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  1. He looks and talks exactly like Tom Green.  I am shocked that this connection hasn't been made earlier.  I don't think he's a bad analyst I just think he is trying to hate on the Bills more than needed.  Also I think at this point he is so committed to his schtick/so far down the rabbit hole that he can't back out of it.

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  2. 6 hours ago, WideNine said:

    I don't have a lot of negatives around the game Dorsey called.


    He designed plays that got the ball out of Allen's hands quickly. Completely negated the pass rush of Washington and the balanced run game took advantage of the lighter boxes they played.


    How many hits did Allen take? Not a lot.


    Only a few critiques. As others have mentioned, he could do better with 4th and short calls.


    A would like to see them lean more into Allen under center and play action - especially with a run game that is clicking. Dorsey still seems overly enamored with shotgun.


    I am also done seeing Hardy wheel and sweep plays. A cloud of dust and nothing. I just don't see the juice and it seems like they have gone to the well enough that they should have come to the same conclusion.


    Defense played disciplined till we had a good lead then just unleashed the dogs.


    Bernard plays with good instincts for his gap and the ball. The DTs in front of him are really holding their own when not collapsing the pocket.


    Great day all around for the defense.










    There were also several plays where Josh threw to Diggs where Kincaid was wide open. Most were completed but sometimes I think Josh has his mind made up before snap he’s going to Diggs. So far it hasn’t really bit him in the last two games but it could I’m the near future. I think Dorsey is calling good games. The offense needs to execute the calls. We have a legit running game and the QB isn’t taking hits against a dominant D line. 

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  3. When interpreting tweets as fact I say wait for video.  Example the Damar Hamlin pick 6 in today's practice.  Hardly a pick six.  Interception yes but he was touched while down by the receiver.  I am sure some of these guys got burned on the OL.  However it's early in camp.  Spencer Brown is a pretty good run blocker.  I am excited to watch him nd Torrance on some run plays.  Maybe on pass we need to chip his side.  Time will tell.

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  4. I wish this week we would go with 3 LB's and use Taron Johnson as a rover/Strong Safety.  Keep Poyer deep.  That would probably be our strongest tacklers on the field.  I am not suggesting we move Taron to safety every week.  But if we go 3 LB's Taron is still a better player than Hamlin.  Find a way to keep him on the field.


    Play Elam and White on the outsides.

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  5. I hate that we lost as much as the next person.  I will add two thoughts.


    1) John Warrow looks like the conspiracy theorist from every movie.  The zoom calls during the pandemic were my favorite.  He looked like he just rolled out of bed.  Literally he was wearing a robe in one of them.  Also I have never heard a reporter struggle as much as he does to formulate a question.  He just starts rambling and then hopes at then end by voice fluctuation it becomes a question.  Like Ron Burgandy reading off the teleprompter with a question mark.  If anyone has an in with Bills front office it is definitely not this guy.


    2) Teams lose.  It isn't the end of the world.  Good QB's throw picks it happens.  It sucks but I am hardly freaking out over this.  For every Tom Brady come from behind win he had what seemed like 1 dropped interception throw that could have easily made him less of a GOAT.  Sometimes you get the breaks.  This last game yea I think Josh was forcing it on the last drive when he still had time.  So there is definitely something for him to take from this loss and improve on.  I believe it is down/distance/clock management.  But just like in every situation you can take good and bad.  At the end of the game with 41 seconds he took us down the field to get into field goal range.  Quite frankly his throw to Gabe Davis on that last drive in the 41 seconds should have been a TD if not for the defensive PI.  If the defender didn't hold on that play and Gabe Davis scores everyone here would be talking about how amazing of a QB we have.  I guess my point is this game didn't change how I feel about this team or JA.  I am looking forward to Cleveland and Lions.  Getting back on track and seeing how this bipolar message board responds.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, Meatloaf63 said:

    Anyone who thinks the Dolphins magically figured out how to stop Josh Allen is delusional. Unless any team can create the same weather and injuries, good luck. Miami didn’t do squat. Bad luck Cj on the other hand did plenty…

    The only thing Miami did was hunker down in the red zone and short yardage situations.  We had the ball the entire game.  They couldn't stop the Bills.  The Bills just didn't punch it in when they had the chance (multiple times).

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  7. Few things:

    1) our defense is good

    2) we have given up zero points in the second half of both games.

    3) I think people are underplaying how good our defense is.

