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  1. 1ZAYDAY1

    Danny Crossman should be out

    Yes!!!! You can only give someone the benefit of doubt for so long. His squad has been pitiful all year long.
  2. 1ZAYDAY1

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    Playing for field goals all the damn time!!!
  3. I like Dawkins at LT. Buffalo needs a C and RT. I see Buffalo grabbing a Veteran at center for sure and there’s 2-3 solid veterans or they may reach for Alabama’s Center Pierschbacher who knows the offense. Then paying a JaWaan James (probably like $10-12M per) I think Buffalo will be drafting around 10-12, winning 3 of last 4. I would a trade back and grab Yodny Cajuste OT from WV, it’s talked about him being better at Guard in the league. Dude is strong and has great athleticism. Plug him in at RG and could be a swing OT. Dawkins Teller FA (Paradis/Morse/Draft Pierschbacher Cajuste James The goal should be to pay for our OL that will be around for the next 3-5 years.
  4. Folks gotta remember Buffalo has a lot of cap room this offseason. So they may even try to steal some restricted free agents they know may not match an offer. If Buffalo really liked someone and the price isn’t too high etc. I would suspect Buffalo will go after players they really want. WR is a must. I could see the Bills going after someone like Rashard Higgins, RFA Cleveland. Solid WR, plays behind Landry and Callaway. Would be a great pick up. Draft a 2nd round WR. WR Corp 2nd Round pick Zay Jones Robert Foster Rashard Higgins Isiah McKenzie Point being, Buffalo has the money to overpay for players they think will be studs and other teams can’t afford to match. Hopefully it works out better than a Charles Clay RFA move....
  5. 1ZAYDAY1

    Bills sign WR Da’Mari Scott to active roster

    There was something mentioned that he’d never come back to Buffalo ever again
  6. 1ZAYDAY1

    Jonathan Taylor a Capable replacement?

    2020 Draft has 4-5 stud RBs!!!! There’s a few this year
  7. 1ZAYDAY1

    My FA targets

    As far as WRs go... The Jets are not gonna let Enunwa go. They love that kid. I don’t see the Bills paying $8-10M per for a WR in FA. $5M per is what I’d guess. I see the Bills keeping Zay, Foster and McKenzie. Picking up another solid WR like Rashard Higgins from Cleveland, he’s a RFA but with the WRs Cleveland has (Landry, Callaway, Njoku TE) I don’t think they’d match. He’s been solid in Cleveland. Then draft a WR round 2. Theres gonna be a mass run on WR starting round 2. (no particular order) Marquise Brown, Preston Williams, Kelvin Harmon, Hakeem Butler, DK Metcalf, David Sills, JJ Arcega Whiteside JAWS, Parris Campbell ? Later round WRs Keeshawn Johnson FSU, James Proche SMU, Bryce Dunnelly UTC
  8. 1ZAYDAY1

    The Next Darius Leonard

    I agree. Leave Edmunds in the middle. we need OL. I think the Bills will be drafting around #12. I like OT Yodny Cajuste, I think he may end up being the first overall OT off the board.
  9. 1ZAYDAY1

    The Next Darius Leonard

    Hanks will be in the Senior Bowl. I’m sure he’ll get noticed. It been talked about him possibly being a second round guy. His defensive coordinator was Luke Keichly coach and coordinator at Boston College.
  10. What do you do at RT? I extend Dawkins ASAP. Bring in a OT Round 1 that may need time to develop/battle with Dawkins. Best man win LT spot. or do you resign Mills who should have an affordable salary to maintain RT (ugh), but build up C and RG....?
  11. 1ZAYDAY1

    The Next Darius Leonard

    See what you’re saying but I think Edmunds is staying put. If they move Edmunds out, Devin White MLB LSU is your guy. But I see them going OL round 1. Cajuste is gonna start moving up into top 15. He may end up being the top rated OT.
  12. 1ZAYDAY1

    The Next Darius Leonard

    This would be a great fit for McD’s Defense, replacement for Lorax(hopefully Lorax signs on for 1 more year). Terrill Hanks OLB/Edge New Mexico St. 6’3” 235 lbs. reminds me a lot of Darius Leonard. Would love him in the 3rd round. I got Yodny Cajuste OT rd 1. PRESTON Williams WR round 2.
  13. 1ZAYDAY1

    Is Brian Daboll a HC candidate in Green Bay?

    He’s not leaving.... he’s proved nothing. Interview process but I doubt even that will happen.
  14. Add Mitch Morse - KC and Lamont Gaillard - Georgia Ross Pierschbacher - Alabama There are some solid Centers in this draft. Bills should be grabbing 2 OL within their first 4 picks and grab a couple more in FA.
  15. 1ZAYDAY1

    2019 draft Wish List(trade back)

    Brown had 20 receiving yards against Texas Saturday... but yet fans on here think he’s some legit NFL #1 WR. The dude comes up missing in games. He’s gonna measure possibly under 5’10 and he weighs 165 lbs max. One hundred and sixty five pounds!!! The 3rd round grade here seems fitting. Yeah some team may gamble and take him in round 2. But I don’t think the kid will do squat in the NFL. Fans should also know the Big12 has zero defense. Plus everyone is fast and quick and good in the nfl. We do need Oline. But I’d expect the Bills to go heavy in FA for the Oline considering the top talent on defense stacked in the top 15 in round 1. I’d love him, Hakeem Butler, Preston Williams or Kelvin Harmon in the 2nd.