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  1. I don’t know what it is but I have the same feeling about Josh Allen this year as I did watching Joe Flacco his super bowl run as well as Aaron Roger’s his super bowl run. 

    Both of those years with both of those players I remember watching the playoffs live just thinking “he’s unstoppable”. They just kept ripping it and dropping dimes the whole playoff run. Coming up big under pressure on game winning drives. 

    I just feel really good about him this run. We have the team to do it this year. I truly believe that more so than last year we can do this. Obviously I could be completely wrong. It’s just my feeling but put me down on the record as thinking we go the distance this year. Chiefs can’t stop destiny!

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  2. 1 minute ago, 2020 Our Year For Sure said:

    Gotta keep Mahomes from rolling to his right and a lot of that falls on the rookie Rousseau.

    It’s one of the reasons I wanted us to draft him. He plays the mobile QB’s well. Holds the point and gets off the block when they try to escape. Contain rush is how we are going to beat Mahomes. 

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  3. I rewatched the first game vs the Pats last night and holy smokes....Josh put some dimes right into our WR's/TE's chests that were dropped.  If they had come down with any of those that final score outcome is significantly different.  That game could have easily been a 2 score victory in our favor.  Also the faux delayed game penalty on the drive we were moving the ball into the wind.  Could of, should of, would of.  We lost I get it.  But that game Josh looked like a super hero and unfortunately the story was written differently.  Similar in my opinion to last year when Josh drove us down vs the Cardinals and threw a TD to win that game.  Then our defense blew a hail Mary and all anyone will remember from that game is how we lost.  not the fact that Josh had an impressive come from behind drive.


    I would never say I am overconfident about a win but I feel like our team has found itself and they will do whatever it takes to win this game.  I feel really good about tomorrow night.  That being said not much sleep for me.  It is like Christmas Eve.   Go Bills!

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Kemp said:

    A total moron has done his best to make it tougher for the Bills to make the playoffs.

    Congrats, #######.


    Curious as to how you know which strand he has.

    I have not suggested to know which strand.  I suppose I did imply that he had the most recent strand so mi culpa. 

    A lot of the players in the NFL are vaccinated and now testing positive. So I think if anything Beasley’s point has more merit to be argued if anything. I don’t necessarily agree with it but I’m also not just looking to fling crap at someone because they don’t agree with me. Unless that person it’s a Patriots fan 😂



    11 minutes ago, nucci said:

    I was paraphrasing what Beasley said earlier in the season. I'm more concerned about Sunday. I'm sure he'll be fine but missing a huge game with Sanders already out

    Come on. He dives forward for extra yards and runs plenty after the catch. He's a very important part of the offense

    He’s probably missing 2 games unfortunately. At this point every game counts so yes it’s a real issue. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, nucci said:

    I guess being young and healthy didn't protect him like he thought

    Not to be a tool but your statement is kind of out of context. I mean it’s not implied being young and healthy won’t prevent him from getting Covid. The argument would be that if he gets it, he believes being young and healthy will help him fight off the Covid just as good had he been vaccinated. Assuming what you said was what h Beasley said originally. I didn’t follow all his tweets. 

    Just saying if everyone is going to pile it on Beasley because he got it when the vast majority in the NFL have been vaccinated and it’s spreading like wildfire amongst everyone. Hard to say he’s in any different position. I suppose we can wait and see how bad of symptoms he develops over the next few days and put his theory to test. 

    Im not too concerned other than he won’t be available for a longer time for not being vaccinated. This strand doesn’t seem to be very bad compared to the first one. 


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  6. 2 hours ago, Buffalo Barbarian said:


    Although he had a ton of penalties, ( that taunting was a joke, didn't even see where they got that) physically I thought he played solid, there were a few times the whole line actually looked good holding the defenders off. When Boyle came in he did good too even though he allowed that one sack , Josh was holding the ball forever and Burns finally got through.



