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  1. Is Rudolph their guy?

    Supposedly Green Bay loves Vander Esch... could Buffalo love him as well? Rudolph is more the pick at 22.
  2. Well that means to get to #2... Bills would have to give #12, 53, 65, 2019 1st & 3rd.... that’s if they want to keep 22. or 12, 22, 56, 96 And 2019 2nd....maybe But I’m thinking next year 1st is gone if we want #2.
  3. UFA LB Will Compton to Visit Bills

    Everyone that doesn’t like him are the same people who would have said... Why Poyer? He’s terrible, so is Hyde. I can’t believe when traded down for Tre White..... Plus he’s gonna play in the Milano role vs MLB.... like I said, he’s a better Humber
  4. UFA LB Will Compton to Visit Bills

    Holding his teammates accountable... demanding more, work ethic.... love this guy for depth and rotational
  5. UFA LB Will Compton to Visit Bills

    If you ask me... he’s better than Humber and seems like a legit teammate.
  6. Bills still have 7 major holes.

    RG - I’m sure they are fine with VLad or Miller.... but will still draft a guy for sure. RT - Mills is still here, not the best. I’m really curious to see what Conor McDermott can do this year. I’m sure he’ll be Dawkins backup being Cordy and Henderson are gone. This will be that 4-5 round guy drafted
  7. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    One thing I must say is, Everything you hear about Rosen being awkward is away from the game for the most part.... have they not interviewed Conor McDermott, his starting LT from the 2016 season? I’d like to hear what he has to say about all this...
  8. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    Thought this was a Rosen thread... I said people think, media says, and other outlets say he may have some awkwardness to him... just saying in the “Rosen Pro Day thread” awkwardness may be a bigger deal then folks want to believe. Sorry, I thought the Ah schucks comment was a little awkward being his response to a great compliment by Mayock after his pro day. David Carr is the one who called it awkward, I just agree because I felt the same way before he even commented on Rosen’s response. We can find a Mayfield pro day thread and I’ll mention my dislikes about him there. I like Rosen, I really do. But the awkwardness may be tough. I’m saying that, analysts are saying that, media a so forth. Not a big deal
  9. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    Being themselves has got them in s lot of trouble.... Not saying Rosen is gonna be a trouble but from what the media put out there, he may be misunderstood
  10. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    Guys who are a little different.... OBJ, TO, Cam Newton etc I could name a dozen more who just are misunderstood by people, teammates etc and it just isn’t worth it... Ive never been a fan, sorry. Call me Awkward How is that canned??? That’s a huge compliment and he’s says Ah Shucks. It’s whatever, as immature as people say Mayfield is, he would have responded like a humble human and maturity. Hey Josh, I’m your biggest fan, see I got your jeresey. He responds “ah shucks”
  11. But that’s the point, he’s saying all his highlights were of lesser or equal opponents... of course he’s not gonna have highlights against big schools cause 1, they don’t play them and 2 his team probably got crushed. It’s moot. He performed well in his Bowl game, played well in 2016 when he had more seniority around him and showed well during Senior Bowl week...
  12. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    It comes off a less genuine... it’s not that big of a deal to me... just not a fan of awkward people that much in the game of football. I don’t hate him or dislike him, it’s just it may be different for some to pick up what he’s putting down... But I also know OBD is doing their homework and I love what they’re doing. So if they think he’s the guy? I’m all in. i personally would have liked him to humble himself there... not just a “thanks”.., But “Thanks Mike, that’s a big compliment considering some of the QBs who have played the game in the last decade, I appreciate it”... or is that to Eli?
  13. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    Love his play on the field but his demeanor just turns me off.... Even David Carr called him out for his awkward laugh and statements on NFL network. Just said he’s a different kind of guy.... Its tough to get 100% on board with that. Saw Rudolph had a great day.
  14. Wyoming’s team this year was absolutely horrendous!!! Allen has a solid 2016 season with Wyoming throwing 3000+ yds and Rushing for over 500 yds. 28 TDs 15 ints. Yes he he took a step back this year but his entire team took 3 steps back. His Oline has never been good, and if you’ve truly watch a game you’ll see the play calling at times is terrible at best. The kids got crazy potential physically... mentally, nobody on this board knows him so you don’t know how smart he is, how fast he can grasp a concept etc, his leadership abilities etc.... If he has the brains, mental ability and leadership qualities teams look for no way he makes it out of the top 5.... Thing is EJ was surrounded by 5 Star talent.... it’s hard to compare them cause Allen didn’t receive the level of coaching and have amazing talent around him... Id be willing to bet EJ would have been super crappy if he spent 3 years at Wyoming and played with that Oline. Allen got by with talent alone...
  15. Incognito Restructures Contract to Stay with Bills

    Probably from $6M to $4M saving $2M....