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  1. A legitimate question but the Broncos and Giants both are looking to develop young QB’s. Perhaps they both were considering Flores and how he messed up the development of Tua?  

    Just a possibility. I’m not denying that racism is involved. I actually think him being fired by the Dolphins is more of a problem than not getting hired by the other teams because he had done a pretty decent job with what he had there. 

    Also not saying I agree with Dolphins ownership about tanking but if that was true they are the owners. If he as a coach is an employee and didn’t do as told or asked wouldn’t that be grounds for dismissal?  Again not saying I agree. Really the Dolphins situation to me seems more messed up. 

    Also the Rooney rule is going to be flawed yes. There have been several good coaches to come out of it though. Marvin Lewis did a great job with the Bengals but couldn’t get over the hurdle. Dungey was a great coach. 

    I think the rule is necessary and good things do come from it. Unfortunately it just comes at a slower pace than many want. But the reality of change is it never happens as fast as we want it to. I think Bienemy would be having his name talked about more. 

  2. After watching the game back a second time finally there was a few plays that irked me.  Mahomes big scramble for 34 yards should have been called back for holding.  Obada was absolutely tackled by the O-lineman.  In OT the big Hardman catch and run was a pick play by Kelce.  It was blatant.  At first viewing I thought it was Edmunds blown coverage but his responsibility was the RB which was obvious because of how decisive he was pursuing in coverage.  That would have been a 10 yard offensive PA.  Still his coverage liability is more obvious in a game like this where Mahomes buys time.  Maybe against less mobile QB's he looks better.  Leaves a bit to be desired though in this game.


    Obviously the last 13 seconds are brutal to watch.  Frustrating to see how aggressive we were in the first drive only to shut down in the 2nd and 3rd quarter.  The long drive to score the go ahead TD just after the 2:00 warning was a masterpiece.  The Hill TD immediately afterwards I thought was blown coverage on the original viewing but turns out it was just an impressive pass and catch.   Levi Wallace actually had pretty darn good coverage all things considered.  Josh's drive with 1:03 on the clock was the most impressive of all.  This game should of solidified him as legendary status among the league.  I think he is more pissed than he is letting on.  I feel bad for him because of how much work he puts into this.  I still think the league took notice this weekend.   Funny how a narrative can turn like Mahomes out dueled JA.  If we hold on the last 13 seconds JA finishes with more passing yards and passing TD's (Mahomes did have the running TD though).  If that game finishes without overtime people wouldn't be able to stop talking about JA.  So yes in that department I think the coaches let JA down big time.  Chiefs situational awareness vs ours on defense was embarrassing.  


    Beasley was huge in this game and was bracketed a ton.  I am still shocked for the board's hate towards him.  I feel like it might be mainly political.  the guy absolutely can still play and was huge on the long 4th quarter drive as well as an earlier drive.  I am not saying he is better than McKenzie.  Just saying he hasn't lost a step.


    Also Rouseeau was so darn close on several plays for sacks and knocking the ball down.  A lot more than I thought during original viewing.  97 blew it on a couple plays on defense.  The Hardman run he got juked out of his shorts.  A few rushes he allows Mahomes to break contain.  I still believe we are 1 elite D-lineman away from shutting teams down.  Not a quality player, but a dominant player.  Reaffirms my thoughts of sell the farm for that one difference maker.  I know I will get a lot of blow back but I strongly feel that way.


    All that being considered I would gladly take all coaches back in a heart beat.  I am not one for fire everyone and start over.  There were so many close plays that could have been the difference here.  Quite frankly I am shocked that our defense held up as well as they did vs such elite talent.  With Wallace and 30 at CB we forced a lot of coverage scrambles.  In a bigger lens than the last 13 seconds I think the defense played better than one is willing to give credit for.  Also I believe that McDermott is more humble than most coaches and willing to make corrections and grow from his and his staff's mistakes.  As much as I think home field would be helpful I really think on the big stage Josh will deliver.  


    One of my biggest concerns is roster turn over.  There is no guarantee that the Chiefs don't somehow get better DB's themselves in the offseason.  I wonder if next year matched up against them we look as good at WR.  