    His first holding call was him tossing a speed rusher upfield. It didn’t look like holding to me. It looked like he embarrassed a speed rusher and the ref saw it late and assumed it must have been holding. I thought that was a horrible call. 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Bob in STL said:

    I don’t think so. His coach wants to control the LOS. They need the middle three to move people out.  Too many times DTs are busting in to disrupt the play, hitting our RBs behind the LOS. 

    Dawkins could bounce back but how good is he?  Brown should improve with a year under his belt.  Morse could last another year.   All the rest are expendable except for Doyle who is a project.  

    The best combination we have: Dawkins, Feliciano, Morse, Williams, Brown - is below average compared to other contending teams. 

    Drsft a stud LT if possible to push Dawkins.  Maybe that kicks Dawkins inside to Guard, or maybe the tackle starts at guard as a rookie,  Draft a guard that is better than Williams (round 2 or 3) and/or look at free agents too. 

    Fekiciano can back up C/G.  Ford is likely gone. Not sure on Tommy Doyle, he is a project.  

     Williams is making too much for a below average guard,  


    The talent on the offense is generally overrated on OL, RB and TE.  We lack a good blocking TE and a blocking fullback. We don’t have a heavy package to grind out yards at the goal line. 

    This team is not built to run the ball, not even as a change of pace.  



    Ford isn't going anywhere unless he is traded.  He is under a 2nd round rookie contract.  Not to mention he has played better as of late.  Daryl Williams has been up and down unfortunately.  But he would be good to keep around as a swing tackle.  I am not saying Ford starts for us next year.  But I wouldn't be shocked to see him bright back or if he won a starting job with a good offseason.  He has had some horrible games but has had some decent games too.


    We need Center and Guard beef.  Wouldn't hurt to draft 1st and 2nd round interior talent this offseason.  More than likely we can't get an impact pass rusher where we will be drafting.  Also we should look into FA to see if there is a dominant player.


    I think our biggest needs are interior OL, Interior DL, Impactful DE, CB.  Maybe not that order but I would place higher value in protecting our QB than the other positions because our franchise will succeed/fail purely based on his success. I know everyone here thinks a RB is priority but if we had better OL play I think all our RB's would look passable.  Singletary gets a bad rap here when he has been pretty consistent.  His fumbles are the biggest concern.  Every offseason RB is an easy position to get passionate about because they have the best highlight clips but ultimately if we get the right interior dudes our pass game and run game both improve.


    I realize game breaking speed at RB would be nice but it is hard for me to think that we need to put a high draft pick in that position when we have people that I think can produce on a consistent basis if not being hit behind the line of scrimmage.


    Get the interior talent and watch this offensive line and defensive line dominate.  It is frustrating watching the DE's get upfield only to have the QB's step up and then find an easy running lane up the middle.  That practice squad DT at least got off his block this last week to tackle Brady.  


  8. This team has moved the ball against some really good defenses.  Like one poster mentioned above it comes down o red zone offense.  More specifically penalties in the red zone.  Maybe that fix is to simplify the snap count in the red zone.  Maybe it is more creative play calling.  I don't know but every game we lost we could have won.  Including the Colts game.  So to all the pessimists saying it is all over I strongly disagree.  As long as we squeak into the playoffs then there is a chance to make a run.  We have the offensive firepower.  We have the QB.  Despite what all the "sky is falling" fans say we have a great defense.  If we make the playoffs then I like our chances as much as any other team in the AFC.  Especially NE.  That rematch is one I feel confident about.  Bucs is a tough match up no doubt.  But if we can get to 31 points then this game is as much of a toss up as any.





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  9. 34 minutes ago, RoscoeParrish said:

    I will remember him not recognizing cover zero like he regressed to 2018 again on the last play of the game.  I will also remember him taking an untimely sack inside the redzone and making poor reads and missing open players in critical moments.  Rolling right and forcing a ball to Knox in the late stage of the game, when he had Diggs wide open over the middle at the 6 yard line, immediately comes to mind.  

    And you say Josh wasn’t at least ONE of the many reasons we came up short?  Are you kidding?  All his fault, absolutely not.  Does he share some of the blame?  100%. 

