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  1. 14 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    I've defended the running backs plenty but to me it started out as almost entirely a blocking problem.......but the blocking got so inefficient and the RB's got so used to getting stoned at the LOS by an unblocked defender(s) that they eventually started anticipating being met at the LOS and stopped hitting the hole as hard.........compounding the issue.   You really can't be tentative running outside zone.  


    We got a glimpse of it in the Miami game where Moss was tentative hitting the hole and left some yards on the table early in the game.........and then enter Antonio Williams hitting the hole hard like it's drawn up and some big plays followed.    Obviously the Dolphins had one foot out the door during that game but I think we still saw an example of how the impact of months of poor run blocking took it's toll on the individual effort of the RB's.


    They gotta' clean that up.   I am sure they think adding the athletic Forrest Lamp at guard is a very good fit.   Obviously Breida is a proven 1-cut runner coming off a down year who projects nicely into the Bills system as well.


    I agree BADOLBILZ, I thought Antonio Williams really provided a spark and was running angry, something that we hadn't seen out of the backfield all season.  I was hoping he'd get some playing time in the playoffs but I don't remember him carrying the ball at all after the Miami game.


  2. 7 minutes ago, Bill Murray said:

    i think our line did a tremendous job in pass blocking but kind of sacrificed run blocking to do so.  Neither singletary nor Moss were effective and i dont think it was really their fault, we just couldnt run the ball.  in the Playoffs i think Daboll and the coaches knew it which is why we went so pass heavy, which ultimately was our demis.  If we had bee able to run in KC, we could have gone to the super bowl.  They need to improve run blocking this year.  



    5 minutes ago, BuffaloBill said:

    The caveat here is that the run game in 2020 sucked. It’s hard to believe that the Bills are truly 10th in the league given this.  I get it that the Bills relied heavily on Josh’s arm and did well. However, I have to believe that the absence of a run threat hurt them, especially in the AFC championship game.


    I'm certain McDermott and Johnson will be all over run blocking this off season / pre season trying to shore it up.  Having someone like Brieda who is a threat to get around the edge should help.  I like Singletary and Moss but neither has the speed to really threaten the edge. That lack of speed allows defenses to stack the box a bit more.  If the defense needs to worry about outside containment more because of the speed of the RB, that should help spread the LBs out and create more space for the RBs to do their thing.



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  3. I was looking at some stats from last season and saw that PFF had the Bills O-line a top 10 unit in 2020.  I went back and looked at the previous two seasons to see where the Bills' O-line had ranked.  I knew that first season would be bad.  One of my main recollections of the 2018 season was how terrible the O-line play was.  Beane, McDermott, and Bobby Johnson have made one hell of a turn around in three years going from the 26th ranked O-line to the 10th.  


    From Beane going out and bringing in capable lineman, to luring Bobby Johnson here from the Colts after the 2018 season, it would be fair to lay a lot of the credit at Beane's feet.  I think Bobby Johnson deserves a lot of credit too.  When Beane poached Johnson from the Colts where he was the Assistant O-line Coach, the Colts had the 3rd ranked O-line in the NFL.  


    Below are the PFF rankings from each of the last three seasons, along with their comments about the Bills' O-line that season, and a link to the articles so you can see where the other O-lines ranked.


    2018;  Rank 26th

    "Very similar to the Jets, there wasn’t much to get excited about with the offensive line in the preseason and their end of year ranking reflects that. If there was one silver lining, it’s that rookie guard Wyatt Teller only allowed eight pressures in his eight games this year."



    2019; Rank 21st

    "The Bills invested in their offensive line this offseason between free agency and the draft, and we’ve seen improvement from the unit over last season. Those additions along the line, combined with an emphasis on the short passing game and a resulting quicker release from Josh Allen, has lowered the signal-caller's pressure rate roughly seven percentage points from where it was last season. The Bills’ top pass blocker has been Dion Dawkins with a 76.4 pass-blocking grade."



