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  1. Rivers arm looks really weak these days. Not that it was ever the strongest, but man, speaking of ducks.
  2. Mariota and Famous Jameis playing their way out of A LOT of money.
  3. Jim Nantz getting in some stretches in the booth.
  4. Almost as if the Jets are better with their starting qb. Huh...who’d a thunk it? We are the only team (before this game) that played the real Jets. They’re no world beaters, but they are a decent squad. Coaching holds them back.
  5. Pete Carroll just looks like he’d have some rough coffee breath.
  6. Is Sammy even playing today? Guy has been invisible since week 1.
  7. Definitely seems like this has been more of a problem this year than in the past. I could be wrong but seems like it.
  8. Hahaha. Im trying to stay engaged on a bye week. I appreciate the break for a week, but man do I hate the break for the week.
  9. I completely get Whaley and McD being totally unsure about Mahomes during that draft. A lot of teams were. Doesn’t make it right, but there were concerns. What I’m shocked by is not taking Watson. He was a great college QB who played huge in the biggest games. A winner. Ball speed thing was overblown. Some guys win and are just good players. I bet if Whaley wasn’t neutered during that draft, Watson would’ve been a consideration for that pick. Idk for sure, but seems like it. For the record, before everyone roasts me, I’m a big JA supporter and completely fine with him. Just making an observation.
  10. I agree. McD was the most prepared he’s ever been against them. But it’s the little things that NE will catch you on that can be the difference in the game. Like the blocked punt. He saw it on tape. McD didn’t. Sure, we had the whole game after that to change the outcome and may have if JA didn’t get hurt. But it’s just those little things that they are always ready for that give them the edge.
  11. I agree. And it’s not even really a talent divide for us with NE. Their edge is in coaching and preparation.
  12. It’s NE and everyone else in the AFC. And NE is beatable if you don’t make dumb mistakes to beat yourself. AFC is as wide open as it’s ever been.
  13. He needs a bye week for sure. That ankle is becoming a problem.
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