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  1. Who do you think should get credit for it? Roster is weak but they're winning. They are getting help from a terrible schedule though. Kind of embarassing for the AFC that they might make the playoffs, lol.
  2. Oh, I didn't know we were discussing 2 week MVP, lol. My bad. In that case, I'd go with Derrick henry.
  3. As we've seen the last 2 weeks, Pittsburgh isn't very good. Their record is fraudulant.
  4. yeesh, thought we were gonna get flagged for high and low on Mullens there. lucky the refs missed it
  5. No chance. You can't schedule games like that. It's one of the most violent sports, can;t be playing more than once a week consistently. Quality of product would drop DRASTICALLY.
  6. This gotta be a troll. lol 9ers lost to the DOLPHINS! LMAO!
  7. The Dolphins aren't good at all. They just got some lucky plays.
  8. That;s ridiculous. 9ers are trash. They lost to the Dolphins, lol. plus, they got their home field advantage taken away so there's another 3 ponts. Crazy! We better smoke this team by 10+ or it's pretty sad.
  9. God no. Why are so many Bills fans obsessed with this bum?
  10. They were in the Super Bowl. It's on MNF becuase of the 9ers, not us lol.
  11. That's stupid. I don't want any excuses. Let's win straight up.
  12. Why would the 49ers do that if they can get a neutral site? LMAO
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