    2020; Rank 10th


    "The offensive line is just one example of how the Bills have done a tremendous job of building the right way around a young quarterback. They didn’t throw a lot of high-value resources at the offensive line, but they did take a fair amount of chances on players in free agency and continued to bring in guys who could contribute and eliminate areas of weakness.

    A good example of that is right tackle Daryl Williams, who earned a 79.4 grade for Buffalo this season. Williams had a strong year at right tackle with the Panthers in 2017, but an injury-shortened 2018 campaign followed by a down year in 2019 across all four guard and tackle positions allowed the Bills to take a chance on Williams in free agency on just a one-year, $2.25 million contract. It’s safe to say that contract has paid off for Buffalo."



    Look at this growth in Buffalo's O-line and contrast it with the Jets who also drafted a new franchise QB in 2018 and utterly failed to support him in any way with adequate O-line play.


    Jets' PFF O-line rankings;

    2018   25th

    2019   28th

    2020  29th


    The Jets are once again back in the QB hunt spending more valuable draft capital and the Bills are looking to lock up Allen on a long term contract this off-season.  The importance of Beane completely revamping the O-line allowing Allen to develop into the QB he is today can not be overstated. 


    We head into the 2021 season with the 10th ranked O-line intact and I would expect that they continue the trend and get better again this year.  Last year the O-line was a revolving door of starters and playing positions.  With a consistent starting five and the opportunity to play in their natural positions, I expect the O-line to take another step forward.  Kudos to management at OBD who took a team weakness, the O-line, and just like the WR corps, worked to transform it into a team strength.


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  4. This year I will likely watch the Draft from my living room and wait and wait for the Bills to select.  (This drafting at #30 is a new phenomenon) After pick #10 I think anything can happen.  I don't see Beane selling the farm to move up into the top ten, but I could see him go after a "difference maker" in the teens and early twenties if he can swing a deal.   The thing I dread the most is finally getting to pick #30 after waiting three hours only to hear that Beane has traded out of the 1st round.   I hate to think about sitting there all night watching awkward man hugs with the Commish, listening to draftniks blather on about everyone else's draft picks, and not even see my Bills on the clock once.


    We're nine days out from the Draft and it's time to call your shot.  Does Beane;


    1.   Trade up

    2.  Stand pat

    3.  Trade back


    My prediction is that Beane will trade up and grab a player between picks #20 - #23


  5. I would prefer to see Trubiski getting the reps during the preseason so he can try and develop at least a little bit of chemistry with the rest of the offense if Allen misses time and Trubiski has to play.  Fromm can start the last half of the last preseason game, otherwise McDermott should have Trubiski out there soaking up preseason reps.

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  6. https://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/31268324/kansas-city-chiefs-tampa-bay-buccaneers-open-highest-wins-totals-ahead-17-game-regular-season


    Bills (10.5),
    Dolphins (9)
    Patriots (9),
    Jets (6)

    Ravens (11),
    Browns (10)
    Steelers (9),
    Bengals (6.5)

    Colts (10),
    Titans (9.5)
    Jaguars (6),
    Texans (5)

    Chiefs (12),
    Chargers (9)
    Raiders (8),
    Broncos (7.5)

    Cowboys (9.5),
    Washington (8)
    Giants (7),
    Eagles (7)

    Packers (11),
    Vikings (8.5)
    Bears (7.5),
    Lions (5)

    Buccaneers (11.5),
    Saints (9.5)
    Panthers (7.5),
    Falcons (7)

    Rams (10.5),
    49ers (10)
    Seahawks (10),
    Cardinals (8)


  7. The CDC just halted administering the J&J vax because of concerns in woman of child bearing age developing blood clots.  For a woman of child bearing age, Rachel Bush, who has already had COVID-19 and now possesses natural immunity, is it not at least reasonable for her to have a concern about receiving the vaccine?


    Why does everyone have to rush straight to the barricades on this topic?


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  8. 3 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    I think you kind of answered your own question.  Njoku got pushed to #3 on the Browns TE lineup by the upgrade they felt they needed (Hooper) and a 4th round rookie Bryant.


