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  1. 11 minutes ago, RememberTheRockpile said:

     Are you off your rocker? ?


    If the front office Believes in him then I wouldn’t be shocked. He can produce and there’s no reason to think he will take a step back in his third year after showing improvement from year one to year two. Also he seems to have the work ethic this front office looks for. 

    5 minutes ago, Jpsredemption said:

    Yes he is. Zay had a fluky 7 TDs but even in his best games, see at Miami, he had critical drops. I was always baffled by a trade up in the draft for a receiver with no outstanding qualities and his best quality in college, his hands, are even suspect. 


    His TD vs the Texans was about as clutch of a moment in the game as it comes. 


    Also so his entire performance vs the Dolphins (1st game) was all during critical moments of the game albeit he did have a TD drop/miscommunication with Josh.


    Additionally if you go back and watch the Titans game he picks up critical third downs. They are just all very short yardage situations.


    Plus they have him in on some max protection passes. I’m telling you they think highly of the kid. If our O-line can pass block then I see no reason he doesn’t show up improved on the stat sheet this season. 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, BillsFan130 said:

    Good post. To nitpick though, I definitely disagree about Zay Jones. 


    Jones is bad in my opinion and I think this regime is starting to lose faith in him.


    I think that is a big reason they added Duke, Beasley, and Brown

    I personally don’t think he is amazing. I just don’t think he is as bad as he has been made out to be. Also with where they played him last season (on the perimeter and in the slot I really think they have confidence in him. He’s a movable piece and understands his responsibilities. But Robert Foster I think has a bigger role this coming season. I just think with Beasly and Brown that Zay is still in their top 4 WR’s. 


    But we we can agree to disagree. It will be interesting to see how this off-season shakes out. It wouldn’t shock me if they draft a WR. I just think they draft a TE higher than WR. My personal feelings obviously. I’ve been wrong a lot in life. Lol

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  3. Just been watching games from last season. 


    1) Special teams cost us at least 2 games last season


    -Texans muffed punt giving them the ball inside the 20. Texans end up scoring. This game was close all the way through. Also a blocked punt. Not sure Bojorquez is the answer at punter but we better have this sorted out. 

    -Titans weird fake field goal. We end up winning this game but atrocious by all means. 

    -Second game vs NY Jets blocked field goal. Haushka gets hurt on this play too. 

    -Coverage unit just never was good. Hardly any punts downed inside the 20 compared to years past. 


    2) Defense was good but not nearly as dominant as our 2nd ranking showed. 


    -We need to improve pass rush and severely our run defense. DT and DE should both be in serious play at #1 draft spot


    3) Charles Clay/TE’a were featured but either bad throws or couldn’t make plays. 


    -I think Croom is a bigger part of their plans this season. 

    -I also think TE is more coveted than we are giving this front office credit for. Maybe not at first pick but I think it will be in the first 3 rounds for sure. If I were a betting man I’d put money down. 


    4) Offensive line was bad. Really bad. Getting stood up when they should be pushing on run plays. Getting walked back into the QB on pass plays. I believe we we have improved greatly here. However once again I wonder with all the 1 year contracts if this regime is posturing to make other clubs doubt our desire to draft OL in the first round. With the solidifying of the line I’m very confident McCoy looks 2017 form. The poor old man was getting hit behind the LOS at a ridiculously high rate. Also this should improve Josh Allen’s passing (for obvious reasons). 


    5) Zay Jones is liked  by this regime. He hardly ever isn’t in on offense. Also he seems to get decent separation. I don’t think this kid is going anywhere unless he gets naked in a hotel hallway again. That being said I want another playmaker at WR personally. I’m just not sure our front office sees it as big of a need. I have a feeling TE is a higher priority in their eyes. Zay made more plays than this board seems to give him credit for. The Titan game alone he converted multiple third downs. They were just very short yardage completions. 


    6) Allen’s jump from the first half to the second half is a stark difference. His pocket awareness and lack of sacks in the second half are markedly improved. Makes my confidence in his growth that much higher after watching the games again. 


    7) I feel like FA was even more successful for our team after watching these games again. Also the fact that we’ve met with Ziggy Ansah gives me more confidence in this front office. I do think he is still in play if they don’t land a DE in the top of the draft. FA was definitely designed to give them flexibility in their selection at 9 if they stay there. 


    8) Good Gravy I cant believe Nathan Peterman will ever get another shot in the NFL. Head scratcher. Have to believe eve we are significantly improved by not ever having someone like that take a snap here at all. 



    Those are are my main points I took away. I’m sure there are more to be taken from it. It’s really hard not to be optimistic about Josh Allen. Especially knowing he will be getting the necessary reps with his WR’s. But imagine this: Bills win the Texans and Jets game. Also the other Dolphin game. That’s a 9-7 season same as the year before. Imagine this on top of that: Josh Allen is healthy for a whole season and we have a decent run game and a top 5 defense. I think that is what we are looking at this season and I feel 10-6 or 11-5 is not an unrealistic expectation. 


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  4. To be honest I don’t want him to retire. I want us to take the mantle from him while he’s still playing. From our team being built up the right way. It would be icing on the cake if Josh allen could drive down the field late in the 4th quarter to take the mantle properly.  That is in my wettest version of the dream. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, #34fan said:

    Look, Allen has a shot... A very good one... I'm not an "Allen" guy, but get him some REAL help... See what happens



    The other thing that really impressed me was him completing some awesome third and long passes. Several of which were called back for holding. I believe in one game it was two different third downs in a row that got called back. But serious NFL throws that he made which didn’t show up on the stat sheet this season. Hopefully with some offensive line upgrades some of those throws count this season. 

