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  1. 12 minutes ago, zow2 said:

    So when is the last time a road opponent played twice in the same stadium (in same season), that is NOT a full time shared stadium.  

    Somehow the ESPN FPI index has the Bills with a 40% chance to beat SF and the same 40% chance to beat Pittsburgh.  Seems odd.  I would think Buffalo would be 55% or so to beat SF...

    Bills played week one and week two at Metlife stadium last year as well.


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  2. 1 hour ago, BillsFan130 said:

    I understand to a certain degree.


    But you can’t just sit back all game like he did against the chiefs.


    If that’s the game plan again, defence will be on the field for 40 minutes tomorrow.

    No I’m not saying act reckless.

    But there were No 3rd and short run blitzes, no pressure, no switching things up. 

    Just rushed 4 in a vanilla zone defence all game no matter the down and distance. 

    If he has that game plan again, Bills defence will once again be on the field for 40 minutes and will give up 200 yards rushing even with Seattle’s 3rd string RB.

    Possibly. But Seattle’s defense is arguably worse than ours. Look at them statistically agains far worse teams. 

    KC was a different opponent and as such required a different game plan. I honestly don’t think we have the horses on our defense to hold Seattle down. I think it’s going to come down to turnover/extra possessions. We need to have a clean game on offense, special teams, and probably need to force a turnover somewhere. Most likely we will need the ball at the end to squeak it out. But I like our chances in this game as much as I did against the Rams. 

  3. 1 hour ago, BillsFan130 said:

    One comment that really annoyed me from MCD as I heard this a few days ago... After the chiefs game his response to a question about the game was something like: “We were trying to keep it within striking distance”. 

    Translation to me: “We were playing not to get blown out”, essentially.


    And it was quite evident in that game as the Bills were playing “bend but don’t break” on defence the whole game.


    I personally hate that mentality and I hope the bills don’t have that same philosophy this week.


    I fully understand you can’t be reckless and blitz Wilson a ton as he’s going to burn you More than not.


    But be more aggressive and have the mindset of “dominate “ opposed to, “hoping to keep it close late in the game and have a chance”.

    It didn’t bother me at all. Do you remember who we fielded on defense in this game?  Also Tre White had his back issues ongoing. I don’t claim to coach at his level but a smart coach knows his personnel and will strategize with his talent. What was he supposed to do?  Match up Cam Lewis in man coverage with Tyreek Hill?  We have to be realistic. Right now we don’t have the horses on defense. With clear weather this Sunday I imagine the offense will have the pedal to the floor. MCD will be going for it on 4th and short. Less field goal attempts. It will be an aggressive offensive game plan (my opinion). 

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  4. 59 minutes ago, BillsFan692 said:

    He will be bad. I dont respect the guy opting out really personally I hope they ship him out but that could just be bitterness talking.


    And until just now I had never considered the possibility that star wasnt happy with a restructured deal and incognitod his way to an opt out. But im gonna dunkirk don this $#@! right now and say thats what happened! Lol

    The dude has a preexisting heart condition. What do you expect?  At the time Covid was very polarizing and not enough was known about it. I’m hardly upset at the man for choosing to opt out. I hope he and his family are safe. 

  5. Just curious why this sample of all 22 didn't include the play where he split the double team and made a tackle for a loss in the background?  That was an impressive play.


    I think he's coming along just fine.  I will wait to be more critical until he puts in a full season.  For a late 2nd round pick I think he is doing okay.  If he were a high first I would have higher expectations though.

  6. 1 hour ago, Pokebball said:

    Yeah, I wasn't defending our offense.  I'm struggling with the posters that are defending our defense.

    All I was stating is that even as bad as we were playing the defense still had missed opportunities to change this game in our favor. I believe the same with the offense. Some things don’t show up on the stat sheet like the PI calls. Those were positive plays. its never as bad as immediately after the game. I always like to watch the game a second time through after I cool off. 

    I do think we should have gone for 2 points after the Beasley TD because KC scoring again was inevitable. Meh onto Jets for a convincing win. 

  7. 1 hour ago, No_Matter_What said:


    Why? I'd say it was direct opposite.


    Pats lost that's great and was probably most important game from PO perspective. But other than that everything went bad. There were 3 games in which we clearly wanted other team to win:


    Colts won vs Bengals and were pretty close to loss.

    Ravens won vs Eagles and Eagles surprisingly had a chance at the end.

    Titans won vs Texans and were pretty close to loss.


    Steelers / Browns was hard to say what we want. From PO perspective we wanted probably Steelers to win, from seeding perspective Browns.


    And in Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes Jets lost, and Giants and Falcons won. Not that I care but its clear that we prefer him to go to NFC, and not to our division.

    Pats lost


    Steelrrs/Browns is a toss up. One is going to win the division. My guess it’s the Steelers and we have a head to head with them. 

    I can’t remember the other games but I thought all in all it went okay for us. I could be wrong though. 

  8. This defense needs a high end D-lineman. We need to trade picks to get higher. Also corners, corners, and corners. 

    I do think we need LB depth. But I don’t think that should be higher than DE and Corner. 

    Edmunds has never been a great run defender. He’s just tall which helps take away some of the easier throws for QB’s. I don’t expect him to dramatically change between this year and next. He seems to fi the wrong hole on a regular basis. I am not sure he has the Instincts for that. But he does have an impressive wing span to bat down passes. 

  9. Well I guess what I take from this weekend is don’t over react. 

    GB is getting whooped. Titans almost lost to Houston until Houston blew it. 

    Browns look bad. Steelers looked dominant. 

    it’s a week to week league. I think we have just as good of a chance against KC as any other team. 

  10. I wish we had drafted AJ Brown. He’s a beast. 

    that being said, is it just me or does he get away with push offs?  He makes it look so subtle that the refs aren’t flagging them. But he extends his arm every time it seems like. Good for him for not getting called but I can see some of those going against him somewhere down the line. 

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