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  1. I agree with the poster Also you can choose the wind and still get the ball to start the 2nd half by chance
  2. If the in house replacement can run the same system then yes, if he is incapable then no, if we go out of house thats the wrong decision no matter what.
  3. Another Johnny Manziel? Gordon is well past that and has been the whole time
  4. Poyer got the most votes thanks to Rachel campaigning It did not work out
  5. yeah Eps may have gotten KOd 2nd in a few weeks
  6. Sans the stiff arm, I dont think hes all that bad out there. Is that a Hot Take
  7. Dane and Josh should be playing. foolish to choose between the 2 just now Sit Jaquon Johnson instead and let Siran Neal play whatever defensive snaps he would of had at S
  8. Theres 2 night games coming up so dont ya think they would wait for one of those?
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