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  1. This really isn’t about Kroft. Like I said, it was already a weak position with him healthy. It’s now an even weaker position and simply assuming that we’ll be fine is off-season wishful thinking. We’ve got unproven draft picks and a blocker. Can they easily be better?
  2. Nothing wrong other than one that isn’t good, one who is primarily a blocker, and two unproven rookies. One of which who has never caught a TD. I’d say the weakest position on the entire team just got even weaker.
  3. LOL there’s no way andro had that kind of recovery benefit. It was a precursor of testosterone and therefore weaker than any performance-enhancing steroid. Sure it would still help in muscle recovery over anything else you could find at the nutrition shop at that time, but to say that you were literally tearing a muscle and would be better in a day is completely false. If that was true, nobody would get injured since the majority of these guys take legit anabolics with very short detection windows. McGuire also wasn’t just taking andro. He used a legal supplement to cover up other steroid use.
  4. I think we’re now entering the area of enough dedications. Just my opinion
  5. I’d personally love to hear the guy’s opinion of tight ends and gap penetration techniques.
  6. I believe so. He gets open and can catch the ball well. I also think Gore’s running style can make a big difference in sustaining drives as well. I felt like we had so many drive killers last season whether it was a drop or Shady going down after first contact in the backfield.
  7. I’ll speak for everyone here. We want to see the liver-spotted video
  8. A man who I tirelessly debated about how much he sucked to the BBMB youtube scouts before we even drafted him. RIP EJ
  9. That’s just a screenshot from Tecmo Bowl down, set, hut hut hut hut hut hut hut....
  10. He’d have the best hands on offense for sure. Guy catches everything
  11. I didn’t catch most of his games last year, but Gore’s still got it
  12. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-2019-free-agency-profile-john-brown “The five-year veteran has also struggled with drops, producing the seventh-worst drop rate among wideouts and dropping seven of his 49 catchable targets this season.” I initially liked the signing, but his hands still worry me.
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