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  1. I’m talking about the last few years before the pullout. How many soldiers died the last two years? We had this country under control with just a couple thousand troops, until slow joe fubared the exit.
  2. How can anyone disagree with this? It’s basic common sense. Who was under fire before the troops were pulled out?
  3. I don’t have a better solution, sticking kids with huge student loans isn’t the answer. There’s not much difference between government grants you don’t have to pay back and free college for the first two years. Of course it has to be merit based. Along with two years free college, I believe trade schools need to be freely available as well. Not every kid wants to go to college.
  4. If it actually works, I would be on board with it. This is America, every child should have every tool available to them to help make them positive contributors to our society.
  5. I agree, the Democrat in me likes this idea. College needs to be more attainable for kids from poor families.
  6. No, they don’t allow trolls who contribute nothing to the community.
  7. You either have a short memory or selective memory.
  8. Creepy joe earned $17 million in speaking fees and a book deal but only claimed $800,000 using “S corporations” to avoid paying taxes. Tax the rich, make them pay there fair share the liar in chief says.
  9. How’s that Russian collusion hoax going? Have you made up any new lies lately?
  10. Awwww…..poor little Johnny isn’t allowed over in the adults group. 😢😢😢😢😢
  11. Don’t you know? After all of us insurrectionists are rounded up and delt with, these marxists on here are going to be rewarded by the elites!! It’s so close they can taste it!!
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