    Just a lot of thoughts that I wanted to put down to vent a little frustration.  I need some healing.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    Except you are referring to me and that’s NOT what I said.  That’s how you took it, but that’s not what I said.


    What I actually said is stop over reacting to an elite player playing elite.  You can’t mortgage your future over one game, but if you guys were the GM you would do just that in response to the best player in the NFL playing out of his mind Sunday.  Our last rushers were just fine when we played them and beat hen in the regular season. 

    You seem to think magically a different player makes another tackle or two, but there is literally no evidence to your assumptions.  And you want to add one “game wrecker” while the Chiefs had three and didn’t slow us down despite us having the worse OL.  So sorry, this “game wrecker” cure all theory is not something I am buying.


    You think the Chiefs now are gonna go add a fourth game wrecker pass rusher now because Allen popped off?  No. 

    Reactive personnel decisions like that are what kills franchises futures.  This isn’t Madden.  

    Besides:  We were the better team Sunday, won the game, and then gave it away over a miscommunication error between our ST Coordinator and Bass.  And that was WITHOUT our best defensive player in Tre, who would have been much more impactful than a different DE that got like one more sack.  Fans tend to grossly over value sack statistics.

    So let’s get better where we really need to.  More speed in the secondary, get Tre White back at full strength, bolster the OL and interior DL.  

    We were already better than them as is, now do those things and we will get past them decisively. 


    I’m not overreacting. I agree we were the better team and should have won. 

    I also don’t think one game should change the entire game plan. Where you see a strength I suppose I see it as weakness. I think our secondary played great considering. I think DE is still a higher priority than Corner. That’s my opinion but I realize yours is different. 

    I don’t want a DE that rushes upfield only to give up running lanes. I want someone either strong enough or fast enough to close the pocket and still react to a mobile QB who tries to escape like Josh Allen and Mahomes. They do exist and I believe they would impact our team significantly more than a faster CB. 

    That being said I wouldn’t object to better talent at CB either. I do think OL can and should be addressed. Also interior DL. TE should still be a priority as we can’t count on Knox being healthy. I even want more talent at WR. But more than any of that I want a stud DE. There’s no guarantees that any of the drafted DE’s ever turn out. Hopefully they do but there’s no guarantee. 

    To clarify I’ve thought this all season. Just because our pass rush looked good vs a Dolphins or Jets team does not mean it will hold up well in the playoffs. Vs Chiefs or other playoff caliber teams. 

    yes there’s no guarantees that what I want makes a difference. But I’m a game like Sunday we are looking to change a couple plays, steal a possession, or force an incomplete on one more third down. Yes I do believe a stud DE can do just that. Next year it might not be the Chiefs. It might be the Bengals or Chargers. There are some great QB’s and we need to effect them better than we currently do. Especially in the playoffs where we hope to be spending many more Januarys watching the Bills play. 


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  4. 25 minutes ago, JohnBonhamRocks said:

    Just going off the stat sheet, Jarran Reed & Melvin Ingram each registered a sack. Ed Oliver was our only d-lineman to register a sack. (Taron Johnson had one, too.) Mahomes had slightly better rushing stats (higher ypa & a TD) than Allen, but the expectation was Allen would fare better there. 

    Regardless, I do not agree with a line of thinking that the Chiefs d-line did not stop Allen this game, so we should not seek to sack Mahomes more often. I want to have Allen play at that level and bring Mahomes down. Yes, we got pressure. That’s kind of my point. Pressure alone on either QB is not enough. You need to bring them down or else they will extend the play and make you pay. 

    Obviously game-changing DEs do not grow on trees. Neither do Allen/Mahomes-type QBs. But you move heaven and earth to get both because after QB, DE is as important as any other position. I’m not saying I expect it to happen or happen easily, but OBD still has to make it a top priority - which, hats off to Beane for drafting Epenesa, Rousseau, & Basham and going after the likes of JJ Watt & Von Miller. 

    The cap does not scare me. Look at the Chiefs roster. They make it work. So can we. Beane is a wizard after all. 


