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  1. Usually, Terry is a deranged old man, but this all day. Rodgers is taking this way too far if the reports are true. Just suck it up already.
  2. Rodgers is a great QB, but way too sensitive and temperamental for me. I know QB is the most important position in all of sports, but conceptually, you ain’t bigger than the team bro. Just like we all learned when we were 5. Stop acting like a little b-word.
  3. The Browns were one of the most frustrating teams in the draft for me. At least in rounds 1 and 2. They took two players I would’ve liked to see in McD’s defense right before we picked. More so Newsome than JOK. But what can you do? I’m pleased Beane attacked our biggest weakness in the draft (pass rush) and added a speed receiver/returner later.
  4. I know this is 5th round but FFS take a shot at a skill guy with speed.
  5. Well....can’t say they aren’t trying to address our biggest weakness.
  6. We need to come out of this draft with more speed. Preferably on offense. So far the speed receivers are flying off the shelves.
  7. Draft is going great for us so far with pass rushers. Have to think a run will start soon.
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