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  1. Trade Up? What it would take

    I could see if someone they really like Allen or Mayfield for example falls to say 10-12 they could move up. But i see them staying put, if anything trading back for more picks.
  2. Offensive PI (rule change to consider)

    The league wants touchdowns. The loss of downs and a 10 yd penalty is going in the opposite direction of helping teams score touchdowns....
  3. Star Lotulelei Jeff Janis - Replaces Holmesvon ST, Tate on return duties and potentially a better WR than both. Isaiah Crowell- 1-2 punch takes over for aging Shady in 2019 at 26 years old.
  4. Yeah Marcel, why don’t you abuse more drugs, continue to drag race, get in trouble with the law, show up late all the time etc and then see how they treat you there you child!
  5. If it’s my pick here is the Bills next QB

    Realistically the QBs are -Mayfield (maybe) - probably gone 10-15 range. -Mason Rudolph -Riley Ferguson -Mike White This FO is not going to trade up. I see the Bills trading 22 for an early 2nd and 3rd
  6. If it’s my pick here is the Bills next QB

    Don’t mind the kid... But he’s got s slower release, brings the ball down, not as low as Leftwich but that’s an example.
  7. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    He’s worked a ton next to Belichick, McDaniels and Brady... I’m sure he knows quite a bit about the passing game.
  8. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    Why is it you always no more than everyone else?! At times you know more than NFL coaching staffs and FOs... like here. Do you know what a contrarian is?
  9. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    I like it a lot... Hes worked with Belichick, Saban, McDaniels, Brady etc. has OC experience. A very detailed oriented. Very solid pick up. Please get Dorsey as a QB coach
  10. We all know that specific person where no matter what you say, they think everything that comes out is racist. I’ve seen players on both sides say they never heard crap! This whole story is just dumb! This is a Michael Bennett in Vegas story!!!
  11. 2018 Potential Free Agent WRs

    Richardson wouldn’t be bad, Jeff Janis too Kelvin Benjamin Paul Richardson Zay Jones Jeff Janis - Replaces Holmes as #4, ST Tate replacement Brandon Riley - Gonna impress next PreSeason
  12. Gotta go after a feature running back

    Next year being Shadys last year with Buffalo anyways. I would like to see Buffalo get someone more proven. A 1-2 punch. I would like to see Isaiah Crowell signed. Shady and Crowell could be nice with Crowell taking over in 2019. Then he will still only be 26 years old. Would just like to see him play under a legit balanced offense and on a team who can throw.
  13. Where is the plane? Does anyone know?

    My inside source Donny.... says a decision will be coming soon! As soon as Monday.
  14. If the OC is Bevell I see 2 Things.....

    Will fans quit tying Tyrod to Bevell because of Russell Wilson. It’s annoying. Like Bevell can only run an offense if the QB can run. There are a lot of athletic QBs in the league...