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  1. 1 minute ago, Kwai San said:


    AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!  I will def try this!  Sadly only at home for now.....as there is no In-N-Out near me 😔

    It is probably best that it is far.  Otherwise I would crush it every day and my cholesterol would get out of hand.



    1 minute ago, Buffalo619 said:

    In and out is disgusting. I doubt Allen eats that garbage. 

    I can guarantee Josh Allen eats In-N-Out.  Everyone in California eats it.  Fresno area fold especially.  If you didn't enjoy it your first go around I highly recommend you give it another shot.  It grows on you like a tumor.


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  2. 1 hour ago, Kwai San said:

     WTAF is Fried Mustard???????  I know of Fried Chicken with mustard on them but Fried Mustard???  Ain't never heard of such a thing.....can I buy it?  I'm damned curious!!

    They fry the mustard onto the bun.  It is unreal bro.  I swear the hidden menu at In-N-Out is great.  If you go fried mustard I suggest not getting the spread though.  So you can enjoy the taste of the fired mustard.  Also the spread is like 150 calories too.  Delicious in it's own right as well.


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  3. 20 minutes ago, Returntoglory said:

    IMHO, I have been to LA and Cali many times over the years in a previous life and In N Out burgers are amazing!  But in a pinch if In N Out are unobtainable, I'd go 
    with Shake Shack! Lived in Manhattan for 8 years and their burgers and food are excellent!


    The big pull for me with shake shack was the mushroom and bacon option on the burgers. 

    That being said straight burger for burger In-N-Out hands down for me. No spread, whole grilled onions, fried mustard, and chopped chilies. Just let the flavor soak in. I used to despise their fries but now I can’t stop eating those either. They must use cocaine or something. 

    Good lord I know what I’m eating for my next meal. Food porn!

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  4. I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t appreciate In-N-Out. I realize it’s a simple recipe but the burger is delicious. In my opinion the best out there. I had someone rave to me about Shake Shack and I tried that. To me it was just meh. But I understand everyone has a different pallet. 

    My fallback plan if I ever become homeless is to just hang out near an In-N-Out and eat the grilled cheese and onions off of discarded food trays. 

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  5. 39 minutes ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

    Could the early success of McKenzie and Kumerow, lead to the unlikely 7 receivers, spelling an end to possibly Breida? 

    ive seen him playing some STs, but wonder how else they get to 7 (if they wanted to roster the aforementioned and maybe Hodgins/Stevenson)

    I think it would lead to an end for Taiwan Jones as Kumerow can play gunner.


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  6. 18 minutes ago, Bill Lewes said:

    the govt. isn't in the beer and donuts businesses
    saying the vaccine isn't FDA approved isn't accurate


    The vaccine is not FDA approved. That’s a fact. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dangerous. Just means it hasn’t done through all the required testing to meet FDA requirements. Some of those are probably based on time which this vaccine has yet to run the course. I’m sure it will be FDA approved eventually. Not that the FDA is a perfect measuring system in safety but at least it’s a standard to go off of. 

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  7. Someone else misspoke by saying the majority of Americans are vaccinated. Maybe the majority of players are. But Americans aren’t getting vaccinated. That’s why the government is bribing us to get vaccinated to get to the threshold they think is safe. They are offering free beer, donuts, and in California are even doing a cash lottery.   

    the reality is the dynamic is changing rapidly now. The next couple months I think will change as well. There’s a pot of people who don’t want to be told what to do. Unfortunately there’s no way to have this conversation without it getting political. I do believe there’s a lot of players that lean to not being vaccinated. I mean these guys are regulated on what hey are allowed to consume as a multi vitamin. Now they’re being told they need to take a vaccine which still hasn’t been FDA approved. So I can see there position. 

    it’s just unprecedented what has occurred and what will be the outcome of how we as a world reacted. It will be interesting to see how things go though. I mean lots of states are opening up completely now. So I wonder how the dynamic come season beginning changes if at all. This whole thing may be moot come September. Not saying it will but the last year he moved along slow and these last couple months have swung significantly in a different direction. So at least I remain hopeful that the politics are gone and this continues to progress positively. 

    they won’t cut Cole until they absolutely have to. Cap hit will probably play into it as well. 