    My ultimate point, I think, is I hope the fact that is difficult to get a top-tier pass rusher does not deter OBD from trying to do so. 


    I think you articulated my point better than I could. It’s stupid to just say their QB is better (or as good) and so we should just not bother trying to effect him. We are close. We need someone there who makes a difference. It ups everyone’s play on defense. 

    I don’t think the cap argument is a real argument. Look at teams like the Rams. They keep reading picks and shelling out huge contracts. Somehow they make it work. I’m sure it will eventually rear its ugly head for them. But surely we can manipulate the cap to get one stud dude in here. That’s how I feel. 

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  5. 12 hours ago, Kwai San said:


    You had me until you brought up the biggest POS on the planet (ask Tre please).  I would never ever consider him....maybe just maybe in his prime and even then he is still a POS.


    Then you will lose every time you play Mahomes, Stafford, Burrow, hell even Carr would light up a 10-15 ranked D.


    The Bills need a Bruce Smith type player....Bad Things man - Bad Things.

    Gronk I mentioned cause he was fresh on my mind when creating the post. Maybe I mentioned him cause I knew he was a FA from an article I just read. He really wasn’t the focus of my post and you’re right I shouldn’t have added him to this post as it’s a separate topic. 

    Also I agree he is a POS. I do however imagine he would be the type of FA the front office brings in for the DE position. A proven aging vet. I do hope we get someone more youthful myself. 

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  6. 12 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:


    In the game I watched, our guys were pressuring Mahomes a lot, but like Josh he is incredible at getting away.  And those game wreckers the Chiefs had arguably had an even worse day trying to get Allen.  And we got that pressure mostly rushing only 4 and not blitzing.  We beat them in the regular season blitzing zero times too.  


    I just think people need to stop over reacting when elite players play elite.  We didn't lose that game because we didn't have a game wrecker at DE is my point.  


    I just cant see what a "game wrecker" really changes the last game the way Mahomes and Allen were playing.  We got a lot of pressure on Mahomes throughout the game as it was, many of which would have been sacks of other QBs not named Mahomes, Allen, or Lamar.  


    Mahomes and Allen were just on a different level Sunday.  Having Tre White there would have been something that would have had a bigger impact though, like Hill probably doesn't get that long TD if White is in the game.    


    So I just don't see that being where we need to invest our limited cap space.  Boost the OL, depth at CB, beef on the DL are where I would focus.  Plus we have 2 second round picks and a first round pick at DE to get on the field this year.  Look at how Oliver finally broke out this year, we need to keep grooming and developing the talent we have here who were all showing good things this past year.  

    A game wrecker finishes the sacks that so many of our front four could not do. I am not of the mindset of just saying Mahomes is as good as Josh so we should not try to effect him at all. Our front four failed. Sure the chiefs did as well. But that doesn’t mean we need to settle on that. Get to Mahomes. Especially if we aren’t blitzing. 

    Mahomes struggled earlier to find throws because our back 7 actually was holding up for a while. By the end of the game they were gassed and understandably. 

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  7. Just now, Alphadawg7 said:


    What did the Chiefs multiple game wreckers do against Josh Allen?


    This is being over exaggerated.  Everyone wants double digit sack numbers, but thats not even equal to one play a game.  Getting pressure is what matters and we did plenty of that and have a stable of young guys who need to see the field.


    I am not against some big time talent at DE, but those are also NOT readily available and also are cap killing contracts.  


    Fix the OL, add some depth at CB, and bring in another beefy DT.  All of that is much higher priority and I will bet money the front office sees it that way too.

    I don’t disagree with your observations of the Chiefs game wreckers but that doesn’t change my stance. A game wrecker for us would have swayed the outcome of that game. We contained rushed several times because our guys just can’t win one on ones. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Brandon said:


    To be honest, I think a defensive focus is the wrong approach. They arguably have the best player in the league at QB.  If it were me,  I'd put the majority of my resources into supporting him with more speed and playmakers at the skill positions and improved line play,  and aim to have a top 10-15 defense rather than trying to be #1.  

