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  1. Bills GM: Not certain we move up to take QB

    I agree with you that the three qbs you listed are on their preferred list. But I wouldn't be surprised if Allen is also on the same list.
  2. Is Rudolph their guy?

    For most positions I agree with your take. With respect to the qb position I have no problem with drafting a round earlier. It would make no sense to draft Rudolph at the 12 spot but I don't see it being unreasonable to take him with the lower first round.
  3. Odds are that if you go to the roof to yell to the moon your wife will be right there with you in order to push you over the ledge. If you give her advance warning that will give her more time to research the contents of the life insurance policy. When the police arrive on the scene and ask her why she is smiling when her husband is splattered on the sidewalk her response would be because he woke up the baby and now I have better options.
  4. Is Rudolph their guy?

    If Rudolph were "their guy" they could get a stud defensive player at 12 and possibly still get him at 22. I don't believe that is what the Bills want to do but it might be a good fallback position if there is a run on qbs. I still believe, as I think you do, that the Bills will make a concerted effort to move up to get their preferred, or more preferred qb. If I had to guess I believe that the Giants and the Colts will be the teams we will do business with to move up the board. Denver might be another team in play in the mix for us to deal with.
  5. 2018 NCAA Tourney

    You Ohio people just can't ever give up your hate for anything Michigan. Your tribalism can not be extinguished.
  6. UFA LB Will Compton to Visit Bills

    You are right that you can't have both worlds so the priority will be to get the best qb. That's not to say that you can't use one of your remaining picks for a good LB prospect. You can fill in one of the gaps with a player like Compton who is not physically imposing but is very smart and analytical on the field. He is another player who fits the wrestling coach's mold of having good football instincts and reliable.
  7. Why wait? If you could solidify your position why not do it sooner before risking the chance that someone else would jump ahead on draft day with a better deal? What I would do is go to the Giants, the Colts and Denver and see who is willing to give the best deal. Then go ahead and make it. The issue becomes will the deal be more expensive prior to the draft or will the proposed deals become less expensive when the clock is running? I really don't know but would be more comfortable knowing what my situation is entering the draft day. The link is Jeremiah predicting the top five picks on draft day. He predicts Buffalo trading with the Colts and then selecting Allen. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000855910/article/2018-nfl-draft-order-and-needs-for-every-team
  8. The problem with the Allen jump is that the primary flaw ascribed to him regarding his accuracy is a killer flaw for his position. If accuracy is a noticeable flaw when he is playing in the college ranks then that flaw is certainly going to be magnified in the pro ranks where the speed in processing is exponentially faster and the windows are much smaller. Like Bortles he has an elite physical profile. There is a temptation to be seduced by the tape measure. That's the trap that Nix and Whaley fell into when they were attracted to EJ. That's my concern with Allen. I am very much open to any qb prospect. Without question he is an appealing and enticing prospect. However, for a team like Buffalo that has to make their qb pick count is he worth the risk? I'm leaning against it.
  9. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    Thanks for the info. You make me eager to join the ranks of the degenerate gamblers. Another question: Do the pros still break legs if you are delinquent in payments?
  10. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    What does plus on the moneyline mean?
  11. From what you stated the worst thing that could happen to him is to go to a team that feels the pressure to play him right away. If Roethlisberger can eek out a couple more years of being battered that would be a good place for him. If Cleveland took Barkley with their first pick he would be a reasonable selection with their next pick because Taylor can buy time for him to become acclimated to the pro game. What I find interesting about him is that there is a recent splurge of promotion by the media analysts. Are they being misdirected by the teams in order to mask their true intentions or is the elevation real? We'll see.
  12. You concisely described the concerns about him. Although I'm skeptical I'm also open-minded about him. I would be less adverse to taking him at a lower draft position.
  13. Bandit, Did you do a workup on Allen? It seems that there has been more recent buzz about him by many commentators/analysts. While before there were divergent views on him it seems that his ranking has been solidified in the top tier with Darnold, Rosen and Mayfield. My belief is that the Bills are targeting Rosen. I would be happy with that pick or any of the other top two with Allen still being a question mark. I'm interested in your insightful thoughts although I reserve the right to disagree with you.
  14. My theory is that Allen's favorable rating went up after the combine where many people predicted he was going to shine because of his classic physical attributes. He did well and he looked good. It shouldn't be surprising that In that setting he was going to stand out. The issue is can he do it in games where you have to process what is going on before executing a play. There is also the Wentz factor. He came out of the same program So there is going to be less skepticism about a player coming out of that program. Just maybe this is a qb class where legitimately there is a top tier group where all will eventually succeed. Assuming the Bills move up my money is still on the Bills selecting Rosen. However, if the Bills decide on another qb I'm receptive to the selection.