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  1. I did not realize how much coverage of panchobilla there was in buffalo. I only caught stuff on bills.com and YouTube. I said i was confused about the over hype comment. I am getting more information from posters here, which is nice.
  2. Clearly one could be distraught with the bills' marketing team taking advantage of fans that are suffering an illness or disease. Bringing them in to meet some players, speak to the team. Then the audacity of posting videos of their time with the bills, and how dare they follow up if players feel a tighter connection w certain indivduals...there I said it.
  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yours and the 15 or more thumbs up confuse me. "Way" too much hype? Over the top? Aren't most bills fans over the top? I want to just flame away on this comment, but genuinely don't really understand where it comes from unless it's not the "hype" you mention.
  4. "...we're moving on to Cincinnati..." After a w this week. Surprisingly, I am more concerned about the home opener. That is the type of game the past bills tended to lose. Tbh, I am already sold on this season. A loss tomorrow or week 3 doesn't impact my buy in but for the first time in a long time I expect the bills to outperform both week 2 and 3 opponents.
  5. I recall a couple plays before the int he had a reciever running what looked like a wheel route -doesn't really matter- and it looked like he had plenty of space in front of him along the right sideline close to end zone. Throw made and hits the defenders back...not having your 3rd season qb throw passes in preseason is strange to me. Drew brews, Rodgers, tb12, sure sit them. ?Trubisky? why? Was he injured at all? I would be very disappointed with that performance if it were the bills knowing the qb had zero throws in preseason and it showed (barring an injury holding him back)
  6. I would very much enjoy watching the types of t.d. catches Williams made the past two games in regular season games. Someone earlier brought up: "when was the last time you remember seeing a catch like that from a bills w.r.?"
  7. Haha! Long time reader just getting into posting. I thought it was a required field to fill in. Then I realized it was not necessary. Also still getting used to typing on phone.
  8. Not saying jacoby is the answer. But weren't there reports of teams trying to trade for him last year or more recently and colts essentially stonewalling? Perhaps a former q.b. and o.c. may recognize traits in a q.b. that the NFL fan can not. Again, this intended to support my argument that they are a solid organization, not the jacoby can lead them to the promise land. To your point, maybe Kelly is the answer...and if so, who gets credit?
  9. Okay, I get it. They may not be good at all this year. Moving forward it seems from a non colts fan, and nfl novice observer (me) that the colts organization is structured better then a lot of other teams. Do the texans even have a g.m.? Moving forward they are equipped to bounce back. Will they? Time will tell and I will enjoy seeing what happens. I still think they can give afc south teams problems this year which seems to be the o.p. topic afc south this year. Do I think they win the division? No.
  10. Could be. I am of the opinion that their organization from g.m. down is more capable of handling that task than any of the bills front office since polian, until now (fingers crossed) Again, just an opinion.
  11. Point taken on past bills teams and records. Guess the point I am trying to make is the colts are still a strong franchise with upside moving forward.
  12. Yes. Not sure what is so outlandish. Competitive, tough out. Why not? I think that describes some bills teams over the past 20 years. Just saying it's not the end of the world, the have talent, young talent, and a g.m. that seems to know what he is doing.
  13. Imho I think the colts have a lot of talent. Very strong d, Jacoby can handle a full season and stay competitive. With luck the were s.b. candidates without the are still a very tough out every week. Reich can lead them to a winning record. Sucks for their fans though.
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