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  1. Apologies. Only made it because of the other news that came out that the Bills gave out that number and because I found it so unlikely that the Jets would trade him in the division.
  2. I wouldn't agree that it makes no sense. They gave Macgagnan five drafts. He has done a crappy job, outside of his high first round picks. That's a plenty big sample-size. Arguably, it was a long-time coming. Not on ly did he get virtually nothing after the first round but there were total head-scratchers that virtually everyone else seemed to know were bad (like Hackenberg) but him. So then why didn't they fire him when they fired Bowles? I think Chris Johnson though it would be too overwhelming to do a search for the Coach and the GM at the same time with free agent season coming so soon. And time is of the essence in getting the top guys signed. And it is very tough for a new GM to do a draft on two or three months notice. They don't have their scouts in place. They don't know the entrenched scouts well enough to know if they can trust them. I can kinda see why he did it this way. But he is taking a PR beating.
  3. Agree that he could be much better if used correctly. I think the Jets will keep him this year and if he plays well, they will try to sign him.
  4. I don't agree that Gase ruined Tannehill. He had his best year and a half under Gase and even made the playoffs in his first year but Tannehill kept getting hurt.
  5. No. He's a solid run-stuffer. A valuable contributor but not the stud we Jets fans had hoped. But maybe playing with Quinnen will free him up a bit.
  6. We'll see how it plays out. If the Jets can hire a good personnel guy and draft some supporting players (OL) for Sam, I think he will excel. I see the similarities with Romo. I'm just hoping that he can be Romo without all the fourth quarter interceptions. He finished games strong in college, for the most part and he wants to be great. Like you said, Allen has the best tools of the bunch. I don't claim to be an expert but I think he will need to improve on his accuracy to reach his very high ceiling and that can be harder than it sounds. It will be fun to watch Josh and Sam play each other twice a year. Agree about Rosen. He can spin the ball but does not seem to be a hard worker or a leader. Also, can't move all that well and has already had a couple of concussions. His family has dough so one or two more and he may decide it's not worth it.
  7. Bruce, not Bryce, Harper was an undrafted scat back who had a nice career for the Jets in the 70s. One of my favorites as a kid.
  8. He has a point but after you give a guy four years of drafts and he does a bad job, don't you have to move on? His only good picks were his high first round picks. Missed on all his second rounders (including the incomprehensible Hackenberg pick) and pretty much all the others that he made as well. How many mulligans should he get?
  9. Gase made the playoffs with Tannehill as his QB. HE has a terrific record in close games. I expect him to be pretty decent. But we will see. Oh, and good job, typo police.
  10. The Jets problem has been that the Coach and the GM each report to the Owner. Because of this there is a vast potential for back-biting. They need to have the coach report to the GM. I think Gates is a pretty good coach but has done nothing to merit being a GM.
  11. The Jets just fired Maccagnan, even as I was posting the above. Would start a thread but I don't have the privileges.
  12. Yes, but his strength is in his versatility. I expect them to move him around.
  13. Agree on the Bills' grade. They have had a great offseason.
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