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  1. 1 hour ago, longtimebillsfan said:

    Sorry to say, but I have zero confidence in the Bills winning on Monday night.  Belichick knows how to defend the bills.  All he has to do is look at what the Jags, Titans, Steelers, and Colts did to slow down our offense.  Two deep coverage.


    I hope I am completely wrong.  But I think Monday night's game will be painful to watch.

    New Orleans ran cover 2 all night long and Josh seemed to pick that apart just fine.  Not saying he will have the same success vs the Pats.  I am just saying he can play vs the cover 2 and has shown it in games.  I expect a different offense with players back this week on the O-line.  I think we can score 25-28 points and that we can hold the Pats under that.  If it is windy we can press and cover the short routes/play the run.  Force Mac Jones to throw deep in windy conditions.  Everyone acts like the weather only effects how our team plays but the Pats still have to show up and do their thing in the same conditions.  If we have Star back this week too then I really like our chances vs the Pats.  Even missing Tre I think we can and should come out on top of this game.  Not too mention Josh seems to perform well on nationally televised games.  

  2. I wonder if we see more standard 4-3 this week because NE uses 21 personnel so much. I was against the idea of moving Taron outside but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. He’s an aggressive tackler which we need against a physical downhill NE offense. Put 3 LB’s out there this week vs NE. 

    I do agree with a lot of people that we should have addressed corner back more aggressively. I’ve been worried about it every season. We’ve been way too lucky with Tre’s health. 

    Can’t be elite at every position though I get it. Wishing Tre a speedy recovery!  Go Bills!

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  3. 8 hours ago, Big Turk said:


    1 yard down field...



    Looks like it was a double play called...


    A screen to the left or the play to Knox at the bottom.





    I was at the game live and it felt like a broken play. Or the play was covered so Josh scrambled right and threw it. Amazing play. I took my eyes away from the left side when I watched him scramble right so I haven’t been able to see who was downfield. They wouldn’t show hardly any replays on the Jumbotron in the stadium. It was definitely a “wow” play that I was excited to see live. Had that play stood then the second Josh INT would have never happened. I’m anxious to rewatch the game I recorded when I get home. 

  4. 30 minutes ago, Billsfan1972 said:

    Thought the Bills were meh again.  Defense was good, but this was not a good litmus test vs. Semien and a depleted NO Offense.


    As for the Offense, not happy with Allen's decision making and again another two bad Ints.  Not many passes deep down field again, but took what was given.


    Happy that he was trying to get Diggs the ball (though not sure what he saw on the int).


    Still think the offense is just off.


    The Saints ran cover 2 practically all night. I was there and it was fun to watch it live. Josh’s second INT wasn’t really on him throwing as much as holding the ball too long. I’m not sure how it looked on film but watching it live it felt like he didn’t have much time to throw the majority of the evening. I was shocked to see he completed 80% of his passes. Side note New Orleans fans are just really classy. Can’t say enough good things about them. 

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  5. 17 minutes ago, CincyBillsFan said:

    The first INT was on Allen for getting greedy. The 2nd INT his arm was hit and the LB made a spectacular catch.  The play should have never happened as we had a stupid penalty the play before taking n Allen TD pass off the board.


    Some Bills fans seem ignorant about how well Allen played tonight given the often almost instantaneous pressure up the middle & around the end.  Very few QB's in the league could do what Allen did tonight.






    I was at the game. The pressure Allen was under was crazy.  Also wasn’t able to see the illegal man downfield on the TD that got called back but the play live was epic. Mafia was in full force tonight. Great experience!

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  6. 9 hours ago, Sugar High JA17 said:

    We have to run the table & hope the Titans lose 2... it's not happening!


    Titans remaining games


    Week 11: VS -  Houston Texans (1-8)

    Week 12: AT - New England Patriots (6-4)

    Week 13: Bye

    Week 14: VS - Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)

    Week 15: AT - Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3-1)

    Week 16: VS - San Francisco 49ers (3-5)

    Week 17: VS - Miami Dolphins (3-7)

    Week 18: AT -  Houston Texans (1-8)

    Do the Texans get Tyrod back this week?  He may be able to give them a shot vs the Titans. Texans at least looked competitive when he was in there the beginning of the season. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, JGMcD2 said:

    Or we move on from it because it’s an anomaly for him over 1.5 seasons… Josh seemed to have no issues going to him yesterday after the drop. 