    The sack in the red zone you put on Josh?  The one where he spun to try and get out of the sack?  Tel me one other QB in the league besides maybe Lamar or Mahomes who miraculously even keeps that play alive. 

    not recognizing cover zero on 4th and 17?  Maybe he knew it was cover zero and decided pre snap he was going to try and wiggle and then throw a miracle pass into 40 mph wind. Everyone keeps forgetting that the passes he was confident throwing were to the flats and sidelines. Throwing over the middle to Beasley like so many think we’re wide open we’re the throws that he said we’re sailing on him. The pregame and in game commentators mentioned that multiple times.  But sure just because he made some throws that probably no one ever can/will let’s hold him to some kind of impossible standard. There’s been other games where I’ve been upset with Josh (Jacksonville comes to mind). Not this game in the least. 

  10. I didn’t get that we were inferior to the Pats. I know the fan base is packing it in for the season but if we play in decent weather in NE we can win against them. For sure.  This game showed me more than anything that they are not as good as their wins they’ve been stacking together. 

    Bucs is a tough match up for sure. I think we have a chance. All remaining games are very winnable. 

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  11. 14 hours ago, FilthyBeast said:

    Allen was not the reason this team lost last night but at one point you have to carry a team and will them to victory and for $250M the results have simply not been there especially in close games like last night where multiple opportunities to win presented themself.

    Ok by willing the team do you mean putting lasers into guys chest going against the wind only to have them drop them?  I mean he couldn’t have done anything more than he did. I seriously think he took that game over and it was evident in the 4th quarter. Or maybe you mean he could have not false started for Knox once we were in the red zone. Or maybe he could prevent his offensive lineman from getting walked back into him causing a sack on 3rd down forcing them to try to kick into the wind instead of going for it on a manageable 4th and short. 

    People want so badly to assign blame to one person. We have multiple threads trying to blame the defense for giving up 14 points to the highest scoring offense. 

    Sometimes you come up short. There were several factors. Josh was not any of the factors for us coming up short last night. WR/TE drops, critical penalties, lack of run game, stalling out in the red zone, among a few of the more noticeable reasons. 

    It sucks losing but Josh was one of the lone highlights from last night. His throws will probably be the most amazing throws of the entire season but no one will remember them because of drops and us coming up short. 

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  12. I also want to go back and watch the game to see how bad NE was holding.  It seemed like it was happening a lot.  They maybe called NE 2 times all night on it.  Like I distinctly recall 2 plays where our DE/DT was in the backfield and it looked like they were getting held.  Right in front of the play.  something it seems like the referee would see.  I know some of those calls are a wash but I screamed from my couch so it must be true lol.

  13. 36 minutes ago, Einstein said:

    Defense played fine.


    It was always a lazy take that the defense was the problem. They allowed 14 total points.


    While were in the mood of busting myths, Belichick was not a great coach last night.


    For all of the rushing yards the Patriots had, they only put up 14 points.


    If Diggs catches that TD pass, no one is talking about Belichick at all today.  Because the Bills would have won. Belichick's gameplan was *****. He ran it almost 50 times, only scored 14 points, and it took the Bills a dropped TD, two dropped first downs, and a fumble where no one touched the RB, for the Pats to win by 4.



    This....100%       I have been responding exactly this in other threads.  I thought Belicheck played scared and Mac Jones only attempting 3 passes shows how little trust he has in his QB.  Everyone talking like Belicheck's game plan to beat up the Bills are far fetched.  I think the Bills held the run pretty dang good.  I know the big play but that easily could have been washed if Diggs comes up with the bomb.


    Another thing to note from last night was how much the announcers kept saying they should run at Dane Jackson and challenge him...and Dane Jackson kept making tackles.  Like they announcers didn't recognize that Dane Jackson was making tackles even as they were yammering about testing the run to his side.  Also Horrible Harry put together a nice game as well at first glance.  

  14. 4 hours ago, Your Brown Eye said:

    I think it's very reasonable for people to be pissed off. Belicheck just trolled the Bills by beating them with a high school playbook. They showed on the screen during the game when it was over it has only happened a couple times in history. This was not a shootout, this was not a "the refs suck" game, this was an ultimate troll job by Belicheck by having a stat sheet that looks like a high school football game and they still won. How do you not expect people to be upset? 