  8. Just chiming in here.  I know there has been some debate in NFL circles about Tebow getting a shot before Kapernick.  I am not here to stoke that fire.  Just putting in some thoughts.  I recall hearing Kapernick having a demanding price to play.  Which probably means he feels he is worth more than a team was offering him.  Maybe that part isn't true.  I am not sure.  


    Tebow signed for minimum.  Which means he is trying out and no guarantee to make the team.   https://www.nfl.com/news/jaguars-signed-te-tim-tebow-for-one-year-minimum-920k-deal


    I can honestly see Tebow running down the filed to cover kicks.  Maybe he lucks out and gets some Taysom Hill type reps.  But it looks like it is a genuine try to make the team as a TE.  Will be interesting.  He is an athlete and I could see him pulling it off at a 3rd TE/practice squad player.  


    I can't envision Kapernick being willing to play a different position.  Maybe next season he tries that route? IDK.  But I think that is the epitome of what the difference is between the two situations.

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  9. Fromm gets cut.  With Trubinsky as back up we go with just 2.  They are keeping Harrison Phillips.  He was. a 3rd round pick and is finally healthy.  Played his best ball the end of last season.  Wouldn't be shocked if Taiwan Jones doesn't make it if we can field someone else as a gunner opposite of Siran Neal.  Maybe Kumerow pulls that off?   Or another DB.  If it's a DB that is already expected to make the cut then they could carry another O-lineman like Lamp.


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  10. I wanted Roseau and we drafted him. So if that ends up being a miss I am poor at evaluating. For the record I wanted Oliver that year too. Epenesa as well. I was hoping for Darnold but liked Allen over Rosen. 

    I wanted a corner but I am okay with doubling down on D line. If they legitimately didn’t like their options in round 2 and 3 with CB’s I’m glad they went the direction they did. 

    if we come out of this off-season getting more defensive line pressure and stopping the run better than last season as well as running the ball more effectively then who could argue that we didn’t hit a home run?  Weren’t those out only real concerns this off-season?


    I feel like we just have to wait and see. I mean Gabe Davis, Bass and Moss looked like great contributors last season. Jury is still out on Epenesa. You don’t always know right away who will pan out. For the most part I like the results of the other drafts so I’m going to just watch this play out and keep my faith in our front office. Heaven forbid we have an injury on the offensive line Spencer needs to play who knows?  We may be talking post season how big that draft pick was. If our DE’s pull out 12 sacks between the two of them I’d consider that a huge impact. 

    I think the thing I’m most excited about of our new defensive end picks is that they break off their rushes and still get guys down. I’m sick of our ends running themselves upfield and out of a play and losing contain. Both these DE’s look like they consistently make that play. I have no doubt we get more sacks from our d line this season. I am confident Ed Oliver just got better too. 

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  11. Darren Hall CB SDSU looks like a decent pick if he gets to round 5. 

    That Boise St kick returner who is a CB. 

    The Louisville RB who is a home run hitter. 

    Any 1 Tech DT


    Safety depth


    Wouldn’t hate Jabril Cox even though it’s not a “need”. He just has some pass coverage instincts that would be helpful 

  12. This was my target/wish going into the draft.  However I won't lie.  When I saw JOK sitting there I was hopeful.  But I am glad we got Rousseau.  DE & CB are the two main priorities for me in this draft.  Possibly 2 CBs.  Late round targets for me would be Javian Hawkins RB, Paulson Adeebo (if we can't snag Georgia, Syracuse or Kentucky CB), Avery Williams ST.  I would be happy with O-line as well.  


