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  1. Mine too. Came here to see if anyone else felt the same.
  2. Just got woken up by the whole house shaking for ~5 seconds. Was wondering if anyone else felt it too. Time was around 6:15ish, North Buffalo.
  3. I like Oliver, but so far he hasn't shown that he deserves the big bucks. Maybe Beane can trade him for a day 2 pick or something. On a side note, I'm curious to see if Basham could transition to 3-tech and take over Oliver's role. He is too stiff to play the edge imo, but is still a freak athlete. I think he could put on a little weight, and do well there.
  4. I have a family member who is visually impaired, and he must sit two feet away from a 65 inch TV in order to watch the games. If this forces a split screen, it will completely ruin his chances of seeing anything. So freaking stupid.
  5. Allen then Mahomes. Now the real debate: Herbert, Lamar or Burrow.
  6. Didn't get tickets, but I got the laptop and TV set up so I can watch both. Enjoy the game if your going! Go Sabres!!
  7. Sabres fans can relate to what Seattle is going through. Really hope they get the win tonight.
  8. Kinda off topic, but for some reason I love the fact that Buffalo, Ny and Buffalo, Wy, are directly connected via the I-90.
  9. Michigan state's punter has been really impressive tonight. Bryce Baringer, #99. If the Bills decide Martin is too expensive to re-sign, then that's a guy to keep an eye on come draft season.
  10. https://www.niche.com/colleges/search/best-college-food/ SJFC is ranked #6 for college food and a lot of it is locally sourced. The cafeterias really do cook up good stuff. https://www.food-management.com/colleges-universities/st-john-fisher-college-dining-keeps-award-winning-work
  11. I hope the Bills try it out. This is like the football equivalent of playing Tage at center. Worked well for Sabres, maybe it will work well for the Bills!
  12. Something pretty interesting about Benford is that he's a couple weeks younger than both Ahmad Gardner and Trent McDuffie. However, he played 4 season of college ball to their 3. In other words, while those guys were seniors in highschool, Benford was playing college football as a true freshman. He had 4 interceptions that year, while being one of the youngest players in the country. He's still only 21. There is a lot of potential to work with. Let's see how the Bills continue to develop him.
  13. I want Bo Melton more than anyone. Elite speed, very high character guy. He managed to produce in the big10 even with Noah Vedral at quarterback (a guy who threw the same number of TD's as INT's this season). Ran a 4.34 but also has top end speed. Here's an interview with his family and his highlights
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