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  1. In his defense, Belicheat is kryptonite to young QBs. I expect to see better soon.
  2. I'm hoping this is the beginning of the end. Remember how Peyton had a ridiculously great season for Denver and then just fell off a cliff? I'm hoping that is beginning to happen here (the cliff part).
  3. Full disclosure: I'm a Jets fan (although I live in New England). I'm just not sure you can really outgrow the combination of inaccuracy and poor decision making. Yes, he is spectacular in spurts but his performance has been fairly consistent in HS, JC, College and his rookie year. He completes barely more than half of his passes and turns the ball over a lot. But then he will impress the hell out of you with a sixty yard bomb or fifty yard scramble. But I'm not sure he's going to get a whole lot more consistent. I was listening to part of the game on the radio yesterday and Patriots homer color guy Scott Zolak (who is a total D-bag) was absolutely merciless, laughing over the play by play guy at Allen's poor decisions, saying he doesn't know how to check down, "this guy doesn't have it," and saying the Bills should draft their next QB "right now." Not saying I agree with him but he was ruthless. (His guy wasn't much better yesterday, FWIW.) I'd like to see Allen succeed (although not too much against the Jets) because he seems like a good kid and it could make for a fun AFC east rivalry over the next ten years but I'm not betting on it. His poor traits might not be fixable. But the Bills have an awesome defense and I wouldn't be surprised if they make the playoffs with him this year.
  4. Allen did not look good at all yesterday. I don't think you can count on him turning it on against a very good D, although he would have been better than Barkley.
  5. They will say something like we are going to let the justice system play out and let him settle the case. Then act like that proves something. But they are pissed off on the timing as it makes them look bad. Again.
  6. And the Jets added a solid slot-guy, two ex-pro-bowlers to their offensive line and one of the most productive running backs in the history of the game. No guarantee that they are going to be any good but it's not a crazy position to take.
  7. It doesn't really work that way but I like this analysis nonetheless.
  8. We can agree to disagree. There is not much of a history of failure with this guy. If he has 80% of the production he had in Pittsburgh he will help their offense tremendously.
  9. It will be a fun game. I'm going to play devil's advocate and propose that Bell is going to be a HUGE factor. Sure Pittsburgh's OL was better but the Jets have two good new starters and will be improved. And let's not forget that Bell is not just some guy. Among players with 40 or more starts, he has the highest yards from scrimmage IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME at 128.5. That's higher than Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson. Or anyone else for that matter. The guy is a game changer. He is still in his prime and has not lost a step. Even with a weaker OL he will make a big difference in this game.
  10. Jets safeties and LBs are strong. Calling Adams, Maye and Mosely putrid is not based in fact. Yes, the cornerbacks stink. OL is not strong, but much improved over last year. 18 months off for Bell is a plus, as far as I'm concerned. And he has KILLED the Bills in the past. Most importantly, Jets have the better QB. And I expect that they will get a new coach "bounce."
  11. 34-10, Jets. Disclaimer: I am a homer Jets fan.
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