    I will watch tonight and enjoy without the stress of who we get because really I like the way the draft has gone so far.  I just don't want us to trade any picks form next years draft.  Bonus would be picking up a 3 or 4 from next year on a trade back.

  13. I realize a lot of people want to hate the Jets and I do as much as anyone. But I’m from San Clemente and know Sam Darnold. I was wishing we somehow would draft him. I love JA but Sam was my wish cause I’m a homer. 

    Now time to double down. Zach Wilson is a talented kid. If he gets the support JA got from our front office he will be an issue. Not the same level as JA but for sure he’s dynamic. I’ve watched every game he has played. Side note his TE Rex is from San Clemente too. Wouldn’t mind us drafting him next year. But I’m not rooting for Wilson to fail as much as I hate the Jets. 

  14. I have zero faith if the Bills are looking to move up that it is for ETN.  I have no doubts they are putting out feelers to see what it would take to move up, but if they move up it is for DE or CB.  Nothing else.  I am not saying I know anything.  I am just saying this front office is too smart.  If they move up it is for a premium position.  I personally think they want a DE.  I know there are different thoughts on who is best.  I personally like Gregory Rosseau (SP?).  I like they way he contains on option runs and chases down plays.  I know he didn't test well but he has the production and is long.  HE would be who I would target.  With any luck the year off helps him slip a bit.  

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  15. 4 hours ago, Thurman#1 said:



    The more guys you draft the better your chances of finding an extra good one somewhere. Even if you don't end up keeping them all, you might find that you're cutting your 5th rounder but keeping the second 6th rounder - the one you thought about trading away - because he has surprised you.


    Again, there have been scholarly studies done on what trading up and trading down does to your odds of success. Massey and Thaler is the most famous, the Harvard Sports Collective is also well-known, but at this point there have been dozens and they all find the same thing. Worth noting that these guys aren't dummies. Thaler has won a Nobel prize. Ever study finds that when you give up valuable assets to move up (and you absolutely will have to give up a valuable asset to trade up to #18 or #20 as you're saying here) your odds of success drop. A lot.








    Trading away lower round guys isn't such a big deal, but giving up higher-round valuable picks is simply a bad idea. The idea is that GMs - being human - aren't as smart as they think they are and would do better to keep more picks, especially earlier ones, to give them more chances. The exception is trading up for a QB when you haven't got one. Those guys are so important, and generally unavailable except when picked early, that trading up for one makes sense. Otherwise, it doesn't.


    This.  People kept saying we were good at WR last year after grabbing Diggs int he trade.  We added Davis and the 6th rounder.  Davis was a pleasant surprise and the 6th rounder people seem to think has potential.  but no one knows.  We got Milano in the 5th 4 years ago.  We didn't target him otherwise he would have been drafted higher.  That is where he was graded out on our board when we drafted.  Lest we forget John McCargo/Kyle Williams 1st and 5th round picks in the same year.  


    We still have like 20 spots to fill for camp.  They will draft as many players they can.  Maybe one or two moves if they really like someone they feel is slipping.  But they need cheap labor to take into camp.


    Myself I want CB2, DE wrecker (not likely to happen where we are drafting), DT 1 tech, & TE.  In that order.  TE I would prefer a FA and DE I just don't feel like there will be a game changer where we pick.  If they grab a CB on the first night (move up or at pick 30) then I will feel like this draft was successful no matter what the other picks are. 

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  16. 2 hours ago, NewEra said:

    We draft them.  The more talented Pass rushers and corners the better.  

    Awesome.  I haven’t been much of an snl guy since Mr Bill and Mr Robinson’s neighborhood.


    fred is a great name.  My dogs name is Fred Jackson.  He rules


    Enjoy!  Fred Slacks is a winner!


  17. Is it me or is the second wave moving at a snails pace?  I thought there would be more people signing tier 2 tip contracts by now.  It seems like forever since something has happened.  Not just with Buffalo but with the whole league.  How long before the next wave of lower contracts start happening?  

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