    4) our offense is better

    5) our QB is better


    I don't see this being a close game.  Maybe the fins score a garbage TD late to make the score look closer than the game really is.  I don't think either of our rookie corners change how we play defense in this game.  Would be the same either way.  Micah Hyde is the bigger missing piece this week and I still think we do okay without him.


    28-17 Bills win.  I wouldn't be shocked if we score more than 35.  

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  8. 15 minutes ago, 4merper4mer said:

    I erased the first part of your quote because I mostly agree, have no major exceptions or think certain parts are moot.  To the parts I left in:


    1. We have no idea if Araiza admitted to having sex with her.  The only information pointing at that comes from the plaintiff’s attorney’s account of a phone call that he says took place between Araiza and the victim.  That is not an admission of anything by Araiza whether some reporter asking Beane stupid questions thinks so or not.


    2. To me a 17 year old going to a party like that is bad judgement and neither 17 year old nor college campus partygoers exactly have reputations for good judgement but if I’m passing out blame for what may have happened the 17 year old gets .0000000000000000000000000004000000003%.


    3. If he had nothing to do with a gang rape that actually occurred but was aware of it and did nothing, I agree that he is someone to be held in very low regard regardless of his young age or the circumstances. He should also be charged with obstruction of justice and/or anything else that applies and get a 400 pound cell mate.   I also agree on the lawyer’s fate if these assertions prove untrue.  No one except the involved parties…..and even some of them may not remember…..may EVER know the whole truth there.  Yet the reporter mob expects the Bills “investigative skills” to be better.  It’s. A. Joke.


    4. I’m not absolving the police but at the same time I think the expectations here are a bit unrealistic.  I certainly understand the frustration of the victim wrt the timeline but the press/public stomping their feet three minutes after they find out….and have no verifiable context….is absurd.  SDPD is in no place to share any details of anything so we’re simply left with people’s ignorant theories and conspiracies piling up and SDPD, Beane, campus police, Araiza, McD, and I’m sure a longer list are defined as somewhere between totally incompetent and the devil incarnate by reporters who went to journalism school for years but never learned the meaning of the two word phrase “direct quote”.  


    The above things don’t point to a heathy society.


    With regards to #1 there is an interview Araiza’s attorney did on a television news station where he states Araiza did have sex with her under the context that he thought she was of age. I can’t recall if he said he thought she went to college or just that he was told she was 18. I believe there’s a link to that interview within the first 6 pages of this topic. 

    A lot of back and forth on this board though that I don’t believe is what was stated. That part I did hear directly though in the interview. 

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  9. 4 minutes ago, nedboy7 said:


    I hear you.  It is probably not smart.  I wouldn't want my daughter at a party of this type.  Telling someone you are not 17 has nothing to do with being raped however.  And lots of people are triggered by how these types of cases are handled.  For both sides of the story. Anyways I get your point. 

    100% agree. I also think this story is so intense because it’s beyond rape. She is a legging that it was a gang rape which means multiple people are involved if that is the case.


    separate sidenote my wife and I went and saw a comedian at SDSU somewhere around this time. It was seriously like walking through a playboy mansion style party. We saw the comedian on campus at a stadium style theater. It was John Mulaney. I remember leaving the outdoor theater and walking to our car. It definitely was not an environment I would want my daughter at. Crazy Mardi Graz type environment. 

  10. 1 minute ago, nedboy7 said:

    You complain about speculations then present us with yours.  You have strong feelings about a 17 year old at a party?  Like what feelings?  And what do you not fault him for?  Some weird takes there. 

    I did speculate. Sorry if that was confusing. I tried to separate that so it wouldn’t be taken out of context. I should have just kept that part out. 

    I have strong feelings about a 17 year old showing up to a college party. My strong feelings about that are that there’s no way you can make me believe that she was telling people she was 17.  That is my strong feeling. Not a fact obviously.  
    High school girls don’t go to college parties and say they are in high school. I suppose that is not a fact and is speculation but I don’t feel like it’s a stretch to agree on this. 

    That is what I was trying to say about that point. 

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  11. 23 minutes ago, 4merper4mer said:

    The full truth is what matters most in this.  That should always be the case.  If he is guilty of what is alleged then IMO there is no punishment harsh enough.  If he is guilty of parts…such as knowing about it and saying Nothing, I’d think he’d deserve whatever outcome came his way.  