    In the tight Patriots game he also dropped a TD pass. I’ll move on from the Davis drops when the rest of this board let’s up on the Knox drops. They happen I get it. But to say that Davis is the cure all after playing a terrible Jets secondary is an over reaction when just the previous week he dropped the one target he was given. 

    I personally have nothing against Davis. I loved this game he put up and his potential. I think I’m more reacting to the overreaction of this board. We lay a stinker against the Jags and everyone says it’s coaching when there were clearly dropped opportunities (not just Davis but also Beasley in that game). Josh had the overthrow to Diggs. Few plays that in a 9-6 loss make the difference. Then this week we laid it up on the Jets which I admittedly was enjoying everything about this game. Everyone’s reaction it seems on this board is how the coaches finally pulled their heads out of their butts and did everything different when in reality I think it was merely better execution (with the major exception of superior offensive line play). 

    Davis had 3 targets this week vs 1 target last week. Not really a significant improvement on targets he just did more with his targets this week. I’d hardly say 3 targets in a game is an emphasis to get him the ball. I’d guess 3-4 targets is probably about where it will stay for the season unless there’s an injury to one of the other top three. I’d also add Sanders had a couple receptions that didn’t count because of penalties that were terrific catches. So his stay sheet doesn’t look as good as it could have otherwise. 

    Without proofreading my above rant let me conclude that my tone probably is jerky. I loved every minute of this game. I hope we dial it up similarly vs the Colts but I expect them to play more 2 high safety looks. I hope we have a better counter for that. I’m optimistic that we do. 


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  8. 12 minutes ago, wppete said:

    Gabriel Davis is Not a dud. He has done nothing but produce when targeted. He was also dealing with a foot injury coming out of preseason. 

    Except in the Jaguars game when he dropped a wide open pass that probably helps us win that game.....drops happen yes, but in critical moments in tight games they are compounded.  I do think we could use him more but to say he only has produced we also have to remember where he let us down in a big moment.

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  9. It may just be me but John Warrow is a terrible interviewer. He can’t ever manage to get out his question. The interviewees always have to ask him to rephrase it or to clarify. He just like rambles his narrative and then tries to turn it into a question at the end. 

    Also during Covid quarantine when he was doing the zoom calls it looked like he was hunkered down in a bomb shelter for 2 plus years. I swear he wore a robe in a couple of them. 

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  10. Josh usually does good in these prime time games. He puts up massive numbers as the Bills push for him to get the MVP. Titans defense is not great and we finally get good weather. Bills break 50 points for the first time since Dolphins season finale 2020. 

    Bills win 51-17

    With 10 of the Titans points coming late in the 4th quarter as Bills are in straight prevent. 
    Josh 28-33 for 465 yards and 5 TD’s

    Diggs gets 100 and 2 TD’s

    Beasley with 8 catches and 1 TD


    Defense has at least 1 interception. Hold the Titans to 7 punts and 2 turn overs on downs from going for it on 4th. 

    The league realizes the Bills are the real deal and we walk into the bye with maybe too much confidence albeit warranted. 

    I seriously think us fans are still gun shy in believing just how incredibly good this years team is. Give in people we are going to set records this season!

  11. Scoreboard watching these other games makes me think people are under appreciating our defense.  Any given Sunday I guess. But really for how dominant our victories have been people aren’t giving that enough credit. 

    Also we’ve had 3 sucky weather games so far this season and this will be another. I pray that this is an advantage for us and we are more prepared for that. 

    So excited. Let’s hurry up and kick it off!

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  12. 8 minutes ago, Mango said:

    A couple things:


    I agree. Racist commentary was largely acceptable for a period of time, especially in locker rooms. Largely among white people like myself. I in my younger days have partaken, regrettably so. I do not consider myself racist. But I did say racist things. I am more concerned with no longer doing racist things than I am with being considered a racist if that makes sense. 

    Gruden said a racist thing. Does it make him racist? Maybe? But it seems like Gruden and those similar are more concerned with telling you they are not racist, rather than just trying not to be a total dick. 

    In regards to emails. If you are sending emails from or two a company email, you need to be prepared to defend it. Period. No different than mailing me a letter. Once you send it to me, it is mine. It’s 2021, almost 2022, this should be common knowledge and practice. Don’t put anything in writhing anywhere if you can’t or won’t defend it. 

