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  1. 1ZAYDAY1

    Marquise Brown Lis Franc surgery

    I wouldn’t have touched him in the first regardless. I wouldn’t even draft this kid now in the top 100. Been saying this all along. At 5’9 165 it would be a first. No thanks. Ill take Deebo Samuels but he’s 5’11 215 brickhouse, fast, quick, great hands, being they are big 10.5” hands
  2. 1ZAYDAY1

    T.J. Hockenson

    This kid is different.... Fans won’t get the instant satisfaction from the TE position from a rookie. But watch, this kid will be a perineal pro bowler and be an All Pro. I could be wrong but im pretty sure in 3-4 years I’ll be saying “told you so”.... but when it’s all said and done I hope who ever we pick is a stand out as well and I could care less. But I do want TJ. Fans here need to understand he may get drafted at #7 to Jacksonville or #8 Detroit. He has the film, he has the awards, he has the potential, he has the size weight and speed. He’s gonna run a 4.5 40 yard dash. He’s an excellent route runner, best blocking TE to come out in years etc.... this kid was a 3 sport athlete in high school and excelled in all 3. Holds state records in football. He’s different
  3. 1ZAYDAY1

    T.J. Hockenson

    This kid is going top 15 no doubt! 6’5” 250, I bet he runs in the upper 4.5s. He’s been said to be a crisp route runner. Not to mention a super tough blocker in the run game. Id take him at 9. But would love to trade down 3-4 spots.
  4. I'll take Deebo Samuels all day over Brown. Samuels is like 2 inches taller and 40lbs heavier, thick build upper and lower body, looks strong, he's quick and fast as well (4.4 guy). His hands measured at like 10.5 inches at the Senior Bowl which is insanely big and it showed, has great hands. vs. 5'9" 165 lbs..... Not saying Brown sucks, just saying at that size it will be a first.
  5. 1ZAYDAY1

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Solid pickup considering the state of the Bills OL. Grab 2 more FA OL. Draft another 2. Focus on skill position in the draft. I'm all in for trading down and grabbing TJ Hockenson and Deebo Samuels in the 2nd.
  6. 1ZAYDAY1

    Who's your sleeper WR draft choice?

    He reminds me of AJ Green. Same height and weight. Even there mechanics and the way they run look identical. I honestly think in 2-3 years he will make a name for himself. I don’t think the kid has character issues even though he had a run in his freshman year.
  7. 1ZAYDAY1

    Who's your sleeper WR draft choice?

    Kid was one of the top WR prospects in the country coming out of high school. Put up huge numbers this year. 96 receptions, like 1400 yards and 14 TDs. 2 of those games were against SEC opponents where he had like 24 receptions 225 yards and 2 TDs. Id take him in the 3rd. I think after the combine, interviews and prodays he’ll rebound. But ultimately I think he’s got 1st round talent for sure.
  8. 1ZAYDAY1

    Who's your sleeper WR draft choice?

    Preston Williams Colorado St. I think he could be a top 5 WR in this years draft but I see him falling to late 3rd or 4th.
  9. 1ZAYDAY1

    TE Thoughts

    I’m all in for TJ Hockenson. I bet he runs a 4.5 40 yard dash too. Round 2- Deebo Samuels, Riley Ridley or Hakeem Butler OL in FA. Get a DT and OLB rounds 3 and 4 Pick 15-20 Dude is big, fluid, can catch, block and will put up big numbers at the combine. OJ Howard went #19, this dude is better
  10. 1ZAYDAY1

    TJ Hockenson & Hakeem Butler

    Hockenson is legit. But Washington is not giving up a 1st and 2nd to move up from 15 to 9. Weeks ago posted this same scenario. Trade down with Washington and grab TJ and Butler round 2. All depends on FA. People will say TE at 15 is to high. OJ Howard went 19 and TJ is a 1 in every 10 year TE. He is the complete package
  11. 1ZAYDAY1

    6 Potential QB coach candidates

    True, plus Palmer has a good deal going. Especially in the offseason working for big name prospects and current players. That would be hard to walk away from knowing he could do that for the next 10 years vs gambling on McDermott and being a QB coach. Im in favor of Jerry Schuplinski. Assistant QB coach for the Patriots. Knows the system, knows and has worked with Daboll, worked and coached the best QB of all time, younger guy etc.
  12. 1ZAYDAY1

    6 Potential QB coach candidates

    What About.... Jerry Schuplinski Assistant QB coach New England Patriots. 3rd year as assistant QB coach. Brian Daboll and him were coaches there from 2013-2016. Been in the same offensive system Bills are running, worked with Brady and has probably picked his brain as much as Josh McDaniels. Been with New England for 5 years.
  13. 1ZAYDAY1

    Post your mock draft here

    Players I'm looking at based off Senior Bowl, Write-ups of Bills interest, Position of need, and general rounds I think selected (not shown). Other than the big names thorwn around on the board...... OL- Dalton Risner, Kansas State Ross Pierschbacher, Alabama Ben Powers, Oklahoma Garrett Bradbury, NC State WR- Deebo Samuel, South Carolina Hakeem Butler, Iowa State Riley Ridley, Georgia DeMarkus Lodge, Ole Miss CB- Blace Brown, Troy Montre Hartage, Northwestern Jimmy Moreland, Jacksonville St Jordan Brown, South Dakota St DT- Terry Beckner Jr, Missouri Byron Coward, Maryland Kingsley Keke, Oklahoma Daniel Wise, Kansas TE- TJ Hockenson, Iowa Kayden Smith, Stanford Issac Nauta, Georgia CJ Conrad, Kentucky Edge/DE- Porter Gustin, USC Jonathan Ledbetter, Georgia Shareef Miller, Penn St Jesse Aniebonam, Maryland OLB- Joe Giles Harris, Duke Dre Greenlaw, Maryland Chase Hansen, Utah Bryan London, Texas St RB- Jordan Scarlet, Florida Alexander Mattison, Boise St Darrin Hall, Pitt Bruce Anderson, North Dakota St Punter- Mitch Wishnowsky, Utah
  14. Got caught up in the heat of the moment, made a super bad decision in his actions based on a woman who was saying terrible things about one of his deceased family member loved dearly, and felt he was defending her honor. Bad mistake, BAD! I do not agree with what he did. Just saying most of us have made bad decisions and done some terrible things. His just happens to be under the microscope of the NFL and was caught on tape.
  15. 1ZAYDAY1

    Bills/Redskins Potential Trade Down

    Yeah. Why not? EJ Manuel, Blake Bortles, Paxton Lynch, Jake Locker, Johnny Manziel, Brandon Weedon, Ryan Tannehill, Blain Gabbert, Christian Ponder etc all went round 1. Dont be so dramatic that someone believes It’s possible a team likes a QB that should probably be drafted later get over drafted and trade back into round 1 to get that QB.... especially since there are quite a few teams in the top half of the draft that need a QB that may want to get BPA with their 1st pick but get back in at the end of round 1 to grab a QB. All I’m saying is that it can happen. Again look at the names above.