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  1. Middle of the pack, which is way better than what the Jets had.
  2. Not sure how improving themselves at a major position of need constitutes disfunction. PFF had him 17th in the league last year at his position. Harrison at 31. His experience should be very helpful to the young QB. Jets are under new management. May be time to retire the disfunction narrative. Long was horrible last year. But yes, I’m sure the finger had something to do with it.
  3. He's going to be very good, if not great. I would be shocked if he is not. And while he probably didn't have the highest score on the wonderlic of this year's class, he is consistently praised for his football IQ and is extremely passionate about the game, which is much more imprtant for a DT than a high IQ. (By the way, I think "literal" doesn't mean what you think it means.) And then your alarm clock will go off. They are both going to be very good players.
  4. I wouldn't hold your breath about an improved completion percentage. I think the guy has a lot to offer but he is probably about a 55% guy. Guys who have been in this range over a number of years don't generally go up that much.
  5. He traded for Osemele and that's all. And that's why Mac got fired. Which he richly deserved.
  6. Based on what I've seen so far I think Darnold is going to be better than Allen, and for that reason I'm voting for the Jets. But I'm a Jets fan so take it with a grain of salt.😉
  7. We shall see. Strong up the middle. Bad DBs but very good safeties. OL iffy at best but Osemele should make it better. They had a lot of cap room. Mac was trying to save his job so I guess he thought he had to use it somewhere.
  8. I'm thinking that Douglas will be a stabilizing figure if the Johnsons can stay out of the way.
  9. Yes. User name is a clue, unless you're too young to remember him.
  10. Their OL stinks but Bell's pass-catching and Darnold's mobility should mitigate that somewhat. They are strong up the middle defensively. Much like the Bills, it all depends on whether their QB takes a leap forward.
  11. Maybe I'm nuts but I think the Jets are going to be pretty good this season.
  12. He's not exactly on the trading block. It's just offset language. They will work it out. Probably before Thursday.
  13. Didn't know that. I'm disappointed they haven't gotten it done. With the slotted contracts, this should be pretty much perfunctory.
  14. Pretty sure I heard something rip as he let it loose.
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