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  1. What’s your point? Are you implying that because we traded for Diggs, that’s more representative of how they operate vs. their penchant for bringing in former panthers? One has happened at a far more disproportionate rate than the other. These guys anchor to players they know and are comfortable with more times than not. It’s like with Ralph and his hiring of GMs and coaches.
  2. We’ll always have Zack Moss and Vosean Jos...oops! Never mind. Kidding on Zack Moss...a little. He may turn out a fine player, but no question I’m taking a top flight pass rusher over a backup RB all day. McD and Beane have really struggled to get anyone in here that can give a consistent pass rush.
  3. Are you kidding me? Tip my hat to the Ravens, but it would be nice if we were a little more aggressive on something that would’ve dramatically helped our defense. But, I guess he never played for the Panthers so we would’ve never been an option. But hey! We got Ahmad Gooden!
  4. He needs to change that offensive lineman number he’s rocking. Looks like something from the extra jersey bin.
  5. Sure, because this franchise has been a model of good decision making. I kid. 😜😂 Look, I get what you are saying. You’re right, I don’t have all the information they have. Never will. But to suggest some of their tactics can’t be questioned by fans based on the information that is public is a little silly. Even though they like to think and act like they are sitting on the recipe to Coca Cola or KFC chicken, this ain’t a top secret operation. It’s football.
  6. Team is a real pain in the keister sometimes. Makes zero sense. Especially with Ford week to week.
  7. Diggs, Brown, Beasley, and Davis has got to be one of the top WR units in the league from a pure talent perspective. They certainly haven’t played like it the last two weeks. When you lose games, there’s plenty of blame to go around. And you’re right, the running game has been terrible. I just expect more from my franchise QB to steady the ship. He’s capable of covering for our weaknesses. He’s done it before, including weeks 1-4. I don’t need him to be a hero or throw for 500 yards per game. But I do need consistency.
  8. Who said anything about hero? Is it too much to ask to expect a certain level of consistent play out of a guy surrounded with more talent than he’s ever had in his third year in the same offense? Dude didn’t crack 100 yards passing until late in the game yesterday in a game where offensive production was paramount. Make excuses for Allen all you want, but he’s not playing his best ball right now. And I’m an Allen fan. Of course it would be nice if someone else stepped up from time to time and the receivers would quit with the untimely dropsies, but you’ve got to look at this objectively. He’s not getting it done the last two games like he was the first 4, or even close to it. The premise of the thread was about offensive weapons. I intentionally left defensive criticism out of this (and noted so in my post) to focus on the intent of the thread - the offense. Of course the defense could play better. Who on this board would say differently? I’ve got news for you though - There are no saviors walking through that door to lift us back to a top 3 defense. It is what it is this year. Roll with what you’ve got. Offense will have to be our defense this year. And it’s ok to expect more out of Josh Allen in year 3.
  9. Not only is this possible, but it’s highly likely. McD hasn’t outcoached Belichick one time since he’s been here. Doesn’t mean he can’t, but history tells us he likely won’t. You can bet he’ll have a plan to take away big plays from this receiving group (see Vrabel’s game plan). He’ll also probably take away any run game we can muster up, and make Josh beat him with long extended drives. Josh just has to take whatever he’s giving him instead of getting impatient.
  10. Weapons can always be better. That’s why you continue adding pieces through the draft and FA, but you aren’t going to have all-pros at every position. But that’s not the true problem here. We have plenty of weapons. The problem in this two game skid (leaving defense out of it) has been Josh’s regression. You can sprinkle in poor coaching, failed execution, and injuries and I won’t fight you there, but all roads lead back to the QB. The best ones rise above it and carry their team. Josh was doing that the first 4 weeks, but he has failed to do that the past 2 games against top competition. He needs to be better. “Simple” as that.
  11. We need a slump buster, “get right” game. Bring on the Jets.
  12. All these new DL - Addison, Butler, and Jefferson can be cut after this year as there are outs in their contracts. Basically all 1 year deals. We also have an out to dump Jerry after this year too. Trent is gone. Sans Star and Ed, we could be looking at an all new Dline next year. I’d bet they at least keep Jefferson. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with Klein for one more year after this before there’s an out. But, that’s not terrible because I think he’s still a solid special teams player and you could do worse for a backup LB.
  13. We showed the league how to beat the Ravens too. Unfortunately, we are the ones to show people how, while losing ourselves. I was saying this earlier, but this is the game plan I thought they may deploy on defense. Give up the ground to limit/stop the pass. If they could’ve held them to more field goals and gotten off the field on 3rd down, it may have worked. Unfortunately, our offense has been asleep since we beat Vegas and our defense is pretty poor overall. As per usual, we give a blueprint that someone else will perfect.
  14. Hurt his hamstring covering a late return punt. But...to your point, he was basically invisible before that.
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