    Difference makers don't get "swallowed up by the offensive depth" at TE, especially when that depth is not stunningly productive - Bryant had 238 yds on 38 targets, 24 receptions and Hooper had his worst offensive productivity since his rookie season with 46 receptions on 70 targets for 435 yds.


    Njoku really had one promising year to my view of those statistics, his 2nd.  The Bills already did the experiment of paying $$ to a "buried on the depth chart" guy who had one good season, with Tyler Kroft.


    If the question is "What #3 TE in his 4th season who played on a contending team last year can we pick up as an audition for a long-term contract?" the answer is already on our roster, we didn't have to trade for him, he didn't cost us $6M cap, and he's previously accustomed to catching stuff Allen flings in his general direction.


    The Browns became a ball control, run first team under Stefanski.   Njoku only had 29 targets last season.  By comparison, Dawson Knox who was 6th in targets on the Bills last season, had 44 targets.  I just think Njoku was underutilized in the passing game last season.



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  9. Good article on the Njoku situation. 




    I work with a doc who is a lifelong Browns fan who says the Browns are currently shopping Njoku for a 4th round pick.  His salary this year is $6 million, a number that Beane could put together with a little bit of shuffling around.  It is the 5th and final year of Njoku's rookie contract.  The Browns exercised his 5th year option.  He was the 29th overall selection By the Browns in the 2017 Draft.  The expectation around the NFL is that he will be on another team by the end of the Draft.  A quick Google search brought up several articles focusing on the Cardinals, Cowboys, Panthers, and Rams seeming like good landing places for him.  One also mentioned the Bills in passing.


    Njoku injured his wrist and went to IR in 2019 and only played 4 games, and last season he was just swallowed up by the offensive depth on the Browns roster and hasn't been able to produce like expected.  He sure looked good his first two seasons though and he is fully healthy now.  His career stats are linked below.  He is also only 24 and should have plenty of good years ahead of him.  Ertz, who the Bills were rumored to have inquired about, is 30 by comparison.




    Would Beane consider bringing in Njoku on a one year contract as a audition for a possible long term extension, or is the $6 million price tag just too steep for a cap strapped team to pay for a player who could walk in free agency after one season?  The other wild card is that the Browns may be hesitant to trade Njoku to a rival AFC contender.  I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a Battle of Lake Erie in the playoffs this year.


    I think he would be a great add for the Bills who are looking to make a run this year and have question marks at the TE position.   Sitting at #30 in this year's Draft there are no good options at the TE position for the Bills.  I think trading for Njoku would be a great use of a 4th round pick if Beane can swing it.




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  10. 14 minutes ago, mattynh said:

    It was ticky tack for sure but in any game there are close/bad calls that can go either way.  Of course if your team loses and a call could have affected the outcome it is always something to remember.  But in almost any close NFL game, you can find this kind of thing.  The key is to not put it in the refs hand.  That game should never have been so close.  I blame the offensive game plan and conservative approach in the second half more.  Also, for anyone who was at that game watching pre game kicking, I have no confidence Haushka would hit a 55 yards, I am not even sure they would have attempted it which is not the point but there could be more critical calls.....Like the one in NO vs the Rams.


    Hauschka was 4/4 that game with a 38 yarder, two 40 yarders , and a 47 yarder as time expired to send the game into overtime.  I would have put the game on his foot in that situation.


  11. On 4/11/2020 at 6:33 PM, Inigo Montoya said:

    My take on that game was that the Bills and the Texans were teams with that were pretty evenly matched talent wise.  The game was going to be a coin toss from the start.  Looking at the game there were multiple factors that swung the game to the Texans.  Every bad call in the game went against the Bills.  Change a single one of those bad calls and the Bills win. Here are the refs "Greatest Hits" of the game.  There wasn't a single bad call against the Texans.  I'm not claiming there was a conspiracy by the refs,  just horrendous officiating.


