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  1. I'm not going to lie or stroke egos. I respond to posts. I correct lies and misconceptions. I don't troll. I have very few posts, but several "plus." My "role" is to tell the truth as I see it. Sure, this is a Bills' forum... I get it. But I would think your members would like some info backed up with facts. Call me crazy...
  2. 16 years of playoffs... 3rd highest completion% 3rd most passing yards Only sacked once Bandwagon "fans" point to the SB and disregard the points put up against the Chargers and Chiefs... The "Ghost of Tom Brady" still won the SB. If only the Bills had the "Ghost of Tom Brady" in those disappointing SBs...
  3. What an ironic handle... "Success" You must be a lacrosse fan!
  4. I know right? TB12 has only been to every SB since he's been in his 40's! What a bum! Brady at 41 would have brought a SB to Buffalo.
  5. So, I just got warned for making too much sense and speaking the truth from Chandler81. Apparently, honesty isn't valued by some. I've often praised Bills' fans for being steadfast in the face of adversity. Until Kraft bought the Patriots, we were just like the Bills. Flashes of goodness, but not quite good enough. So, if I get banned for being truthful and honest, I'm fine with it. Chandler81, you call yourself a Bills' fan, but you act like a Jets' fan... Pfffffffffff......
  6. Yeah, TB12 and BB are fading fast! Only 3 wins out of the last 5 SBs.
  7. The Bills aren't usually on TV outside of Toronto.
  8. Because, while you guys are no where near as ignorant about football as Jets' fans... Or still think you're a storied franchise like the Dolphins... You guys still need a voice of reason in your midst... Someone to temper the nonsense and speak the truth. The truth that you are afraid to face. If you want to learn more about your team let me know and I'll educate you.
  9. So you don't dispute the fact that your QB is a poor man's TT?
  10. Allen was pretty bad last year as a passer. Worse than Tyrod Taylor even... It looks like people are high on him because of his rushing yards. In reality, he only had 1 decent game all season. It's tough to see why people are so high on him.
  11. That is 100% true. We have no reason to dislike the Bills. In fact, most people around here were rooting for the Bills in all 4 SBs. The only time the Bills were truly unlikeable was when Rex was there. Ryan's teams were always undisciplined and he encouraged dirty plays and didn't mind a personal foul or 3. He was the same for the Ravens and the Jets, so we all knew his teams would eventually beat themselves. Still we always held our breath every time TB dropped back to pass just waiting for the signature knee dive.
  12. There had been rumors for a few weeks that Mac and Gase were clashing. Hopefully, Gase will be at least as incompetent as Mac. It will be all the much better for the AFCE.
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