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  1. Dude is playing well. Yet we throw it 3 times in red zone every time. Nevermind getting Beasley and brown on the field...as I want. But cook running changes this team.
  2. Brown and Beasley active. McKenzie and Davis on bench. Davis and McKenzie sit. Brown and Beasley. Josh trusts them.
  3. 0 percent. He's *****. He's not a natural hands catcher...he wants to let ot get to the body and when he doesn't he drops it.
  4. Can we see John Brown and Cole Beasley next week. I've seen enough of McKenzie and Davis!!!
  5. This. And we have 2 timeouts. Qnd motor and cook killing them.
  6. He needs to stop thinking he needs to get it in endzone. Take the points.
  7. Bills need to get the energy back. Works both ways. Can't maintain the same energy for 60 min
  8. Maybe they do neutral site between us and them if that happens too. But neither have chiefs or Bengals. We don't know how that game would gave played out. That would be interesting too but would be hard on 7th seed that fought for that all year. Neutral site only impact the 3 top teams really which are the ones impacted so its easy.
  9. Yes. Bills get 2 seed but play AFCCG on neutral site so cheifs aren't getting advantage for unfortunate events. Agree
  10. Now that there is some promising news for Hamlin I feel better about posting this. New rumor is not to replay game and to have a neutral site AFCCG. That makes waaaay too much sense. This is something I think everyone could get behind.
  11. Agree. Prayers up the progress continues but could you imagine the emotion if he is able to be well enough to be on sideline or something this year!?
  12. Prayers up. I'm gutted but happy to see nfl community stand up. I have an off the wall prediction that Raiders and chiefs take a knee to a draw next week if this game becomes a draw tonight.
  13. I'm all for blaming dorsey usually but josh is terrible3 today.
  14. No. This is all josh. Josh having his worst game as a pro. Refuses to take what's given. He's trash today.
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