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  1. you guys are silly. if they postpone it, it will be to later in the year not 1 or 2 days
  2. Dang, that took a while I dont think the Rams complete their comeback with fans in the stand
  3. who was covering Kupp? looked like no one to me
  4. It was a cliche interview until he said he'd run through defenders the same way again This is either a really good or perhaps a bad thing You are going to change exactly ZERO peoples minds who already love Kay
  5. Oliver was injured but might have returned to game
  6. I was there and happy they didnt stop the game again Knox had a catch and good run after catch, but was looking for contact and fumbled
  7. I found a field nearest Stadium just to the right of the Murphy Express gas station Route 817 just in front of some apartments under construction Setting up there right across from O'Reilly Auto Parts
  8. No and probably not even close to the stadium If someone knows of a good place to meet further out chime in
  9. Thanks for telling us shipping price AFTER we type in all our info canceled out of spite
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