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  1. Can you imagine how good he is going to be two or three years down the road when his boy body becomes more manly? He's a gem not just because of his physical skills but more so because of his on ice acumen. You can't teach those god given instincts. Can you imagine how good Risto would be if he had less than half of Dahlin's ice intelligence?
  2. The GM in short order has substantially remade the defensive unit. He added Montour last year, and traded for Collin Miller and Henri Jokiharju this offseason. What was given up for the return was minimal. If Risto is retained, even for the short term, then our top two pairings will be good with plenty of depth. We also have a couple of credible prospects in the system that are ready to make the jump. The biggest challenge and issue is whether the GM bolstered the second and lower lines enough to give more balance to the offense? This is where the Risto asset/chip comes into play.
  3. I'm not going to over-analyze a throw in the preseason. However, whether the pass was completed or not that throw was a poor decision. Sometimes when a team is in a desperate situation it has no choice other than to take risks. This was not that type of situation. Josh Allen is a smart guy who has a desire to get better. When the play is reviewed in the film room I'm confident that he will learn from his mistake on that play. As you well know it is a process.
  4. I called and seemed to be in the same situation as you. I was told that I have to wait until early September before requesting another $30 monthly discount for the upcoming year. I'm getting tired of this annual charade. I only went to DirecTV because of the NFL Ticket. If next year there are options to watch the Bills I will be open to pursue them.
  5. JohnC

    Chung Indicted

    As you suggested there is room for reasonable doubt. Right now we don't have enough information on this case. A lot of people made assumptions in the Kraft sex case that also presented some problematic issues. That case quickly disintegrated after his lawyers got involved. Chung is not going to be using public defenders to defend himself. The attorneys he will use will be high caliber and expensive. Every jurisdiction is different. I'm confident that in the DC system if you brought them this possession case with what little we know about it they would not act on it.
  6. JohnC

    Chung Indicted

    Let's wait to see what the facts are. The both of us are not aware of all the facts. When the case goes to court and his lawyers get involved the facts and legalities should be clarified.
  7. JohnC

    Chung Indicted

    This is a local case. It originated from a response to a burglar alarm. You are correct that each state has its own statutes that are enforced. The charge in this case is possession and not distribution. Unless this case evolved into a major distribution case the feds would not have any interest in it. Again, this is a local matter.
  8. JohnC

    Chung Indicted

    What would be the reason for the drug suspicion? In the Chung case this was a situation where the police were responding to a burglar alarm. What would be the basis of using a drug sniffing in this situation?
  9. Paul's cackling laugh was a hoot. He was one of those good natured and grounded guys that everyone gravitated toward.
  10. @PromoTheRobotis so influential within the program that he probably was the person who made the decision as to who will be the starter. When you are a big time contributor you become an influencer.
  11. JohnC

    Chung Indicted

    That's an important issue related to the case and police conduct. I have suspicions that there is more to this story that is presently known. It could be that the neighbors were not enamored with outsiders coming into their enclave to party or socialize. I wouldn't be surprised if there were prior complaints that put this residence on the police radar. The facts will soon come out after Chang's legal beagles get involved.
  12. JohnC

    Chung Indicted

    Not necessarily. Just because the individual owner owned the house doesn't mean that he is the only one who has access to that house. What if he allows his friends or family members to stay at one of his residences? Couldn't they be the owners of the drugs? You are making an assumption that holds no water from a legal standpoint. If you allowed a friend to stay in a rental unit that you owned does that mean that you are responsible for his/hers/their activities? As far as your backpack scenario that also misses the legal threshold for an arrest. What would be the legal basis for searching a backpack prior to an arrest? The burden of proof is on the police, not the individual. The individual in question is not obligated to say anything.
  13. JohnC

    Chung Indicted

    A tip in itself would not be enough of a basis to enter the house. If there was a tip that there were drugs in that house that in itself would not be enough enter the house or to garner a warrant. If there was a tip the type of person (friend, inside source, family member, anonymous etc) would be part of the affidavit requesting a warrant. If the police got a tip it might trigger a surveillance with the hope that more evidence would be discovered to bolster the affidavit to get a warrant. With what is known this drug case is very flimsy. There may be more to the story but as it stands it seems to me that the police acted beyond their authority.
  14. JohnC

    Chung Indicted

    How do you know that he is a dealer? He wasn't charged with that. Just because drugs are found in one of your residences that doesn't mean that the drugs in the house our yours. He had another residence. Who else had access to the residence? And I'm sure his attorney's first issue to pursue is whether the police had the authority to enter the house? Did they attempt to call him before entering the premises. Police respond to house and business alarms all the time. They usually don't enter the premises unless given permission or there is an exigent reason associated with safety before entering a premises. The feds have no interest or jurisdiction in this trivial case. It is a local matter.
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