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  1. Dude ran like a beast, especially after that questionable benching. The days are dark, but something we can build on
  2. It's a package deal. McDermott got Beane's job and he whiffs on most draft picks, most recent being Elam. Got to blow it up
  3. Cincy fans are pissed. They know this is their window. Higgins will be gone after this year
  4. If so, please merge. Rodgers was out of the game, Wilson no threat, and they seemed to run effectively. Why?
  5. Well said. Living down here in Cincy hearing whodey all the week has my anxiety sky high, but hearing takes like this as well as others in this thread helps. General take is the offense is due to bounce back after our showing against the Fins, but what do I know. Bottom line, this season has been a gauntlet. We've weathered everything and deserve to continue on this storybook journey. Go Bills!
  6. 52-3 against the Raiders was the last beat down I can remember that matches the beaut we saw tonight
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