    Before everyone starts the what about Allen, what about Daboll, what about the second half defense arguments, if anyone of these calls goes the other way, the Bills win the game.  Once again, not saying there was a conspiracy,  just the the Bills had four horrible calls go against them in the game, each one a critical call that screwed the Bills and had a clear effect on the outcome of the game. 


    The first bad call was the officials disregarding the letter of the rule to apply "common sense" to the touch back / non touch back at the beginning of the second half.   It reminds me of all those plays where the showboating player drops the ball at the one yard line when he starts to celebrate  his TD too early and the officials just give him the TD anyways because he meant to score a TD.  Wait a minute...  It's the first time since I've been watching football for decades that I have ever seen an officiating crew decide to ignore a rule as written because the player didn't mean to violate the rule.  Watch for yourself, the player moves backwards with his arms at waste level behind him.  That is apparently the new signal for a touch back in the NFL.   Does anyone think that if he had instead run the ball out of the end zone on that play the ref would have called a penalty on him?  The end zone official, the one 10 feet from the player ruled that he never gave himself up.  The video shows the play and goes in to detail on the touch back rule and how it was ignored in this instance.




    The second bad call is the non call delay of game on the 3rd and 18 in overtime that the Texans end up converting...  https://larrybrownsports.com/football/referees-miss-delay-of-game-penalty-texans/531492  The link discusses this in greater detail.





    The third bad call is Zach Cunningham's egregious helmet to helmet on Josh Allen in OT.  That missed call would have put the Bills inside the Texans 30 with a 1st down...



    The fourth bad call, and the grand daddy of them all, was the "illegal crack back / blindside block by Cody Ford.   Unlike the second half kick off non-touch back where the refs intuit the intent of the player, here the officials decide to apply the literal interpretation of the rule meticulously even though this is clearly not the type of "blind side" hit the rule was written to prevent.  If this is a "blind side" hit then there is one of these "blind side' hits on just about every running play in the game.  Here is a link to a video that shows the play from every angle.  There is also the cross field angle which truly shows just how horrible the call was.  I recommend watching the entire video or you can just fast forward to the 1:30 mark to see the cross field angle.  I guess Ford was just supposed to stand there an let the DE run past him to tackle Allen..  It still makes me sick.  This would play have put the bills in field goal range in OT again.



    Here's my thread on the BS penalty calls in the wildcard game.



    On 4/11/2020 at 9:47 PM, Inigo Montoya said:


    Give me a break ScottLaw.  Watch the video.  Ford blocks him face to face, Josh Allen is maybe two yards away from the defender, the defender is still actively in the play trying to tackle the QB,  Ford does't de-cleat the defender or hammer him.  It's a horrendous call.  Period.  If Ford's block is a penalty then there is a personal foul on every other running play that goes around the edge.


    And if you want to play the, "just read the  ***** rules" game,  just go ahead and read the rule on giving yourself up when receiving a kickoff, and then tell me why that wasn't a Bills touchdown to start the second half. 


    I don't know how you can possibly defend that penalty call on Ford.  It makes sense that you would though, all you do here is troll.   I bet you have six fingers on your right hand...




                    ScottLaw's Hand




    It was ScottLaw arguing that the Ford block was a penalty.........?



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  12. I started a thread on this BS blind side block penalty after the game and there was some fool arguing with me that Ford’s block was a penalty despite what was painfully obvious to everyone, that it was a horrifically bad call with game changing implications in the playoffs.


    If I was the vindictive type I’d pull up that thread just to shove it back in his troll face, but I’m not that kinda guy.....


    I agree with the posters above, two things need to happen next, an official mea culpa letter from the NFL to the Bills, and second, they need to cut Cody Ford a check with interest for their ridiculous, covering their own ass fine.

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  13. By the Fall there should be no prohibition on gathering with others.  The vaccines appear to be very effective.  


    CDC Director Rochelle Walensky,  March 29, 2021;

    “We can kind of almost see the end,” Walensky said. “We’re vaccinating so very fast, our data from the CDC today suggests, you know, that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick, and that it’s not just in the clinical trials but it’s also in real world data.”




