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  1. 1 minute ago, Ethan in Portland said:

    Yup. Use the remaining money on the OL and draft front 7, TE, and RB in the first six rounds. Add an UDFA that has some return ability

    I’d argue this draft is heavy in O-line talent and lacking in DE talent. TE’s after Pitts are MEH. There’s decent DE depth and TE depth in FA. 

    I hope we grab a talented pass rusher in FA because the chance to get a game breaker in the draft at 30 are slim. Better chance at a talented OT or OG at 30 IMO 

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  2. One only has to google his 2020 highlights to see he still has it.  Total stud and instantly upgrades our run and pass defense.  I would get a total football chub if Beane manages to get Watt and resign Darryl Williams.  The rest I think we can manage through draft/FA.  




  3. On 1/30/2021 at 9:04 AM, balln said:


    Saves us 1.1 million




    Draft this guy. Felton. Converted slot WR > now a RB. Let McKenzie and Roberts walk. This guy is a RB/slot WR/ kick returner all in one.


    Gotta be ruthless



    Seems like everyone is quick to forget. Last season Singletary was arguably our best offensive player. Just because we switched to mainly a passing offense doesn’t mean he just isn’t a good player. He is a good enough runner under a rookie contract. You’re stupid if you cut him. Not to mention Josh rarely looked to him in the passing game. He had one drop in the playoff game. Get over cutting players. Josh threw a pick are we cutting him?  Diggs dropped a pass are we cutting him?  Singletary can run. Is he a game breaker from a speed standpoint?  No. But if we had decent run blocking in front of him he can easily put together a 1,200+ yard season.   I imagine with Ford back next year we have more of an effort to get a running game going. Our line did well pass blocking but we could still improve. Run blocking they left a lot to be desired.   I just don’t see why all the blame on Singletary. That game loss was hardly on him. 

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  4. 1 minute ago, WideNine said:




    KC was doing some good things on defense too, waiting for Allen to call protections and plays then switching things up before the snap. Did a good job of disguising looks too. It was a tough game all around.



    It was frustrating on one hand because we are good. But no way can we hang with Kelce and Hill. We just don’t have anyone that can cover them. Scheme may be the issue but our talent isn’t there anyways. I suspect this will be a defensive heavy draft. Need the horses to keep up. Mahomes dodged like 2-3 sacks barely and that was a huge difference. But his guys were schemed open. Like I can’t recall one contested catch by a KC WR. The Bills WR’s seemed to be fighting tough for any separation. 

  5. 45 minutes ago, ngbills said:

    Don’t care what anyone says. We did not show up, played like we were lucky to be there. On to next year. 

    Somehow kc was open all night.  They had a better scheme. 

    KC’s WR’s were so open it looked easy. Every one of our completions looked contested. Even the swing routes. It definitely was a scheme/coaching issue. One that hopefully McDermott can recognize fault and look for talent in the offseason to allow for better game planning. I have hope/faith they can. KC is beatable. We have a ways to go to get there though. That was evident tonight. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, WideNine said:


    Beasley and Knox were open underneath a lot. 


    There were a few plays where Beasley had the sticks, but Allen tried to force it deeper to Digs who was bracketed. It was a good plan by KC to take advantage of Allen's tendency to prefer to wait for a deeper options to develop, plus take away his Diggs safety blanket.


    I think Dabs could have done more bunch concepts and shallow crossers to mess with their man defense or force them into more predictable zone play.


    He didn't.

    This. Allen needs to throw the underneath stuff more early and often. That opens up the rest of the field later. He wasn’t. Then he takes unnecessary sacks which put us in horrible down and distance. 

    those complaining about the defensive game plan or Tre White not being matched up on their elite players need to rewatch the tape. Most of their big passes were short passes that broke for long yardage. Many of which were Tre White in coverage. A few times getting burnt off the line of scrimmage. 

    we just need more speed on defense. More talent on D-line. Another stud CB. Preferably one who can handle man coverage. Offense I think we have people open. JA just needs to learn to be quicker on getting the ball out. More patient for the big plays. They were covering the deep stuff take the dump offs. That’s why Brady has been good all these years. Not because he hits on deep balls. It’s because he keeps the sticks moving. Dumps off to RB’s and has a 100 reception slot guy every season. 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, TFBillsfan said:

    I love your optimism but I don’t know how you or anyone else can come to the conclusion we win easily. The Chiefs are loaded and playing at home. They are the best team in the NFL and the defending champs until proven otherwise. Are they beatable....heck yes! We are going to have to play very well and score TD’s and our Defense is going to have to play well in all phases. If the season is any indication, this will be a 4th quarter nail biter. Just find a way to win, 1 pt, 3 pts, I don’t care how or by how much.



