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  1. I'm very optimistic about Zay Jones. It's agreed that last year was less than mediocre. He was hurt all year and without a doubt he struggled. His offseason was troubling with his erratic behavior. But from what has been reported by WGR (Cappacio) now that he is healthy he is playing well and is solidifying his position on his unit. His college production was too high for his first year to represent what he is capable. of. I'm far from being one of the kool-aid drinkers in this forum. If Zay comes around (your skepticism is understandable) in my view the top three players in each draft year do represent a productive draft. Is it too early to give a definitive judgment? Yes. But putting aside the Zay question it is not unfair to believe that the other players will be productive. Of the top three players in each draft which of them are you happy with?
  2. It's still early in assessing players but if Teller becomes the type of player that he is showing at this early stage then you have to look at this draft as a high yield draft. And if Zay Jones makes a dramatic turn upwards as he seems to be doing then combined the past two drafts look very promising for this regime.
  3. JohnC

    Washington Releases CB Orlando Scandrick

    You make a terrific point. The one thing that he has excelled at is picking up DBs who fit his scheme. Last year, he completely rebuilt the defensive backfield who then seamlessly played as a cohesive unit. His judgment on finding his type of guys (especially on defense) is exceptional.
  4. JohnC

    LeSean McCoy Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon

    You are such a cynic! This was once true love. Or more likely it was lust. When your loins are on fire the thinking mechanism can get screwed up.
  5. JohnC

    Gunner's Roster Thread

    I agree with your sentiment. There is a solution. When you have old material refresh it with new material.
  6. JohnC

    Gunner's Roster Thread

    The roster surprise for me entering training camp was I thought that Conor McDermott would solidify his position and compete for the RT spot or become the swing tackle. He may be in jeopardy. Very often it isn't what you show but what your competitors show. Security isn't the nature of the job.
  7. JohnC

    Gunner's Roster Thread

    I see Nicklaus's grand kid more in jeopardy of not making the roster than Logan.
  8. JohnC

    Gunner's Roster Thread

    Don't look back---look forward. That's why Logan Thomas and Peterman are going to make the team. Please don't bang your head. You don't want to concuss yourself and place yourself on the shelf due to the head damage protocol.
  9. JohnC

    National Josh Allen buzz after 1 preseason half

    I never said that Allen would never be accurate. You should be ashamed of yourself for such a gross distortion. When discussing his level of accuracy I said he would never be the type of qb who would be as accurate as Brees or Brady, two HOF qbs who are historically accurate. You saying that I said he would never be accurate is simply bogus. I have no problem with people disagree with what I said. I have little regard for people who distort what is said.
  10. JohnC

    Mahomes Struggling in Camp

    I agree with your take. An interesting hypothetical question is if Whaley still had his authority in last year's draft which qb, Watson or Mahommes, would he have taken? The rumors were that he was finally going to draft a qb in the first round. Some reports indicated that he favored Watson while other reports indicated Mahomes. I'm more than happy with the drafting of Allen. The best part of being able to select him was we didn't overly mortgage this year's and didn't give up any picks in next year's draft. The organizational execution to maneuver to get in position to select a high end prospect was exquisite.
  11. JohnC

    Kyle throws punches at Jordan Mills

    Let's go brawling!
  12. JohnC

    National Josh Allen buzz after 1 preseason half

    Since Allen was in the draft pool with the other high end prospects I considered him to be not only a legitimate franchise qb prospect but beyond that a very good franchise qb prospect. It's not a slight to not believe that he will be as accurate as two of the most accurate qbs in modern history. I really don't see what the controversy is about.
  13. JohnC

    National Josh Allen buzz after 1 preseason half

    You concisely state my position. I'm not diminishing Allen as a prospect. i like him and believe he will be a good franchise qb for us. As you described it I'm not making a bold prediction as much as I am stating the obvious. The circular discussions I seem to be having has run its course. There isn't much I can add to what I have already said.
  14. JohnC

    National Josh Allen buzz after 1 preseason half

    I will again state my position: I am absolutely confident that Allen will not be as accurate a passer as Brees or Brady. Even it Allen's career is barely starting I will again state with absolute confidence that Allen will not be as accurate as the two HOF qbs I mentioned. As another poster stated you hated the Allen pick. And you acknowledged that you had four other qbs in this draft rated ahead of him. Now you are touting him as being capable of being more accurate than two of the most accurate passers in the history of the game. That makes no sense.
  15. JohnC

    National Josh Allen buzz after 1 preseason half

    I will say with ho hesitation that Allen will never develop that accuracy that Brees or Brady has. There is no debate that Allen is a superior athlete to either of the HOF qbs. But his game is different from the other two. If you think he has the potential to become such a precise passer then you are entitled to your opinion. I'm standing hard and fast to my opinion. What's obvious to me is certainly not obvious to you. So be it. You may think that my opinion is foolish. That's okay. I can handle that judgment because I think your position is ridiculously foolish. Brees and Brady are a couple of the most accurate passers in the history of the game. If you believe that Allen has the potential to match them then believe it. Join with some of the others in the delusional hometown fan club. I'm confident in the position that I have taken.