    For the sake of discussion, let’s assume he wasn’t involved at all and has been completely accurate and forthcoming behind the scenes……this seems like a stretch to me personally but let’s just go with it for a minute…..now let’s say he is able to prove that.  Do you think the lingering effects from this on his career/life will magically disappear?  That no one will remember his name or it will have no impact?  How about if he is truly innocent but has no way to prove it?  It won’t have any impact?  All this stuff is no biggie and should be seen as how society should treat people?


    I don’t know about woke or how it has come to be defined but I can see that we have become a culture that needs immediate answers and resolution to any issue so we feel we can move on to the next thing.  If it takes a while to gather actual facts?  Screw that, just take a guess.

    The things you point out are facts and thus irrelevant.  Emotions only please.

    Just to be clear in the court of law Matt doesn’t need to prove he is innocent. The burden is on the plaintiff to prove he is guilty. I think this is why there is such a polarizing opinion. He’s not guilty of this crime until he’s proven to be guilty.
    Everyone assumes he is guilty and should suffer. However the reality is unless the plaintiff can prove Araiza was in the room and raped her then it’s pretty much moot point. I do think a jury however will lean towards the plaintiff because the suit is such a disturbing claim. 

    In the suit though there’s a lot of speculation like it says Araiza should have known she was drunk, etc. It also says he told her to have sex with him and she did. Does it actually say he raped her?  I never read it that way. The claim is that he led her back into the room where she was gang raped. 

    So based off her own diary she contradicts herself that she doesn’t remember who was there or who brought her to the room. But I’m the suit it says Araiza brought her to the room as well as should have known she was drunk. 

    I get the feeling the attorney is fishing for more information/cooperation from Araiza to help piece details together that he believes only Araiza can help confirm. 

    This next part is all pure speculation. The feeling I get from this whole suit is that Araiza was there, had sex with the girl (as he admitted to) and may possibly know what happened after he hooked up with her. I get the vibe that he probably knew about or became aware about what happened afterwards. That is why they are going after him. 

    I also have strong feelings about a 17 year old girl at a college party at a house on campus. I don’t fault him for that personally. 

    However if he was aware of the gang rape I think he should have informed. That’s not something to stay quiet about. If he was involved he should be prosecuted criminally.  His life will be ruined.  If he wasn’t involved I hope the plaintiff’s attorney loses his license for they way he destroyed this kids life. I will wait judgement until this sees it’s day in court. 

    I wonder why San Diego PD hasn’t moved forward or made a statement about any of this?  I wonder if the civil case helps or ruins any criminal case they had been working/building. 

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  12. I honestly don't care about that statistic as much as Allen vs all other visiting QB's during that span.  The reality is whether plays a huge factor.  If Josh's stats are better than the visiting QB's over that span then that is what matters to me.  IF you watched the wind game last year vs the Pats he put balls in receiver's chests that were dropped.  In the rain and snow he completed throws as well.  I am not sure his statistics will always beat out the opponents in the weather (see Philly at Bills with Wentz) but I think it averages out better.  Especially in 2020 and 2021.  If weather is a neutralizer then I want our QB to be able to perform better in those games which I believe he does.  I wouldn't discount running in those games either because those are free yards (or as I call them a guaranteed completion).


    I also don't believe in the sugar high Josh Allen comments.  My biggest argument against that nickname is look at Josh's stats in primetime and playoff games.  He has some ridiculous numbers.  


    We have the right guy.  I wouldn't change anything about his game right now.  Even the running.  I don't think he needs to throttle back on scrambles.  I wouldn't mind him running out of bounds instead of lowering a shoulder.  But he seems to have reigned that in a bit with each season.

  13. 3 hours ago, Paup 1995MVP said:

    Why would you want to cut Jamison Crowder?  The guy is a baller.  A professional WR.  He will be a big part of our offense this year.

    I am not opposed to him. I am only saying if Shakir shows he’s at the same level during preseason then I believe he offers more diversity at other positions. 

    I also wonder if waiting until the 5th to take a WR means the front office believes enough in McKenzie to contribute more on offense this year. 

    1 hour ago, boater said:

    Boil it down to brass tacks: he's saying this years fifth rounder beats a very-veteran fourth rounder. That's a tall order.

    I have no hate on Crowder. Nor am I assuming that Shakir is better as a 5th round rookie. But if he shows to be comparable in camp I think the front office would stick with a rookie with the ability to also help out with return duties over him. If there’s room for them both I’m sure they will keep them both. 

    I think the more telling play would be Bernard at CB pushing for the other gunner spot. That would free up the 3rd RB spot on game days. 

    whem all is said and done this draft more than most years could end up shaping our special teams more than any of the previous ones. May have 3-4 core teams players out of it. 

