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  1. I think OKC will trade Chris Paul to Miami, CP3 and Jimmy Butler seem like a better fit than Russ and Butler would've been.
  2. I just saw a report where the Warriors will retire Iggy's number too lol
  3. Theres a documentary on Omega that just came out recently called "Omega Man". It's pretty good, goes into his early career and then his feud/teaming with Ibushi. Should definitely check that out if you haven't already.
  4. Maybe he really did want to trade Clowney lol
  5. For me, it is Mitch Morse, he was the center I was hoping the Bills would sign. I think he will be great for Josh Allen.
  6. Wild Card: vs. Jacksonville. I just want to see Allen destroy Ramsey and Marrone by a score of 45-10. Divisional: vs. Browns Conference: vs. Chiefs Superbowl: vs Cowboys
  7. Definitely going to the Dallas game, between my parents and brothers there's gonna be 12 of us.
  8. Definitely going to the Thanksgiving game against Dallas. I was excited to go but never expected on Thanksgiving.
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