    Totally agree. I guess my main point is if you’re a douche then you’re a douche. Gruden is a douche. It’s well known. I think what he said was most likely a douchey comment/racist slander. In no way do I think he’s racist. I think he just said it cause he’s a douche. I just think this is going to be blown up like Gruden is a Klan member when in reality he’s just an A hole and that’s already been established through years of watching him. 

    my 2 cents and I realize I may get flamed. 

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  13. Well everyone on here is writing like they’ve never in their life said something offensive to another person ever. While I don’t condone racism, sexism, or any type of hate, I certainly am not naive enough to believe this type of conversation or negative comments aren’t made on a regular basis. It wasn’t so long ago where people would make racist jokes amongst each other in the locker room and would laugh at them. That doesn’t mean that it should have ever been that way but people are going to say crap like this.  

    Another issue is should emails be that readily admissible?  Isn’t that similar to wire tapping?  If Gruden knew his emails would be read down the line I’m guessing he would have proof read it before hitting send. 

    Ultimately it was a poor choice of words. My opinion is his excuse of rubber lips is BS. For me though I just get sick of everyone being so quick to judgement. Unfortunately it sounds really bad. For selfish reasons though I don’t want Gruden suspended because I think he makes the Raiders worse. 😂

  14. I am usually one to brace myself for a bad outcome but I see no way the Bills don't win this one.  Prior to the season I felt like not enough was done by the Bills to swing the pendulum.  However I think this comes down more to the Chiefs not doing enough to maintain.  That defense is terrible.  If we are putting up 30+ vs Miami and Houston it is fair to assume we can replicate that vs the Chiefs.  Is our defense at top defense once we start playing Super Bowl contenders?  We will see.  I think in reality we are more like a top 5 defense once we start playing some better team.  That is still within striking distance.  Also last season Josh had a great year.  but every few games he just went off and put up amazing games.  He is long overdue.  I don't even feel like Washington was a good game by his standards.  It is happening this week.  Rain or shine.  We can run the ball better.  


    37-32 Bills win.  I honestly don't think the game is as close as the final score dictates either.  Something like the Chiefs score late and try an onside kick.  I just feel like this game is us in the drivers seat and most Bills fans are too scarred from so many years of disappointment.  Get used to being happy boys the football Gods have finally shone their light upon us.  Time to enjoy football like the Pats fans for the last two decades.  Only we don't have to let ourselves become total douche bags because we were raised better.

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  15. 1 minute ago, Ralonzo said:

    Brutal helmet-to-helmet hit late on a league superstar, no flag. Seems like this crew always has problems.


    Adams looks out like a light.

    That wasn’t helmet to helmet. That was helmet to chest then slide and hit in the chin. I think the refs got that right. It’s unfortunate he got hurt but just because someone gets hurt doesn’t mean the defender was at fault. I’m sure there will be arguments on who sees that as bad hit vs clean hit. I think that’s clean. Close but clean by the rules standard. 

  16. 9 minutes ago, Bangarang said:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Ike started at LG with Mongo at RG. Cody Ford simply isn’t good and I don’t need that in my life. 

    Just because Ford has been injured doesn’t mean he isn’t good. He’s shown really well in the preseason games. Ike in my opinion has looked worse this preseason than last year. Ford improves our run game too. Significantly over Ike who couldn’t move anyone off the ball last season. Ike can pass block for what it’s worth. 

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  17. 8 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:

    The problem with comparing last season vs this season is that the viral strain is different, its infectiousness is different, and the NFL protocols are different.


    My personal perspective is that the NFL protocols need to be revised for the regular season, but I don't think getting 10% or even 30% more players vaccinated is the most effective change. 


    If a player walks away and refuses to comply with NFL rules, my understanding is there are levels of penalties/loss of game checks and game-check amortized signing bonus) but eventually they forfeit their guarantees (like AB with Oakland).  That would be any NFL rules.


    This isn't the place to discuss Supreme Court rulings and mandatory vaccine law.  We're also not discussing children here, we're discussing the NFL employer-employee relationship and potential employer rules, complicated by union representation and a CBA.


    I only mentioned the other things as well because they were in other comments. 

    They can lose game checks but guaranteed money is guaranteed money. The Bills are on the hook for that. 

    Will be interesting how it plays out. New stuff evolving constantly. 

