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  1. I didn’t say anything that was inaccurate. I used facts. I suggest you use them to remove your blinders.
  2. I did. It contained the same, old recycled garbage. Drew Brees needs to watch every word he says because we’re living in a world where martyrs have criminal rap sheets and multiple drugs in their system I really hope you’re not a comedian.
  3. Did you really just tell another man what to say and how to act? What country is this?
  4. Shame on Drew Brees for expressing his opinion on what the flag personally means to him. He should be crucified for his actions for not having the same opinion as a cookie-cutter progressive! Shame on him! Oh, brother....
  5. The only thing I find ironic regarding Kaep is his inability to comprehend the actual numbers versus his claims that “bodies are in the streets”. Exaggerating and sensationalizing racism is racist behavior.
  6. Worked for Josh. Read Richie Incognito’s old texts. He still plays in the league just fine.
  7. How would I know? Do you personally know them? Just do what Josh did. Apologize and move forward.
  8. What Josh Allen said was worse. Lolz at “cut him”.
  9. The guy sounds like a total prude...
  10. He’s make a great candidate for GM if the proposed rule goes down. 10 counts of stolen draft picks in the 3rd round.
  11. He’s just salty that Shanghai Disney opened back up and he’s still too short to ride the kiddie coasters
  12. What makes you think they aren’t a couple of power bottoms?
  13. Is he still eating for 3?
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