    I don’t necessarily disagree. But wouldn’t you say if Josh is playing at the same level as he was in the playoffs that is enough offense?  We just need to make 2-3 more stops against powerful offenses like the Chiefs and some of the up and coming teams?

    1 hour ago, ProcessTruster said:

    plus even if they sent 2 No.1s for some all world pass rusher, they don't have the cap space to pay the guy $25m per... is what it is.. I see most of this roster coming back , with expensive expendables replaced by low cost draft choices.   That's about all Beane can do.   Heck, I'd go into next year with this exact roster and be pretty darn happy.  

    I would be a bit bummed if we didn’t clean up CB. Especially with Tre White not necessarily being ready for the start of the season. Even if Hughes comes back I think they’re looking to add a veteran pass rusher. Remember they made a push for JJ Watt. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

    We just invested a 1st round pick and two 2nd round picks in the DE position. I think the team should put faith in the development of the current players. They have all flashed. 

    Yea but we are banking a super bowl window on guys developing. I sure hope the front office feels the same as me about the priority. I realize I’m not the pro here but it seems obvious that this is where we are coming up short. Not to mention Beane in his presser eluded to the guys needing to do more/hitting rookie walls. I think he sees the same thing. Time will tell. 

    1 hour ago, Nextmanup said:

    Please point out when an edge rusher "changed a game."


    They don't and it's why blowing two first round picks on one would be foolish.



    TJ Watt changes games wouldn’t you agree?  Teamed up with an Ed Oliver type maybe. 

    I don’t think he’d be available. Maybe Chicago wants to move on from Mack for a rebuild?

  10. I think in the moment I just threw my hands up as if this stuff happens.  Shockingly calm.  Yesterday I was frustrated.  Today I am actually more pissed off.  That should of been Josh Allen's legendary cummupance moment.  The world should be talking about him outplaying Mahomes.  Quite frankly at that point he was leading in passing TD's and yardage.  When you score a go ahead TD with 13 seconds it should basically be an automatic that you just won the game for your team.  He got jobbed big time.  


    As much as I try to convince myself we will be good for a long time and compete for a long time with Allen (which I fully believe), this year specifically the path to the Super Bowl as well as a Super Bowl victory is arguably the easiest remaining opponents in recent memory.  This really would have been our best shot that I can ever recall.  That I believe is why I am pissed.


    Don't misinterpret my post as wanting to clean house and fire McDermott.  I don't want that.  I am just pissed and need time to digest.  I really want the continuity.  Keep the core players and staff.  Upgrade where it's been blatantly obvious to all (Defensive pass rush, CB, maybe LB).


    I am not that hard on Edmunds as everyone else either.  I think he is doing what he is coached to do.  Yes I believe he is limited in his coverage recognition.  Hopefully that develops more.  I wouldn't get rid of him though. I think a game breaking DE changes the look for the entire defense.


    Still disappointed.  I haven't been able to watch the game agin yet.

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  11. To me this is the biggest offseason question.  There are talented CB's in the draft.  I am sure we can move money and cap to get needed FA's.  But a DE difference maker is what we need.  A game wrecking dude.  Honestly I would trade 2 #1 picks to get one.  At this point I am tired of watching our D-line not get it done.


    Side note Gronk s a FA.  Wouldn't hurt adding him as much of a tool as he is.  Great blocker and red zone threat.

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  12. I think the worst play on defense may have been the screen in overtime on 2nd and 10 or 3rd and 10 when the whole defensive line recognized the screen except 57 which was the side they were running it to. If he had realized what was going on and reacted accordingly that could have dropped that play for a loss. 

    The 13 seconds to allow them field goal range is brutal. Josh really deserved to celebrate tonight as well as the rest of the team. 

    I do think the defense played better than everyone will remember. We did force a few field goals in the red zone. To their credit. Also they were on the field a ton because the offense had way too many three an md outs. They must have been exhausted by the time the end of the game/OT rolled around. That really is on the offense (maybe play calling). 

    It is a team sport and you win and lose as a team. Still with 13 seconds left you have to be able to keep them out of FG range. 

