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  1. 1ZAYDAY1

    Joe B: Post Minicamp 53 Man Roster Projection

    Looks decent.. I see them keeping more than 4 DTs, 4 DEs Im thinking 5 DEs and 5 DTs. McDs defense calls for a massive rotation on the DL. With Kyle getting older, Murphy coming off injury I say the keep 5 and 5. Keeping only 6 WRs and 5 CBs will make up that difference.
  2. 1ZAYDAY1

    How do you feel about the Buffalo Bills right now?

    I think the defense is going to be stubborn. LB depth is weak. DE is solid but needs to show more this year. Offense is a big ????, Oline will be tough but we don’t know. WR depth is an issue. But it may not be critical due to power run game being the focus. i think this team will be better than last. 10-6 AJ has a great season. Sweep Jets and Dolphins, Spilt New England. Big question is how healthy this team stays cause depth is an issue.
  3. I don’t think he’ll retire or be cut... but i too many of times have have said he lost a step last year, and he’ll probably lose another. I’ve also said he’s the weakest link on the D. I hope im wrong Keenan Robinson is still a FA and think would be a great fit at SLB. Good side, fast and can cover.
  4. 1ZAYDAY1

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    I get they are different positions but talking caliber, level of performance, captain qualities etc. A pro bowl caliber player with potential all pro ability vs a guy who never made the pro bowl. I get he’s putting together a team, but you gotta cut weight somewhere else and include Kyle lol
  5. 1ZAYDAY1

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    You picked a player like Mark Kelso and not Kyle Williams? Kyle Williams is one of the most steadfast players this organization has ever had, maybe one of the best team leaders ever as well!
  6. I don’t understand the planning of all this.... Been a fan for 30 years, seems as if the talk of a new stadium has been talked about for half that time. So over the last 10-15 years the city of Buffalo, the Team with ticket sells, state of New York etc... could have created a tax credit, like raised the price of a ticket 5-10% and that tax would go towards a future stadium. State could have done something similar. Its poor planning, poor investing etc. If measures were taken 15 years ago I feel a $1B stadium could be half paid for.
  7. 1ZAYDAY1

    I like the look of this roster/Defense

    I know I’ll get some kick back on this but... I think Lorax is a weak spot on this Defense, last year he looked slow and wasn’t making plays like the year before. I could see another step lost and him losing playing time. A 4-2-5 seems realistic for sure.
  8. A lot of these comments are the same comments said about Hyde, Poyer last year... now those people are singing a different song. When will fans accept the fact the FO and these coaches know more than they do? He may be used in a totally different way than any other way he’s been used in his career. Bring him in... If they all can agree on his role and all be positive that positive things can happen... then why shouldn’t I!!!
  9. 1ZAYDAY1

    Josh Allen Unfazed

    It’s called Maturity!!!!!
  10. Was there no news/video of today’s practice??? would start a new thread but the thread police would probably get me....
  11. 1ZAYDAY1

    Josh Boyce, WR rumored to have a visit

    Running NEs offense... yes we will have slot guys, mostly. aka quick, route runners... "But Allen can throw the ball 80 yards!" Just because Allen can throw the ball 80 yards doesn't mean you design an offense around that... Expect 10-15 play drives, hopefully that put up points.
  12. If he does visit it will be a gauge for him to know the bottom of his market value if offered a contract.... Dont really care for the guy... but I think his value is around $8M per... some team may may give him a 1 yr $10M....
  13. 7 teams have a white helmet, 3 in the AFCE alone... Would like to see a blue helmet concept... wonder what this would look like with a White charging Buffalo..., white face mask This!
  14. 1ZAYDAY1

    Brady plans to play at least two more years

    Mentally but eventually I think he gets hurt.
  15. 1ZAYDAY1

    [edited] Brandon Reilly - Speedy WR with a Roster Shot?

    He’s following the steps of Chris Hogan... Hogan played STs. He needs to prove he can play STs and I bet his shot will come on the field. Unless you’re a top 3 WR on this team... you be expected to contribute on ST. I think he may get his shot this year.