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  1. Nothing crazy for your regular defensive starter, but there have been situation where the guy displays anything but super mild mannered behavior.
  2. Brutal self-ownage here. Look up Garrett’s injuries to other players and penalty history.
  3. Where’s the evidence other than one overly aggressive man’s word? There are sound devices everywhere that would’ve picked up whatever was said.
  4. I’m surprised NFL teams aren’t knocking on Bledsoe’s door while on their knees with salivating mouths, ready to service the future HOF GM!
  5. Ko Simpson’s probably isn’t on there because he’s still worth millions
  6. He’s in the NFL’s top 100 color commentators because there’s only about 10 of them
  7. Excellent list. I personally hate any of the Peloton commercials. The one with the wife looking scared and nervous the entire time is so damn cheesy.
  8. I can’t believe they called Hughes on that late hit and Josh gets speared on a slide and no call in sight
  9. As usual on said screen play, so why run it against a top NFL defense? That’s poor play calling
  10. The worst offense at screen plays calls a screen play. Makes sense....
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