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  1. I know bud. I think I actually needed to expand on my opinion, and you helped me do that! Go Bills!
  2. I want WR, but don't wanna spent 15-20 million for aging and injury prone receivers. I want us to take a stud rookie like Jeudy, Lamb, or Ruggs. I also want a stud. Not some guy with tons of question marks. Let's get a stud that can take pressure off of Brown and Beasley.
  3. In no particular order Jimmy Smith- still can play, and I think would be a Micah Hyde type player, in that, we all know he's a good player, but with good scheme and coaching, he'd be possibly pro bowl level. Arik Armstead- good fit for our defense. He'd allow us to focus on offense in the draft, and be a really solid pass rusher for our team. Austin Hooper or Darryl Williams- in Hooper it would give Allen a reliable target over the middle. Only thing is it cuts into Knox reps. I love Knox, but we gotta maximize our offense especially while Allen is on his rookie deal. Williams can still play. Yes, he has injury history, but I truly believe in our staff and keeping guys healthy. He's versatile, and would allow Cody Ford to move inside to guard, where I think, he'd really flourish. Let me also predict we move up in the draft. I guarantee you we end up with Jeudy, Lamb, or Ruggs. No way Beane leaves this draft without a stud WR.
  4. I think most GMs have Jeudy and Lamb pretty closely ranked on their board. The thing about Jeudy is he's likely gone after 8th or 9th pick. I think Beane would prefer to trade up to the teens so he won't have to give up valuable draft capital.
  5. What I've been predicting. They moved up for Allen and Edmunds. We have to maximize our roster while Allen is on his rookie deal. If we solidify our pass rush via FA, you can bet Beane will try to move up to get Jeudy, Lamb, or even Ruggs
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