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  1. Which "American" president negotiated the release of 5000 Taliban prisoners?
  2. Don’t worry doc - Jews will not replace you. Trumps own FBI director: Fact Check: Did Christopher Wray Say White Supremacy is Biggest Domestic Terror Threat? The Ruling: True.
  3. Figure out how to read graphs yet Jimmmmmmmmmmmmmy? lmao Go back to your safe place
  4. Did you even read the article? They reviewed cases from April to August 2020. That data doesn’t reflect the current situation with the delta variant. What’s your point to posting this?
  5. It’s ok JIMMY - it’s clear you don’t know how to read graphs
  6. You are the one that was trying to prove a point and failed miserably. Check AND mate lmao
  7. Also Marty Makary, "We'll have herd immunity by April."
  8. You said 3% doesn't make a difference - I suggest it will. Keep whining, precious.
  9. You haven't provided any detail to backup your opinion. Keep whining precious.
  10. 3% or 648,000 additional Floridians vaccinated could save a lot of lives.
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