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  1. I voted Roberts. People slept on him. While he made an occasional frustrating decision to bring it out on kick off, that same aggression set us up with great field position on punt returns. Personally, I hope Stevenson is up to the task as a rookie. I like his potential as a receiver long term, but he’ll have to earn his keep as a returner more than likely to stick on this roster.
  2. This trade has been sourced and rumored for so long. Has to be some kind of record.
  3. Un-frickin-believable. Count me in as pro-Ertz, but a guy has his limits with these “reports”.
  4. What’s more interesting is that Miami has 2 corners in the top 10 and we beat the brakes off them last year. Love it.
  5. I guess I missed where Jordan “All there is to do in Buffalo is make babies” Matthews converted to tight end.
  6. Can’t tell if you are joking. You don’t think Allen is at least as good looking as Mahomes, Baker, or Rodgers? Adonis those 3 are not. Josh keeps it up, his time in the national spotlight is coming.
  7. Is Beas missing a tooth? Did I miss that update somewhere?
  8. I suppose to some degree. Happy for Thomas, but the guy had 110 targets last year to get that production. For comparison, Diggs had 166. Thomas was never getting those targets here. Teller on the other hand I’m bummed they traded. I get why Beane did it at the time, but it would’ve been great to have him here.
  9. I think some folks on here are underestimating Ertz. Has he had some injury trouble? Yep. QB trouble? You bet. But he came into the league the same year as Kelce and is almost the same age and has comparable stats. No one is suggesting Kelce is too old or washed. I’m not suggesting he’s Kelce good or that stats tell the whole story, but we’ve had a dearth of talent at the TE position for forever and I’d love to add his production to this offense. Especially, if it doesn’t require us to give up much.
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