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  1. Hahahahahaha.........won't be long until Xiden hands over the keys to the whitehouse to china. I hope you like rice! Hahahahahahahaha
  2. The tree of liberty must be fed with the blood of patriots and traitors. The traitors are the democrats.
  3. Hahahahahahaha..........you lie as well as Xiden and knee pads harris. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
  4. Anybody catch her story she plagiarized from MLK? OMG, she lies so much! Falls out of her stroller during a civil rights March and says, I just want fweedom. What a pathetic POS she is. What a pair those two are. How soon until china steps in and take control from those buffoons?
  5. Can't wait for you to grace us with your presence once again.
  6. Lol, you go with that. That's all your side has. The left has been lieing to you for four years. But now they're telling the truth. Lol, sure they are. Spoken like a true coward. Lol
  7. That's called projecting, something the left has been doing the past four years.
  8. We'll see soon enough. You have no clue what evidence they have or not have.
  9. Why are you against making sure there was no fraud committed? You were gung ho over the fake Russian collusion, but now, all of a sudden the election was legit? There are thousands of poll workers who were sworn under oath, videos of counting ballots after they supposedly stopped counting. This whole election has been crooked as hell. But hey, screw the country as long as your side wins.
  10. No they have not been consistent. Look it up if you're really interested in finding out. It's not hard to find. Way too many sketchy ***** happened after the swing states supposedly stopped counting. The left fell for the Russian collusion with no evidence at all, but ignore the fraud that's been going on since the election.
  11. Cuomo killed more senior citizens by sticking covid patients in nursing homes with non sick seniors. Next thing you know, they start dropping like flies. Over 20 thousand plus seniors died from his careless behavior. That's more than all the other governor's combined. That's something the left is probably proud of.
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