    This game made it obvious how badly we need speed/difference makers on the defensive line to me. People will pick on the secondary and LB’s but they covered well on lots of plays. Sure another elite CB would be great. I still think a top tier DE makes a bigger difference though. I also wouldn’t be opposed if we leaned into offense more at this point and went the way of KC. Just try to out score everyone. Josh I think proved he is next level elite. 

    This was as good of a chance at a Lombardi as I can recall. Very frustrating. I will walk away though with a ton of confidence that we will go toe to toe with the big dogs for the foreseeable future. We should win some of these. Josh has ice in his veins. Very much being overlooked after that finale but not by me. 

  13. We need an impact pass rusher. Stud Corner would be great but an impact pass rusher makes a bigger difference in my opinion. 

    Josh Allen is going to win us a super bowl. That was an amazing two drives he put together. Sucks to be done for this season cause this may have been as good of a shot to win a super bowl as ever.  Still that was as good of a game finish as the Chargers/Raiders regular season game. 

    We have the QB. Really a lot of good pieces but we need playmakers on defense I believe. Difference makers. Von Miller showed up big today. We lack that kind of player on defense. 

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  14. 10 hours ago, JohnNord said:

    It’s funny how so many Chiefs fans are trying to convince themselves that the Bills defense isn’t good.   Seems to me that they are pretty concerned and looking for a reason to rationalize why the Bills aren’t as good as they really are:



    To his point…there’s an element of truth there.  The Bills were fortunate to play some bad QB’s but they dominated them.  


    He left out Tom Brady, Ryan Tanehill, and of Course Patrick Mahomes ironically…

  15. Everyone is so quick to forget we have a great defense. Just cause we don’t have the marquee names on our defense and KC does does not mean that they are better. 

    We have the better team even if Bills fans are scared to admit it.

    I feel like Josh is about to go on a heater like he did last season. Only this time it’s in the playoffs. Like the year Flacco or Rogers won the Super Bowl. They were unstoppable. The stars are aligning. This board needs to buck up and get excited for this game. It’s going to happen!

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  16. 1 hour ago, ScottLaw said:

    Maybe they were….. maybe teams have caught on a bit to what we do in those situations, maybe some players have lost focus in those tight situations compared to last season….I’m not sure, but I do know the offense has come up short in 4 of those 5 games with the ball and a chance to tie or take the lead…. Saying it’s purely luck and we just didn’t get the breaks seems ridiculous….. the Titans knew what the play was and where it was going on the QB sneak on 4th and 1(they said so themselves post game), Allen fumbled away a chance to tie/win the Jags game, self inflicted penalties at the end of the first pats game that moved them backwards in the red zone, and after storming back to tie the game against the Bucs they went 3 and out in OT before the Bucs got the ball and scored…. Just gotta hope the coaching staff and players  are ready and more equipped mentally to prevail in a tight game. 

    I’d say the Titans yes is on Josh. The play call is still argue was right. But Dawkins got blown up and Josh slipped. 

    First NE game Josh put a dime on 3rd and 19 to Dawson Knox in the end zone in 50 mph wind. That game wasn’t lost on Josh. I wouldn’t even put it on coaching as the plays were there to be made but the players didn’t deliver. Several times. 

    Tampa again Josh went for Diggs on final drive in 4th quarter. Diggs should have drawn a pass interference but that never happened. Yes we lost in OT but again plays were there to be had. I put that on the players. 

    Jags our offensive line was horrendous. Not sure if Josh wasn’t checking to the right plays or what. I felt like that game he was trying to win the game with one throw and kept making it worse when all he had to do was play us into FG range. 

    Agree or disagree with how those games played out we are where we are.  But the Bills have been playing really good football lately. Even the games where Josh hasn’t been dominant. The O-line looks day and night different. The defense has been playing even better. That doesn’t translate to an automatic win this week but I feel really strongly about our chances. I feel more confident about Sunday than I do last year’s championship game. 

    Im going to smoke some brisket, sit back, and enjoy the show as the rest of America learns first hand that we are the team to beat in the AFC. We’ve got a date with destiny. Enjoy being a fan this season cause Josh is about to turn it on for a run to the super bowl. 


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