    I will say if you remember last season in the playoffs each one of their games they had to come from behind. Title and championship games they had to climb from a heavy deficit. Super Bowl a decent deficit. So it’s not like they are just unstoppable. They make mistakes. The difference is their team is good enough to overcome those mistakes. However so are we. Josh can throw an INT and our offense is good enough to still win. They’ve proven that this year. Against good teams. 

    más fans we need to stop being so afraid of accepting that our team is good. So long as we don’t come out super flat we can hang with KC and if they make a few too many mistakes it could easily get lopsided for them just as much as it could for us. 

    We are very much in this neck and neck. I have a good feeling about this. Not a cocky feeling but just more calmness than the other two playoff games. 

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  8. 26 minutes ago, SCBills said:


    Ah ok, I was reacting to the synopsis and, admittedly, hadn't seen the clip.  


    That said... I do agree that football should be played indoors in the north.  I know that's blasphemy to some on here, but there's a reason Super Bowls are played inside or in the south. 

    His argument essentially is you want to see the best teams advance with all their weapons at full capabilities. Hard to argue. I mean look how good josh Allen had played this season in domes and good weather. 

  9. 1 minute ago, SCBills said:


    Yes, common knowledge is that an elite running team would obviously be more disadvantaged by heavy winds than an elite passing team.  Of course... Kurt Warner, spot on....


    ((read this post as dripping with sarcasm))

    Not to come to Kurt Warner’s defense but if you watched the whole segment he said the games be played in a dome so you could see the best teams advance. Then he immediately goes into the highlights of how the weather was going to effect this game and how it was supposed to favor the Ravens run game but Buffalo’s defense basically dominated them. So I’m the end of the segment one could surmise that it was a compliment towards Buffalo. 

    I think fans on this board are too quick to be offended. I actually read the comment on this message board and thought we got thrown under the bus. Then I watched it live and realized that people will interpret things however they want. 

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  10. I will say this. Our defense in these prime time games has shown up. Josh Allen as well. I’m not optimistic about the weather but...a healthy Mahomes or no, I feel good about our chances. I went into the Chiefs and Browns game hoping the Chiefs would win. I felt like we would struggle more with the Browns because of their run game/play action. Also I just feel like against the Chiefs the expectations of the Bills winning would be lower so maybe our team would play more stress free. Like playing with house money. 

    After watching the Chiefs this afternoon it solidifies my thinking. We have a real shot here. Not just a fighters chance. Like I feel it’s a coin flip on who wins. Just assuming the Chiefs are the better team is such the national media cop out of people who haven’t been watching the Bills play this season. 

    I think my biggest concern this week is if Singletary is healthy. Not Mahomes concussion. I think we can beat them with Mahomes. I truly do. This is going to be a fun week leading into this game. 

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  11. Actually I think the biggest block on this return aside from Tradavious White’s was the block Poyer puts on Hollywood Brown. Brown was most likely the only person fast enough to catch Taron from where they were on the field aside from Lamar. 

    I loved Milano’s block. I also loved Zimmer keeping up with the DB’s on the run back. 

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  12. 21 hours ago, chris heff said:

    I believe that the odds of forcing a fumble are the same no matter what the clock says. Teams practice punching the ball out, in fact they practice that more than in the past. By your standard any big play that is a result of practice should be attributed to luck, you’re right I don’t see it that way.

    Not to mention that the Patriots made at least 2-3 of their super bowl runs with these types of plays. It’s part of the game and good teams do it regularly. 

  13. I say we just keep winning and let the chips fall. I’m more confident in our passing offense carrying us. Right now we can’t really predict the weather. So for everyone saying we match up better vs a certain team I counter that it all depends on the weather. Kind of why I’m glad if we make it to the championship round the game is in KC. Cause the wind typically isn’t as bad there. I don’t mind the snow or rain. It’s the wind that makes me nervous in the playoffs. 

  14. Also I want to add John Warrow on these zoom calls is a hot mess. I’m pretty sure he’s going through menopause. A couple days ago he was in a robe. Lol. He’s like the crazy old dude from any of the apocalypse movies. He can’t seem to ever ask the question he wants to. Like he’s shocked he even got a chance to ask a question and now he’s too excited to spit it out. 

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  15. If the Titans upset GB this weekend then we need to win Monday night. Also it would leave reason for us to play to win the final week. This is what I want. Is to be forced to keep playing good football. That way there is no second guessing if coaches should have tested players. We just keep playing to win. 

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