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  6. 51 minutes ago, billsfan1959 said:

    Haha! My son was born at the beginning of their super bowl years. By the time he was old enough to really follow them, it was over - and too late for him to root for any team but the Bills. Poor bastard...

    My children were born in 2006 and later. We live in California and they rock their Bills gear. When people ask how I’m a Bills fan I tel them I was born in the wrong decade. I was the equivalent of a current patriots fan. The Bills were on TV and they were winning. I didn’t know any better. Most of the time I thought the Bills were an underdog cause they would come from behind and win in the 4th quarter. I thought I was willing them to victory. Only later as I got older did I realize they are just really good and I didn’t know any better. Lol. 

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  7. Great QB’s seem to elevate the play around them. How often do you hear about the lack of talent around successful teams with great QB’s. Hardly ever. Because those QB’s distribute the ball. 


    I am am not saying Josh is great. But after returning from injury he was finding ways to make plays. With the offensive line overhaul I see no reason he doesn’t continue to do so. I’d argue that WR is not even close to the same level of need on our offensive side as is TE and RB at this point. I personally feel like RB may even be more critical than TE. 


    I remember when Jim Kelly was throwing to Lofton and Reed. The. Lofton left and Beebe started. Then Quin Early, Moulds, etc. It didn’t really matter which receiver rotated in they were productive. Even one season I think Reed got injured and Bill Brooks who was like 3rd on the depth chart stepped up and had a 1,000 yard receiver. 


    All the stud QB’s seem to do this. Brady is probably the best example. Brees does it too. Granted having amazing WR talent obviously makes life easier. But the great QB’s just find a way to make it happen. 


    I feel the the offensive line improvements are more critical this season than any other improvements. Give the young blood time to make a  decision. We already know he can improvise. 


    That being said said in the draft index be happy with BPA.  I do hope the BPA for us is DT, LB, or Hockenson. That’s just me personally. I know the DE argument can and should be made but I have a feeling they plan to circle back to Ansah after the draft if they aren’t able to fill the need this year. I’m sure they realize they can not fill every hole with an all star this season. Draft 2-3 studs/contributors this season. Resign our own next offseason and draft another 2-2 studs/contributors. We can be very competitive this season with our current roster. Post draft if we get 2-3 difference makers then we will be looking great. The argument for offensive line in the draft is legitimate as well but I have a feeling they only go that route if the right guy falls into their lap. 


    I am of the mindset that LB is more critical than other people think. Milano is great but recovering. Edmunds looks to be trending the right way. Lorenzo is 36. If the stud from LSU is available I’d be hard pressed letting him slip by. We could always draft him and then move Lorenzo over to DE. He makes plays no matter where he is. That’s LSU LB looks like he’s help in the run and pass defense for sure. Obviously I’d take JA 2.0 or Bosa. But I doubt they are around. Would love Ed oliver or Quinnen Williams. Both to me are game changers. 


    All in all all it’s hard not to be excited after the Fa moves. I can’t remember ever being this confident with our FO. Hopeful in the past but never confident. It’s distincly different for me this year. I’m loving what they are doing. 


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  8. 4 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:

    Another one, with the ladies. These players all live in Southern Cal in offseason. Cool to see 



    Is this the same restaurant btw? Looks Mexican. That margarita pitcher is calling my name. 

    The restaurant is called South of Nicks in san Clemente. I heard Micah Hide say it on Instagram. Which sucks cause that’s where I live and had I known I would have gone over and stalked them. I’m pretty sure that they are training in Dana Point which is the next city over. Also Darnold lives here in San Clemente so I suppose they are hitting up all the tasty joints. 

  9. First disclaimer is I fully supported the offseason moves. Also to clarify I think anyone who thought the upper management expected playoffs this season are fools. I distinctly remember McDermott stating “We aren’t as far along as some people think”. Or something along those lines. Essentially meaning lower expectations this seasons even though we made the playoffs last season. 


    Also I agree with them in the aspect of I don’t want to continue as a middle of the pack team which is what we have been for a very long time.  I want to be a playoff team every year similar to the 90’s. Or how all the freaking Pats fans can just assume playoffs every year. We deserve that as fans. So I am just fine with taking a step back for a year. Even 2 years if I feel the team is building in the right direction which I sincerely believe they are for the first time since the music city miracle. 


    Back to to the post topic: after listening to the end if season pressers I feel even more confident in upper management. Without throwing the offensive line (existing players) they recognized out lout that that is an area of concern and I believe they will address it. I see a lot of pessimism from lots of posters and I can’t help but assume that that negativity is from years of mediocrity. I just can’t see how after watching this season and the direction the team is building towards how they can’t feel better about our future. 


    One more point more I’ll throw out there:  how refreshing is it to see a QB who the coaching staff feels comfortable enough with to call passes out of our own end zone or who call pass plays for yardage beyond the sticks on 3rd and long. Even with Josh’s pick 6 yesterday I thought “at least they had the balls to call that play”. 


    Ideally we we can address several issues in FA and the draft. I have been enjoying the college bowl games much more this week. 


    One final thought about the Josh Allen scrambles. I may be in the minority but I think those are essentially completed passes for yardage. I don’t see why people count those against him. They are a major issue for the defenses covering him. 


    Really looking forward ward to a great offseason and an amazing 2019 season. Playoff bound no doubt!

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  10. I realize it is far fetched but along the lines of wishful thinking this is a big week to keep a glimmer of hope alive.  


    Games we want to swing in our favor:

    Bills over Miami

    Falcons over Ravens

    Jags over Colts

    Texans over Browns

    Bengals vs Broncos (toss up?)

    Jets over Titans

    Viking over Pats (just because)

    Steelers over Chargers (possible but realistically we aren't catching the Chargers)


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