    Ahh yes but let's all sit around a campfire and sing kumbaya...


    The Colts are right on our heals and are playing great ball, but they still have the Pats and Cardinals the next two games. That is our only saving grace right now,  the Bengals, Colts, Steelers, Raiders, Denver...they all have 2-3 big games left on their schedule, as do we. There's a lot to shake out still, but the Bills are not cruising into the playoffs that's for damn sure, the Bills are proving that they just cannot take care of business against winning teams. Maybe we can limp into the playoffs. If they lose to the Bucs and again to the Patriots, it'll be like the 2017 playoffs all over again where we do not control our destiny and we need help from team XZY.

    I can be upset about the loss as much as anyone else.  but to say Belicheck trolled the Bills is absurd.  If anything he played scared last night.  They broke one long run on offense.  They had a decent drive that they kicked a field goal with.  Everything else ended with a punt.  Everyone talking like their game plan was the bees knees is crazy.  I suppose you could argue that he was so smart he knew we wouldn't make the plays when we needed to.  But JA balled out last night.  If Knox makes any of his dropped passes, Diggs catches the bomb, Breida doesn't fumble, or we don't shoot ourselves in the foot in the red zone we win that game.  


    I don't think McDermott is an elite coach.  I think he is an average coach.  I do think JA is an elite QB which in my opinion is all we need to overcome an average coach. However if we had scored last night on any of those extra trips then would everyone be talking about how Belicheck was too prideful and didn't trust his QB enough to throw under the elements?  You betcha.  The final outcome changes the narrative.  That is why it is so difficult to get onto these boards after a loss.  Everyone takes such an extreme end of days stance on everything.  


    I am fine if you call me a homer but I choose to be positive and also recognize that a few plays can spiral the outcome quickly.  I think we win in Foxborough next go around.  I don't know about the Bucs.  That to me is a tougher match up.  The Patriots do not look unstoppable.  Squeak into the playoffs.  If the 1 seed isn't attainable then wild card in my opinion is just as good or better than a home game.  If our offense can't run then let's go play in nicer weather and throw the $#!+ out of the ball.

  15. 1 hour ago, Ga boy said:

    Did you see how ecstatic the GOAT coach was at the end??  Can't say ever seeing him emote so much (except the phone incident).  In this one, he knew that if we won, everyone would have roasted him for his strategy.  We'll hang 30 plus on them in 2nd game.  Go Bills!!!

    Also people acting like the run game was working fir them. They broke the long TD run. They kicked 1 field goal. All other drives ended in a pint for them. 

    The bills had sustained drives. The penalties in the red zone. Those were the killers. 

    Also would have been nice to get a PI flag on that pass to Knox in the end zone. I know I’m begging for stuff here but that was close. 

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  16. 10 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

     You think the Bills "didn't show up" tonight?


    What game are you watching?


    We were outmuscled in the run game, but our team is not built to stop a heavy running game.



    I would also argue to those saying we were out coached….one big run. That does not make belicheck genius. He played just as scared as people o. Here make McDermott sound. That was all NE really broke. We couldn’t run which is very frustrating. Red zone mistakes I think were the two biggest.  

    imagine if Diggs caught the deep throw. I’m a game where points were a premium that would have been massive. Massive. So many drops on really amazing throws. Kick me in the crotch. Josh actually looked amazing all things considered (except for the one pass to the right that was dangerously close to an INT). 

    I’m really frustrated with the season so far but if there’s one thing I take from this game more than anything.  I hope we play an away game if we sneak into the playoffs. I know some fans thing it’s over for us but I don’t. I think we can and will beat NE in Foxborough. That team did not look like the best team in the AFC. Mac Jones is not the second coming of Brady. That talk will die down after this game. 

    I will probably re-watch the game again tomorrow. I like to calm down before I watch it again. Sucks that it was so close for the taking. Freaking false start in the red zone. Knox was brutal yesterday with that and the drops. 

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