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  1. I'm not sure that is saying much. I'm surprised that it wasn't doing better because western NY is a sports region and the ticket prices at the games are relatively cheap. What is disappointing is that the student attendance isn't too good. That might be due to week night games. I don't have the exact figures so I'm making my judgment from what I see on TV.
  2. Today's game was on a weekend. But what has promoted the program and the MAC is being on TV during the week days, usually Monday. The attendance for UB up to this point has not been too good. I just think that if this was a normal year this team would be getting a lot more fans in the stands and attention from the local media. However, the Bulls and their program have done a terrific job under very challenging circumstances. They deserve a lot of credit.
  3. It's really a shame that this is a Covid era resulting in empty stands. The Bulls have recently started to be good and entertaining with less than a robust fan support. I'm sure that this year's team would have generated community support with plenty of fans in the stands. Leopold has done a terrific job in not only having good teams but also building a strong program. You got to be happy for the school and program.
  4. @YoloinOhio I know you are an OSU fan and have been following them for a long time. The one player who has most impressed me and has captivated me is Terry McLaurin. He was a third round pick who is now not only the best receiver on Washington but also one of the best players and leader on the team. The attached link demonstrates how he is a full effort player who never quits on any play. Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith vs. Dallas Cowboys defensive end Aldon Smith and llinebacker Jaylon Smith: Aldon pressures Alex into Jaylon's INT (nfl.com)
  5. These week night games have done a lot to promote the MAC and the Bulls. The Bulls are an entertaining team to watch because their offense makes a lot of plays both running and passing. The best thing that has happened to the program is the hiring of Leopold. He knows how to build programs and then how to maintain them. Hopefully, he won't be enticed any time soon by a struggling former big time program like Nebraska.
  6. Jack Daniels the comforting medicinal man. 🤡
  7. Smoking a spliff? Don't tell me you are a dope head?
  8. OSU still has a much wider and deeper talent base than Maryland has. Locksley is still in the very early stages of building this program. It's going to take a few more recruiting classes to be more competitive with the big boys team like OSU. The coach will persuade more of the local talent that usually leaves for the other major national programs to stay home. Jarrett is an example of that dynamic. He committed to LSU and then de-committed to stay at home and play for Maryland. The OSU coach has done a terrific job. It is very difficult to take over a highly successful national program with a high profile coach and seamlessly continue on with the same level of success. He deserves a lot of credit. It is not easy to do.
  9. I just watched a good portion of the Dolphin/Cardinals game. Tua looked good. The first game he played the coach had him play a simplified offense. In his second game the coach opened up the playbook and allowed him to run a fuller offense. As you well remember in Alabama he made quick reads, was accurate and got the ball out. He did the same in this game. I was really impressed with how he played. I thought the Dolphins were taking a risk by playing Tua so soon. I was wrong. He is now their established franchise qb.
  10. Gotham Bill, Tua's brother at Maryland is good. He had first game jitters in his inaugural game and then in his last two games he played as a polished and poised qb. He is accurate, can make reads and seems to be more athletic than his bigger brother. Mike Locksley, who was an assistant at Bama, is an exceptional recruiter who has gotten kids who were on the verge of committing to big time schools to come to Maryland and get immediate playing time. They got a receiver, Jarett, who decommitted from LSU and as a freshman is their best receiver. More of the locals who left the area for the big time programs will be staying home and elevating a long time moribund program.
  11. Robo, Happy Birthday. How are your new bionic knees doing?
  12. What's the qb situation for UB this season? And is the OL as good as it has been?
  13. Would it be worthwhile for the seller and the legal rep to file a complaint to the bar against the first buyer who apparently was legally denied the purchase? The complaint probably won't have much consequences other than it would be on his record that a complaint was filed against him for questionable tactics.
  14. If the seller's contract stated five days needed for a legal review without specifying business days before the deal is completed then technically/b] the buyer has a case. Whether there is a "time is of the essence" clause or not I would think that the operating clause would relate to the days for legal review. One can assume that business days was the intention but the language/words in the contract didn't specify that. This is an example of sloppy contract writing. In my prior post I thought it would be wise for White to not get involved in this morass. It might also be wise for the seller to just go ahead and sell it to the first buyer and avoid the legal entanglement that will cost him more in legal fees and aggravation than he would gain from the higher offer he could have gotten from White. Most lawyers are honorable people who are there to protect the interests of their clients. And some lawyers are sharks and obnoxious priiiiicks who are unyielding and not willing to come to some reasonable resolution.
  15. A very long time ago my parents were involved in a similar situation only on a less pricy scale. My parents bought a house in North Buffalo and put money down and signed a purchase contract. The owners changed their mind and wanted to rescind the deal. My parents wanted the house because they had already made arrangements to move. The issue became a legal dispute. I vividly remember accompanying my mother who didn't speak English very well to the lawyer's office. The lawyer gave a clear and simple explanation of the situation and the strength of our position. He succinctly said we were legally right but it wasn't worth the time and expense to pursue it. He also stated that the lawyer for the seller told our lawyer that he told his clients that they were in the wrong. My parents wisely walked away and bought another house in the area.
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