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  1. Not obscure but if I had to pick Langston Walker or beloved quarterback Trent Edwards
  2. I don’t know. I’ve never watched a commercial for a car dealership, and walked away saying, “What an amazing commercial!”
  3. Shaq’s best play was triggering the hell out of Leonard Fournette
  4. Jeez guys. He didn’t have to donate jack ***** yet he did. $50,000 dollars worth which is a large amount for the average fan. Gronk personally isn’t a big spender who will be broke in 3 years after his career like most players. Cut the guy some slack and stop being nitpicking, whiny cry babies. $50,000 is $50,000 and it’s going towards a good cause.
  5. I’ve always thought how crazy it is that Gregg is still able to have a job in this league especially after CTE became the hot topic of the NFL. He once said on tape, “Kill the head and the body will die.” For how petty the NFL can be with disciplinary actions, it’s amazing how this guy still gets to coach.
  6. The biggest concern is his hands and his history of dropping passes IMO
  7. Can’t wait to watch Gruden and Mayock fail miserably
  8. I’m fully expecting Da’Rick Rogers to take Marcus Easley’s roster spot
  9. 7. JP’s Mansion 8. JP’s drum set 9. Dareus’ Jag 10. Bryant Johnson’s power tie (as per Chris Brown) 11. Wannstedt’s neck brace 12. TO’s key to the city
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