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  1. the PI review situation is exactly the same as last year?
  2. of course you're going to get pulled over pulling a trailer
  3. Head coach/play calling and GM are completely different jobs than football player I dont see NFL head coach as a player who is upgraded to a leadership position Should a surgeon in the inner city just be one of the nurses who was upgraded to leadership?
  4. I usually don't like it either but for the rest of your time on ANY message boards you will continue to hear this
  5. value of the team means nothing it just matters how much they make a year the vlaue of the team is all unrealized until they sell it, that value is not in the owners bank account Telsa makes almost no maney each year but is one of the most valuable companies and they lay off workers all the time because of this.
  6. LOL Their TV rundown sheet must actually be labeled "Bills pick 3:00 commercial break" for the producers.
  7. Ticket Situation Hotels Planes Gatherings We need a thread dedicated to just this. Currently scheduled for OCT 4 Bills at Raiders will be just the 2nd game in the new Las Vegas stadium. Discuss should we be worried about super high prices? Why are they so high? Will Covid 19 lead to a rescheduling of this game? Will prices go higher/lower? Plans leading up to game? **No Politics**
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