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  1. I appreciate your posts, not sure what you're referring to.
  2. I donated $25. Let's get to $20K! That'll be $1 for ever 20K votes they bought!
  3. Still a few out there worth a look. I'd take Darby back... love the fact he still hates the Pats!
  4. Lol... I'll say this, I'm a few months away from 50 and I still "know", "care", "perform very well", "remember every detail"!!
  5. This is exactly why Beane was all fired up and pissed from the anonymous claim that Buffalo was a low destination choice for FA's. They've been trying to correct that stigma all during their time here so far. They finally have the $$ to do so and some schmuck makes that garbage claim. And when the $$ is there, who wouldn't want to play for this fanbase? as for AB... he's either crazy greedy or a fool... though he has a stash of cash now, lol.
  6. Make sure we have plenty of "deers" wandering about.
  7. I coached against Tanner Farmer when he was in HS in Highland, IL. Big strong, smart kid. Limited a bit athletically and not "speedy", but is grounded and has a good work ethic. I expect him to be a FA signing.
  8. Not bad... not overly realistic, but not bad.
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