of entrenched mediocrity.
  15. JohnC

    OT Ty Nsekhe (Redskins) to the Bills

    I once used the ignore button on someone I found to be a bloviating and insufferable priiiiick. It turned out that I used the ignore button on myself. Does that mean that I lack self-awareness?