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  1. That episode of B99 was one of the greatest show openings ever. I literally “LOL” every time I watch that.
  2. Man…enough with the broncos in prime time already. Seemingly every week.
  3. Hope he’s ok. It’s the dudes second concussion in 4 days.
  4. Probably just me, but the love fest for Mike McDaniel is just too much for me. Just don’t get it. His aloof bro vibe was never a hit or refreshing to me. Just cheesy/cringey.
  5. We’ve already played king Henry so it should be fine. 😬
  6. On again locally. Love it! Looking like I won’t have to spring for Sunday ticket until November.
  7. I know we’re onto the Ravens, but taking a little step back to the Dolphins for a moment, I was just watching Josh’s weekly segment on Kyle Brandt’s podcast and let me just say - I had NO IDEA Tommy Doyle played in the game on a torn ACL because we didn’t have anyone else that could play. What a f’n warrior. I’m already rooting for Doyle just for being a Bill, but I’m hoping for a speedy recovery and that Doyle develops into a solid oline piece for this team next year. He’s forever got a fan in me.
  8. Sounds like Peyton thinks the Bills will be in the SB too. Said he’d take Mahomes and Herbert on his roster as coach of the AFC team in the pro bowl.
  9. What’s EJ Gaines up to these days? Can we squeeze a quarter out of him?
  10. Go from what looked like a strength of the team with solid depth (and Tre coming back) to now a patchwork group. This is unreal. Would’ve been cool to ease Tre back in, but now we may need him. Hopefully Dane can get back this weekend.
  11. Russ was so clutch getting the fellas on the sideline to call out run or pass on that ‘9ers drive.
  12. Any one of us on this board coulda told the broncos not to hire Hackett as HC. Dude seems like a nice enough guy. Super positive and full of energy. But the guy was a terrible. Got to work with Aaron Rodgers and fooled some team into thinking he had anything to do with Rodgers success.
  13. For some inexplicable reason, we are the only team Ingram does anything against. He’s a ghost these days…except when he plays the Bills.
  14. The only thing I’m worried about with this game is how serious are any of these injuries. I’m not worried at all about the result. Clear to anyone watching the Bills are the superior team. It’s not close. Injuries, game management, and mistakes did us in. Dolphins did just enough. Got the win. Good for them. Yeah, it sucks but I’m moving on.
  15. Really sloppy/poor game management to end both half. Cost us both times. Not to mention the inability to keep anyone upright in the game or punch it in. We had our chances. F’d it up. Move on.
  16. Offense died in the second half. How do you not get in on the 1 yard line with Josh as qb.
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