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  1. Allen’s not perfect. We know this. But that is pure click-bait crap. Highest level of trolling. Sadly, it works. Just look at his replies.
  2. Love love love the transparency on replay reviews. They have to bring this to the NFL. Wonder if they realize this will actually help the game. First of all it’ll hold Riveron and the rest of the of booth review officials accountable. Second, we’ll get to see how they went about the call. Even if it doesn’t go your way, you can at least understand how they got there. Lastly, Pat McAfee was made for the XFL.
  3. Massive. And tied to % of the cap. Cap goes up, so does his pay on a % basis. Guy deserves every penny.
  4. Jason Momoa commercial still the one to beat.
  5. Awful call. Regardless of whatever the rule book says on extended arm.
  6. His evil twin still has hooks in the organization. Where there’s a Bill, there’s a Brandon.
  7. Yeah I suppose that could be a possible explanation. Moulds last productive year would’ve been 2005, which would’ve put Sammy around 12. Man how I miss a guy like Moulds. I remember watching him thinking that I better enjoy it because he won’t be around playing forever. Too bad he didn’t get to play with Jimbo his entire career. Prob be a HOF’er.
  8. Ughhhh. Yet another story about a former Bill who is blessed to be gone. Good lord. I hated trading Sammy at the time, and even more so after seeing the offensive “talent” they replaced him with, but enough already. Who is asking these questions? Side note - so much for the Bills being his favorite team. I always thought that was a little phony anyway. I mean come on, the Bills must’ve been terrible when he was growing up. Where’s the appeal? The color scheme? Those unis were also awful in the early 2000s. Always just felt a little forced like saying something he felt like he had to say. I’m skeptical.
  9. Moulds said he ran a 4.50. At roughly the same size. Rarely had a problem. I know every situation is different, but I’m not that worried about a 4.5 guy. By comparison, Zay Jones ran a 4.45, and I felt like he struggled separating sometimes. More to it than just straight line speed.
  10. This. I’m a big Josh Allen fan regardless of what PFF says about him, but he’s got to get this cleaned up. Some fumbles will happen. I get that. But he’s got to learn to take the ball with him to the ground.
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