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  1. Buffalo will trade down with Denver, Cincy or NY Giants..... I’m hoping Denver, still grab the same guy from 9 but get more picks to move back into the first.
  2. Top 5 picks... no particular order DT- Jordan Phillips 1 year deal. DE- Shaq? Hughes getting older, Murphy after this year? Probably not. RB- Shady & Gore 1 year OLB- Lorax replacement. TE/OT- I’d say OT more than TE but I’d think they will draft a TE before. Oliver Wilkins Tillery Burns Ferguson Jacobs Hockenson Fant Williams Taylor Bills will draft 2 of these guys in the first round. I’m thinking 10 picks. It’s gotta be quality over quantity.
  3. Shady has 1 year, Gore has 1 year. Josh knows the system, knows Daboll, 3rd Down proficient, Can catch, great route runner. Always healthy no wear and tear.
  4. I’ll Take #13 Brian Burns and #21 Josh Jacobs with #37 NKeal Harry #137- DT Daylon Mack
  5. I say trade down from 9, then trade back up into the first. 4 first round picks in 2 years.... gotta make them count!
  6. Our depth at LB is terrible. Im really leaning towards Brian Burns at #9. He would excel at the role Lorax plays, gain a year of mentorship while still getting solid playing time. I’d think we may be able to trade down some but he’s been put in a positive light since his combine performance at 250 lbs. He may be worthy of the #9 pick. But maybe Eli Harold will be behind Lorax being he also plays at under 250lbs and is an undersized DE
  7. Preston Williams all day! Snag him with our 2nd 4th round pick. He’s legitimately a early day 2 WR this year without the incident.
  8. Seriously 2nd round? this kid will go top 15 and may be the pick at 9. Rightfully so.
  9. I’m going Brian Burns.... This guy came in at 250 at the combine. As he ages at 6’5” he might be able to hit 260. Ran in the 4.5s, hes athletic, coordinated, has a decent spin move which is huge as a speed rusher. Heres the kicker, he can play DE and Lorax position which makes him even more valuable. I think he could be the potential pick regardless.
  10. I see trade down and the a trade back into the first. Back to back years 2 first round picks. Josh Jacobs & Jerry Tillery is my guess.
  11. Shows in this video.... he is a process/Buffalo type guy! Go BlueCheese Christian
  12. I say round 1 cause I feel the Bills could get him at 9 or could get him possibly 5-6 picks later. Question is why no talk of Wilkins? 6’3” 315, kid lined up inside, outside everywhere. He’s quick and has great hands. 4 year starter and is considered one of the top DT behind Q. Williams. He’s from Western Massachusetts. Ive been saying it for weeks now. I’d like a trade down to gain more picks to trade back into the first. Draft Christian Wilkins and trade back into the first for Jaylon Ferguson. Bills D line is sketchy after this year. I think Star, Murphy and H Phillips are the only ones under contract and Murphy’s dead cap after this year he could easily be gone. McDs defense relys heavily on DL rotation, 7-8 guys. Wilkins Plays everywhere which is nice at 315.
  13. All that matters is that he’s a professional, has great work ethic. The rest of it will take care of itself regardless of weather.
  14. I don’t know the real reason but would it be possible his family moved from Toronto to Arizona for warmer weather?
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