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  1. One helluva year. Reload and try again next year. Going to have to go through Mahomes for years to come. Not impossible but have to be better. The unfortunate reality is that only one team walks away without disappointment each year.
  2. I might actually have to root for Brady in this super bowl and I really hate that.
  3. Agreed. That’s the biggest difference between him and Mahomes right now. Mahomes is so cerebral. Never rattled. Ever.
  4. I’d cut loose most of this aging DL to free up space. They get zero pressure most games.
  5. This game plan was almost 2017 like. McD’s conservative hands all over this one.
  6. Helluva year. Reload come back strong next year. Hopefully Watson and Stafford aren’t in the division.
  7. Feliciano has been playing about as well as Winters was this game. Been terrible.
  8. Incredible how poor our red zone O has been today. Supposedly this is the 32nd ranked red zone D. But no one told Daboll that.
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