    By the Fall of this year every person in America who wants the vaccine will have received it.  Those who don't want the vaccine are making a personal health decision and with be responsible for their own health situation, good or bad.   Those who abstain will be at very low risk to infect those already vaccinated.  Those who refuse the vaccine should benefit from herd immunity at that point and be at low risk of catching the virus even without the vaccination. 

    Barring some unforeseen change in the next several months, stadiums should be full this Fall and life should be getting back to normal.  😃

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  14. 2 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

    All the draft ammo and they probably take another #3/4 receiver with hamstring problems. 


    The Jets are last in the division for a reason. Miami and NE are both tougher challenges now and in the foreseeable future. 


    The Bills were that dumpster fire stuck in reverse for decades until McDermott & Beane showed up in Orchard Park  Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh are not Mccagnan and Gase.  I think the Jets' new leadership team has a real chance to turn things around. 

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  15. I saw this on the Jets' message board today posted there by someone named Falco21.  Thought it was pretty eye opening.


    "Pretty crazy the draft picks JD has accumulated now:







    At this point the Jets are projected to have $73 million in 2022 cap space.   https://overthecap.com/calculator/new-york-jets/


    Let's hope that Joe Douglas is a horrible talent evaluator...    😳

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  16. To draft Sam Darnold the Jets traded with Indianapolis moving up three spots from the 6th selection overall to the 3rd spot.  It cost the Jets three 2nd round picks to move up three spots.   In addition to their 2018 1st round pick, the 2nd round picks ended up being;


    2018  Pick #5,  2nd round

    2018  Pick #17, 2nd round

    2019  Pick #2,  2nd round


    A very costly swing and miss for the Jets' franchise.  Now they are going back to the well again and hoping for better luck in this year's draft.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.   The odds are stacked against them.  Just like the Bills' long parade of 1st round QB busts, across the NFL there is not a single QB drafted in the 1st round between 2009 to 2016 who is still playing for the team that drafted them.  It is really hard to project college QBs to the pros.


    I still think the Jets would have been better off to trade out of #2 this year for more draft picks and build a real roster around Darnold.  I guess that's all just water under the bridge at this point.



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    I hope Darnold turns into a fantastic QB in Carolina and Zach Wilson flames out spectacularly for the Jets.  





    pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.



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  18. 15 minutes ago, Rigotz said:

    Just to be clear... you think that the #15 overall pick this year ... plus a LATE first the following year and the year after that ....

    Is enough for the Patriots to get Deshaun Watson?




    Before all of these allegations I agree it would not have been a good offer.  Now, with these allegations, I'm not so sure it wouldn't get the job done.  



  19. Just now, FFadpecr said:











    Jags with Trevor Lawrence

    Jets with Zach Wilson

    49ers with Trey Lance


    At least 15 teams would not trade their starting QB for Watson




    1.    Seahawks and Wilson are on the outs.  Wilson, 32 years old.  Watson 25 years old.  Nuff said

    2.   Tanneyhill over Watson?????   Really?????

    3.   They would trade Jackson in a minute for Watson.  Watson isn't a one dimensional QB.

    4.   Aaron Rodgers is 312 years old.  Watson is 25 years old.

    5.   Burrow... maybe.  Blew up his knee last year, "torn ACL, MCL, and additional structural damage to the knee".  Only "maybe" on the list.

    6.   Watson is better than Dak.  Watson is two years younger and isn't coming off a major leg injury.

    7.   Stafford???  Really????  33 years old.  Injury history.  Released by the Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford?

    8.   Kyler Murray, young mobile QB who is not as good a QB as Watson.  Kingsbury would trade Murray in ten seconds for Watson.

    9.   Could Gettleman and the Giants be stupid enough to not trade Daniel Jones for Watson, maybe, but probably not.

    10.  QB not drafted yet.

    11.  QB not drafted yet

    12.  QB not drafted yet.


    Just my opinion.



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