  14. Not sure how to merge topics. I just posted something very similar. I think we made our defense and ST better. We got a couple of speed options on offense. Overall good upgrades/additions. A couple positions I wish we addressed but alas I don’t think the front office saw position value or agreed with me about the need. I’m happy with the draft.  Admittedly a Homer but I think we we got better. 


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  15. 1) Elam- possible/probable starter

    2) Cook- probably a lot of touches as a 3rd down back at least

    3) Bernard- special teams starter/probably back up LB/maybe some big nickel stuff?

    5) Shakir- possible punt returner/WR contribute as a rookie (maybe/hopefully)?

    6) Araiza- possible starter at punter (one would hope)

    6) Benford- reserve/possibly could start as a gunner (perhaps moving on from Taiwan Jones?)

    6) Tenuta- I have no expectations whatsoever from him but who knows with how much depth there was in this year’s draft class. I’d imagine practice squad based purely on roster numbers 

    7) Spector- Similar to the pick above. I have low expectations. Not because of ability but how stacked our roster is. Probably practice squad. 

    I think all things considered if we walk out of this draft with just a starting outside CB, punter, and solid punt returner that have immediate contributions this season that would be huge for this year. Not to mention Cook at RB if he demands touches because of his ability. 

    I think long term I was hoping to walk away with IOL and TE. But I don’t know the front offices plan with resigning. I’d imagine Knox gets resigned. I think the team loves him and he has a great relationship with JA. 

    Hopefully Shakir is good enough to allow us to cut Crowder. That would be big for our team if he can force BBB to make that decision. 

    Our draft class definitely seems hungry to prove themselves. They sure give off that impression in their interviews. 

    I’m excited for training camp. The smell of super bowl championship is in the air!

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  16. 2 hours ago, whorlnut said:

    Legit defense?  It makes me laugh when I read stuff like this. We were ranked number one this past season. And if you want to dismiss the ranking because of “who we faced”, fine. Either way, we were a top 5 unit. Don’t post things that aren’t true that the numbers don’t support. 

    I realize you can only play who is on your schedule.  I won't argue that we had a good defense.  We were a very good defense.  I suppose the term "legit defense" I should have replaced with the word intimidating or scary.  But if that is what you took from my post so be it.  If you thought our defense last year was dominant or feared I think we will have to agree to disagree.  I love this team as much as the next fan and realize I am a homer as well.  But our defense last year (#1 ranking or not) was not a feared defense.  IMO our offense was more fearful than our defense.  I am sure the Von Miller signing and some of the other moves will show as much this season.

  17. I am pretty unbiased on which CB we chose so long as it was addressed.  I figured if we didn't grab one in the 1st or 2nd round we would be signing a veteran this weekend.  I am glad we have a cost controlled contract on a rookie CB though with Tre already being signed to the big deal.


    I have always thought our defense was 1 good cover CB away from being a legit defense.  Hopefully with our interior beef on DL and Von Miller/progress from young DE's it catapults us into being a scary defense.  I do feel like last year we were ranked better than we were on defense because of how poor our schedule was.  this year will be a better gauge on our ability on defense I think.


    I realize depth at several positions may be a priority but I am of the mindset of more playmakers on offense too.  That puts us into scary opponent  territory.

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  18. 13 minutes ago, TampaBillsJunkie said:

     I was going to start a post on Monday on how I really felt the Bills were going to move up in this draft. This roster is stacked and they only need a stud CB to complete it.  Yes, I can also see going after Hall or Jameson or another top WR.


    I feel the FO is saying we need 2 impact players (and a shot at a 3rd)  under team control for 4-5 years. Let's identify them and do whatever it takes to get them in a Bills uni.  After Rd 3 or 4, I don't see another draft pick making this team unless they find some hidden gem out of nowhere.  This draft is about getting a CB/WR and maybe another G and RB. The first two they have identified their targets and will move to get them, like they did with Allen and Edmonds.  


    After that it's taking swings on potential with a Safety, LB, RB.  I totally trust this FO to make it happen. Can't wait for the draft!





    While I agree with the strategy I don’t think this is the year to toss away extra draft picks. Maybe some late round ones. But this draft class should be loaded. A lot of athletes who sat out the Covid year came back this year to play. It’s a really deep draft class. I think there’s draft-able starters in the 4th this year. Maybe even 5th. 

    Time will tell but this may be the most exciting day 3 draft watch for me in several years.  

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