  18. Everyone’s seems to be strongly opinionated about Beasley because he isn’t on their same narrative. But you’re also assuming the rest fall in line with that belief which they may or may not. Strong stance. But what if it’s mandated and Josh Allen sits out cause he’s not wanting to get vaccinated. Just assuming he’s gotten it or will is a big assumption. 

    I see no reason why we can’t play this season the exact way we did last season pre vaccine. We made it through then surely we can do it again. 

    This doesn’t need to be an issue. Mandating anything will make it an issue. 

    Also the Supreme Court ruling back in 1912 was a $150 fine for not vaccinating. They didn’t pin the man down and vaccinate his child because he refused to vaccinate it. Just so we have the correct context. Any mandate that is applied people will still have freedom to choose. Like employers requiring it and employees quoting their jobs. The exact same could happen in the NFL. This is not as simple as many on here think it is. 

    playing devils advocate assume JA is anti Covid vaccine like Beasley. You think the Bills would be stoked if it’s mandated and JA walks away and says he’s not getting it?  They just guaranteed him $150 million. 

    Just food for thought. 

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  19. We can go 7 WR.  No way we go 8.  Kumerow can replace Taiwan Jones as gunner I believe.  So that would be the swap for the 4th RB.  Giliam plays RB/TE.  But we would at bare minimum carry Knox and Hollister.


    The log jam at DE is crazy.  I bet we trade one.  No way we hold onto 7.  Some years we only have carried 4 (maybe 5).  This year to carry 6 would be a lot.  LB I suppose would be where we sacrifice for extra defensive linemen.


    This will no doubt be quite the debate once we see final cuts/roster.  Joe B I enjoy his stuff but he is way off here I believe.


  20. 3 minutes ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    Couldn't disagree more.  Has be team first in certain situations, sure.  But this is NOT about him getting the shot or not.  It’s his very public and very literal refusal to abide safety guidelines and responsibilities that come with being unvaccinated.  He refuses to wear a mask indoors, he said he WONT follow any requirements at or away from the facility.


    Thats is one million percent a “me first” attitude and not “team first”.  He is not only jeopardizing the health of those players and staff around him l, but he’s also just flat out risking their overall availability for each weeks game.  

    So no disrespect, but you’re wrong in saying he’s a team first guy right now, he couldn’t be further from that right now.  He may be team first ON the field, but he is not remotely team first on his childish tantrum of refusing to just wear a mask so he doesn’t impact his teammates and staff.  

    He’s turning into the ultimate “Karen” right now, and sounds like he’s enrolled McKenzie into Karen University.  

    While I agree with almost all of this one of his main reasons against the vaccine Cole has stated is that those with the vaccine are just as likely (or more likely) to transmit the virus. This is because they may have it but not feel the symptoms. His main complaint is why are they being held to a different standard. 

    I don’t know what McKenzie’s beef is cause I didn’t read his tweets. 

    I had the Covid 19 as well as all in my family. We have not had the delta. We live on the west coast and I’m not sure where this is more prevalent. The only cases of people I know who have personally had Covid in the last 3 months are 3 friends (all of whom had the vaccine). So I’m assuming that’s the delta variant that is going around. It seemed like all the Covid had began to come to an end (or was trending that way). Then we had a big surge. 

    I still think it’s irrelevant. They need to wear the mask because it’s what is required. Even though I think the masks are useless we need to abide by the rules put in place no matter if we agree/disagree. 


  21. 1 minute ago, Kwai San said:


    AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!  I will def try this!  Sadly only at home for now.....as there is no In-N-Out near me 😔

    It is probably best that it is far.  Otherwise I would crush it every day and my cholesterol would get out of hand.



    1 minute ago, Buffalo619 said:

    In and out is disgusting. I doubt Allen eats that garbage. 

    I can guarantee Josh Allen eats In-N-Out.  Everyone in California eats it.  Fresno area fold especially.  If you didn't enjoy it your first go around I highly recommend you give it another shot.  It grows on you like a tumor.


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  22. 1 hour ago, Kwai San said:

     WTAF is Fried Mustard???????  I know of Fried Chicken with mustard on them but Fried Mustard???  Ain't never heard of such a thing.....can I buy it?  I'm damned curious!!

    They fry the mustard onto the bun.  It is unreal bro.  I swear the hidden menu at In-N-Out is great.  If you go fried mustard I suggest not getting the spread though.  So you can enjoy the taste of the fired mustard.  Also the spread is like 150 calories too.  Delicious in it's own right as well.


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