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  1. IMO Still haven’t done enough to fix the offense. Diggs is a great get, but they should be focused on surrounding Josh with as many playmakers as possible. Like Mahomes in KC. Points win games. Score more please. Only position that makes any sense to me to take in Rd 2 on defense is DE.
  2. I’m a bit of a hard a**, but was good right up until he flubbed the Bucs conference and division. Should’ve re-shot the whole scene to maintain credibility! 😜😂
  3. These days? Guy is 27, not 32.
  4. Really solid player in this scheme....when healthy. That’s the problem. Guy is ALWAYS hurt. At worst, he’s a camp body like last year.
  5. You may have said before, but how does losing Shaq shape your opinion on this? Do you think the Addison swap for Shaq is a step back or forward in the edge play department? For the record, I agree with you. Would’ve felt the same even if we brought Shaq back instead of Addison.
  6. I’d love to pick up Harrison Bryant from FAU, but I’m not sure we are looking at TE in early rounds of the draft. Especially after taking 2 last year. Beane has positioned this roster heading into the draft with no glaring weaknesses. I think they end up going DE, WR, OT, DB, or RB with that second rounder. My preference would be DE or WR based on what we’ve done in free agency so far.
  7. Personally, I like Cam. Solid player. Even now. But, does he have the personality to you that indicates he’d be content as a backup? He’s got a larger than life personality. A personality and ego so big it could divide a locker room at any bumps in the road with Josh. I’m not suggesting we stick with Barkley this year as backup, but Cam and his accomplishments are a threat to Josh. Josh has to be looking forward all year, as it is a critical year in his development. Not over his shoulder. Can’t see them going down that road even if he is a former Panther.
  8. Yep, this is what I was referring to in my post. Not bad, but with the white ram it kind of looks like a ram skull with golden horns. Like one of those big steer skulls.
  9. I could take or leave that swirly new LA logo, but the revamped ram that accompanies this is alright. If it were me, I’d just make what they wore in the super bowl two years ago permanent.
  10. Damn that Chase McLaughlin and his $667 dead cap charge.
  11. For you Narcos fans out there - “Plata o Plomo”. 😲
  12. Retaking his rightful spot as this year’s Sinorice Perry. Wouldn’t be McD without having one. Maybe this time with the expanded active rosters under new CBA, we won’t have to prioritize STs at the expense of the offense. Nah....Who am I kidding? This is still McD we’re talking about. 😂
  13. Who would be dumb enough to take him on with his salary and injury risk? Boy do I hope that’s not us.
  14. I hope this is just limited to Higgins in the first. In a historically deep WR draft, it would be criminal for them to neglect to add a solid prospect through the draft. Diggs shouldn’t be all they do.
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