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  1. I hope no ex-players or fans have any pride in that. Losers lose etc.
  2. Hmm, not sure I have a problem with the question. They've gone through the "process" to get Allen and build the team they want, and they are no better off...
  3. Beane has to stop trading up for below average players.
  4. It does sound like they are not on the same page. Maybe they disagree on how to develop Allen.
  5. I get the feeling the offensive coaches are babysitting Allen a bit too much.
  6. Poyer is not built to be a run stopper. The D-Line is failing this team, the Oliver pick is not working.
  7. QB's are generally the one's making OC's look like dog****.
  8. This I agree with. Allen is the starter until Pegula fires McDermott.
  9. I see 8 wins max, not sure how anyone can be concerned about #10...
  10. His pressers are about as useless as his game day decision making.
  11. He's 42 years old... Allen is supposedly in his prime athletically.
  12. I read that and almost fell out of my chair. Allen is not headed for greatness, far from it.
  13. If they can catch the ball maybe we can use them as TE's also?
  14. I think it starts this week with a loss to the Dolphins tbh...
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