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  1. 1ZAYDAY1

    The Bills Worked Out Eight Players Yesterday

    Bills are trying to play moneyball?
  2. They’re just hoping someone take him off their practice sq
  3. 1ZAYDAY1

    A couple of frustrating plays yesterday IMO

    What’s frustrating is our Oline is terrible but yet they’re having Josh Allen take 5 step drops and reading the defense. Id be calling quic hitters, pivot and throw. Substitute the run game with short passing game. 1-5 yd hitches, quick outs, slants, short crossing routes, WR screens, TE screen, RB motion quick outs/hitches, swing passes..... that would be 70% of the plays id call. i just felt a lot of the play calling was 5 step drops requiring Josh to read the defense and asking the Oline hold a pocket for 4-5 seconds. Vs get the ball out in 2 seconds.
  4. Teller will start the last few games, you can bet on that. Even Ike may get a game or two. By week 15 the Bills will probably be 2-12. Allen will be more comfortable, VLad will still be terrible, so why not. I expect Teller to start at LG next year. I’d expect the Bills draft a LT to compete with Dawkins, draft/sign a C. Ike may be our swing tackle next year.
  5. 1ZAYDAY1

    Andre holmes led team in targets...

    If...if either one of them wanted to come here I’d be all for it. 1 year deal, get Allen a decent target and you know the Bills are gonna be throwing the ball 30-40 times a game playing from behind.
  6. 1ZAYDAY1

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    Like not getting time, can’t establish a run game, mediocre WRs... yep just like Wyoming. Solidify the Oline, get him a true #1 WR and a young talented RB... that’s when you’ll see things change. But that’s the 2020 season at the soonest. Be patient this year.
  7. Yes I’m excited Josh is getting playing time. The ability is there, the game will slow down, he will become more familiar. Once he can make this offense “his”.... and of course build the Oline up. This offense could be pretty good.
  8. 1ZAYDAY1

    [Edited Title] Patrick Mahomes Looks Great

    Quit talking about this guy!!!! Who cares. He’s not on this team, get over it.
  9. This is no longer about the offense. This Defense can’t stop anything 2 weeks in a row. I get it, their tired but they are soft!!!
  11. Bills may not win a single game... it’s the little things they can’t get right which says a lot. 1/3 the starters probably wouldnot be in the league if not for them being on the Bills. Don’t make me name names
  12. More like Poy-nay if he gets stiff armed one more time
  13. Dawkins back pedaling, plays party cake as a rookie OLB basically runs by him for the sack. Friggin whole Oline is soft!!!!
  14. 1ZAYDAY1

    Predict Josh Allen's stats vs LA.

    Winning or losing stick to the game plan... which should aim to rush the ball 25 times. I’d try to keep his attempts around 25. Even if down a couple TDs the coaches nor the fans should expect him to start slinging the ball throwing it 35-40 times. Expect Ivory to get his carries this week. 15-25 154 yds 1TD, 1 int, 1 Rush TD What did Tyrod do his rookie year in his first start? Oh yeah... 5 years later
  15. 1ZAYDAY1

    Official MNF Thread: Raiders v Rams

    If McD says effort wasn’t an issue yesterday.... Raiders effort is out the roof!!!! He’s always talking about standards, well take a good look.