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  1. I just saw an interesting stat after looking at Lee Smith’s stats at pro-football-reference.com. He appears to have 9 penalties on the season and a snap count of 36% where a rookie in Dawson Knox has almost double the snaps at 61% and a third of the penalties at 3 on the season. We all love the presence of a vet for the young guys, but when a rookie is showing a lot more discipline (and production), I don’t expect to see you play much for the rest of the season.
  2. He really takes it out on his helmet like it was the reason for the false start or a handful of jersey. He really beats on it unmercifully. RIP Lee Smith’s helmet
  3. It looks like it’s going forward to me
  4. Jerry could get a clear shot at the QB and still whiff 9 out of 10 times. He’s only above average when he has a pro bowler on the other end.
  5. Tre White Cody Ford White Ford White Ford Bronco
  6. I’d care more if it was James Earl Jones because I at least know who he is.
  7. I loved his Rick Rude inspired celebrations, but he’s a lying dirtbag so no.
  8. I've paid my dues and now it's Shooter's turn. And Shooter's not about his reign at the top be spoiled by some FREAK side show clown
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