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  1. I like the color rush red tops. I wouldn’t mind seeing them with the white pants. The real disappointment for me is going back to the gray face masks. The white ones they wore on Thanksgiving were 🔥🔥. I didn’t think I’d ever care about face masks, but they really looked great against the white helmet and blue jersey.
  2. Quick blind player comparison: Player A - 12 games with 32 receptions for 367 and 2 TDs (1st Rd Pick) Player B - 12 games with 25 receptions for 307 and 2 TDs (3rd Rd Pick) Player A - TJ Hockenson Player B - Rambo Knox Happened to stumble on this when I saw Hockenson is going to IR. Found it interesting considering how popular a pick Hockenson was in a lot of mock drafts for our selection.
  3. It’s almost like you completely forgo a pass rush on most downs. Have your Dline take a couple steps then stop. LBs must read their keys and fire. Can’t overthink it. Read and react. Execute, contain, and keep him bottled up. Everything designed to shut down the run first and foremost. This strategy has been used on Tyrod on a number of occasions to successfully “make him play QB”. Lamar is far better than Tyrod, but I refuse to believe there’s no answer for this offense. As several others have said, your only chance to beat them is if you shut down the run and make them throw it. Don’t let them play their game. Getting a lead on them might be the best defense.
  4. Not sure why I feel this way because I know this game is HUGE, but I’m not nervous about this game at all. For some reason, I feel like McD will figure something out to slow them down. Maybe we win, maybe we don’t, but I’m just excited to see how we stack up against the current #1 seed in the AFC. Sure, it’ll be tough, but this is exactly where we’ve been dying to get back to. Where we matter. Breathe it all in. We’re in a great position with everything we desire in front of us. (Of course, this is how I feel Monday. On Sunday I’ll probably be a nervous wreck 😬).
  5. I’m with ya there. These don’t look like the typical cheats we’ve come to know and hate. I’d love it to be true, but we’re already playing catch-up and have a massively difficult game this weekend. We beat the Ravens then things definitely change for me.
  6. Need to beat Baltimore before I’d ever think something like this is possible. I’m sorry, but even after watching that loss to the Texans, they are still the Cheats and have earned the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Obviously I’d love to be wrong. Beat Baltimore (who I feel is due for a loss) and I’ll start to dream.
  7. Based on the information available to us today, the answer is no. This is a great measuring stick game against the now #1 seed in the AFC. Now go kick their a**.
  8. Obligatory Krafts shot. Still wearing those stupid collared shirts.
  9. No. There’s no situation imaginable where I wouldn’t want to win this game and put the rest of the NFL on notice.
  10. I love it and hate it all at the same time. Love it because this is what happens when you’re a good team and getting respect. Was really beginning to wonder whether Al Michaels would ever call another Bills game again before retiring. Hate it because I just love the 1 PM routine. Late night games get me all fired up and it’s tough to fall asleep. Lol.
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