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  1. Definitely going to the Dallas game, between my parents and brothers there's gonna be 12 of us.
  2. Definitely going to the Thanksgiving game against Dallas. I was excited to go but never expected on Thanksgiving.
  3. Can't wait for this game, I will also be attending. Just hoping that it's not October 13th cause I will be in Buffalo that weekend lol
  4. For me there are some big differences between where the Bills and Sabres are at franchise wise. The Bills have a GM/Coach combination that seem to be on the same page with Beane getting players via draft/free agency who fit McDermott's scheme. The Sabres don't seem to have that same cohesion between Botterill/Housley and maybe some of that is Housley's reluctance of utilizing the roster to it's full potential by making adjustments to the lines. The Bills have Allen entering his second season, and they upgraded the offense from what was fielded last season and I believe that McDermott and Beane's tenure will be determined by how successful Allen is in his development. The Sabres tanked to get a top pick in Eichel, who seemed to be entering one of his best seasons early this year. The main thing that frustrates me with the Sabres, is the fact that Eichel's talent is being wasted by having Housley in the head coach position. The Bills seem to find gems with UDFA and PS players, while the Sabres seem to have trouble developing prospects for some added depth in the roster. Of course I hope both to be successful, I think the Bills are better positioned for success sooner than the Sabres are though.
  5. Living in Dallas I usually get the "Why the Bills?", when I wear my Bills gear around. I rep it proud though
  6. I myself have been impressed with the fact that Beane has clearly been making phone calls to see the price associated with guys like OBJ and Brown. That is something I don't recall much from previous regimes. Wonder if Daryl Williams price drops off a bit if there are concerns with his knee still. Maybe takes a one-year prove it deal to see if he can stay healthy all season.
  7. I think flexibility is one of McDermott's favorite traits in players, knowing that they can play multiple positions or in multiple phases of the game is something that he holds in high regard. I am ecstatic about the Morse signing, the others may not be headline news but compared to what the Bills fielded in 2018-2019 on the offensive side of the ball, the signings are definitely improvements. And I really like the way Beane has structured some of these deals with easy outs after year 1 or 2, and giving Buffalo flexibility in future off seasons.
  8. Very happy the Bills got Morse, young enough to anchor the line in front of Allen for years to come. The signings of Johnson, Gore, and Kroft are good. Kroft wasn't the TE I would have wanted, but he is an upgrade in terms of blocking with potential to be a decent pass-catching TE. Still leaves room for them to draft a TE. I would like to see Buffalo get Daryl Williams today.
  9. Even though the deal fell through, I like the fact that Beane inquired about Brown, shows they are not complacent in adding talent by any means necessary. Unfortunately it didn't work out this time, but I have a feeling that as Josh Allen progresses, getting FA receivers to come to Buffalo won't be as much of an issue. And showing the league that the Bills can be consistent in winning.
  10. Not surprising, being a healthy scratch last game of the year. I'd like to see them draft someone that can stick with Allen for a long time, someone like Irv Smith who is familiar with Daboll's system.
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