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  1. Offensive PI (rule change to consider)

    You are one of the few people that I know who gets smarter when in the last stages of one's downside. I salute you for your wisdom. You may be fading but your lightbulb is still shining bright.
  2. WNY ratings for National Championship

    This Canisius team is a young team. So much wasn't expected this year. However, Reggie has coached them up. They play good team ball with good ball movement. With Reggie if you don't play defense you don't play. He is an old school coach who makes his players earn playing time. If your effort lags in practice then your asss is going to be attached to the bench come game time. Canisius has had a string of good coaches. But what sets him apart from the prior coaches is that he is a more aggressive recruiter with a wider radius to draw from. He sees Canada as a rich location to draw from. In the college ranks there are a lot of sharks in the coaching ranks. Witherspoon is a high character guy with a moral compass. His demeanor is tranquil but the core is steel. I like him a lot. And as a Canisus grad I'm proud to have a person like this represent the school.
  3. WNY ratings for National Championship

    Witherspoon is a perfect fit for Canisius. He is a good recruiter and is smart about getting the right type of recruit who would fit in their niche environment. He is not going to go after the four star recruit because that caliber of player is going to prefer the more high profile setting. A Witherspoon team is a well coached team and a team that improves as the season advances. I would love to see UB, Canisius, Niagara and Bona collectively upgrade their programs and revitalize a once intense and entertaining local rivalry. Hurley did a good job at Buffalo in his short stay there and parlayed that effort into the Arizona State job where he is also doing a terrific job.
  4. The moral of the Saints win.

    Thanks for that info. That Harrison interception and stunning run back before halftime was an epic play.
  5. The moral of the Saints win.

    Then he was in two SBs and won one?
  6. I usually root for the AFC team in the SB. So I'll be rooting for the Patriots because I consider them the best team in the AFC. I'm well aware that this is a distinctly minority sentiment here. In my view they have the smartest operation in the league and have kept it up for a long time. In a system designed for parity this organization has demonstrated that they are ahead of the curve. This organization has lost players, coaches, front office staff yet due to Brady and BB they have remained at the top or near the top of the league for a generation. I admire them.
  7. The moral of the Saints win.

    Kurt Warner is in the HOF on the strength of his SB wins. If I recall correctly he won the SB with two teams, St. Louis and Arizona. There were a few years where he was the best at making the quick reads and precisely throwing the ball. He credited that ability from his days in the Arena League where the qb was forced to make quck decisions. For a shorter stint than Bress he was one of the best qbs in the game.
  8. Mularkey now out in Tennessee as HC

    Simple solution. Type faster and more quickly hit send.
  9. The moral of the Saints win.

    As I responded to Starrymessenger I should have been clearer to what I meant. The issue isn't so much as being a first ballot HOF but being considered at the top or near top of the rankings and in the same discussion of the best ever with a qb such as Brady. If anyone argued that Brees was better than Brady I would not be dismissive of that view, although I would disagree with it. But for my money he is in that same lofty GOAT discussion.
  10. The moral of the Saints win.

    That's a fair point that I didn't clearly state. His genius goes beyond his great accuracy. He, like Brady, can almost instantaneously process what he sees and go through advanced progressions to get the ball to the receiver. You either have that ability or you don't.
  11. The moral of the Saints win.

    It's not a straw man argument. I put Brees in the same class as Brady. Plenty of people don't.
  12. The moral of the Saints win.

    I think that most people consider him worthy of the HOF. But I do believe that there are many people who don't consider him in the discussion with the best of the best such as Brady, Manning and Montana. I have him sitting at the same special small table designated for the all time best. .
  13. The moral of the Saints win.

    Anyone who doesn't believe that Brees is a first ballot HOFer is obtuse. He made incredible throws in more than a few do or die situations. He is a gem.
  14. Mularkey now out in Tennessee as HC

    When I think of Mularky I consider him one of those recycled coaches who are nondescript and indistinguishable from the other retread coaches. He's not a bad HC but he certainly isn't one of the good HCs. A coach such as McDermott is going to have his supporters and critics. At least there is a personality and presence about him. With a coach such as Mularkey there is nothing impressionable/impressive about him that would stoke an interest enough to make you care about such an invisible presence.
  15. You had an epiphany! What the hell is going on here. You are not the bile full vengeful fellow I once knew. Getting older sometimes means getting mellower. And sometimes it means getting more cantankerous.