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  1. From a Jets' fan's perspective, he made great progress. Don't know how to put a number on it, however.
  2. By the way, this "home town discount" thing is a fiction and a huge pet peeve of mine. He is being paid millions off the books (through his TB12 company) for years now. The NFL knows this but does nothing about it because of the PR drubbing they took when they took on the golden boy on Deflategate. I would be shocked if he is not getting what all the top guys are making, only this structure is allowing the Pats to cheat the salary cap.
  3. I will defer to your familiarity but what I see (as someone who only sees him a couple of times a year) is a guy who led his team to the playoffs, who completed nearly 60% of his passes and had a 2 to 1 TD to INT ratio, improving significantly over his rookie year. Based on that, I'm inclined to think the coaching staff did a pretty good job with him. But you guys see him every week so I will shut my trap.
  4. I like to think the Jets are ascending with a new GM, a strong young core on the D line and a QB who has flashed. A new OL would do them wonders. But hard to have confidence in Gase.
  5. I thought he made a lot of progress this year. As a Jets fan, I think the Bills have top-notch coaching. He is who he is. You are going to have to live with his weaknesses, along with his strengths.
  6. I never thought I would say this but I'm sorta hoping Brady sticks around with the Pats. I believe that he will decline even further next year and the more time they invest in him the better.
  7. I think this may work out like the end for Peyton. He was still pretty good until he fell off a cliff. Brady wasn't that bad but there simply is no precedent for a guy continuing to play at the highest level at 43, which is how old he will be when the season starts. If I were the Chargers I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole.
  8. I think he's misplayed his hand. This isn't five years ago. He is on the way down. He was mediocre with the Pats this year and he likely will be worse adjusting to a new system. I think he either will retire or will take what the Patriots offer him. Who else would sign him for what he's looking for? They're certainly not going to pay him 30 mil a year. Anyone else remember Namath playing for the Rams at the end? Would set your franchise back a year or two.
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