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  1. Kelly wins 1 super bowl you could put him probably up to 15. Right behind Aikman.... Phillip Rivers ever wins a Super Bowl you can slide him into the top 20... This list is set off Super Bowl wins... Bradshaw was terrible skill wise but because he had 5 HOF players on each side of the ball plus all the Super Bowls he’s selected high.
  2. What an idiot. Dude is out of control. So. What happened?
  3. It’s funny how people think if there’s no roof it would only be used a dozen times a year.... outdoor hockey? I’m sure April through August you could easily fit in a dozen more events, fundraisers, concerts etc.... roof or no roof I don’t think you’d see a drastic count in additional events. i think retractable is the way to go, if the cost isn’t worth it... no roof.
  4. From the Panhandle in FL.... looking forward to practice and figured if we are going to drive up we might as well stay. I was up in GA this weekend and the temp was way easier to deal with.
  5. Question... never been to a preseason practice, or game etc... How or what would the best way to go about getting tickets to the practices and the game in Carolina?
  6. I think there is a mental game being played here.... Tre and Edmunds both are modest mostly laid back guys, guys that know their place. Ed Oliver is very head strong, almost arrogant. He’s respectful but can be an “in your face” guy too. Trust me, Ed Oliver doesn’t care he’s a rookie. But he’s gotta learn his role on the team, on the field, in the locker room etc.... that’s gonna ground this kid and help him be part of the process and help him slowly adapt to the level he’s at now. Vs thrown him the keys to the lambo.
  7. It doesn’t matter in McDs scheme. Yes he must prove himself. I’m sure it’s being used to ground Oliver some to... but it all depends on the game plan, who the Bills are playing.... obviously against a more pass happy team you’ll see Oliver getting a majority of the snap over all the DTs. At the end of the year Oliver leads the DTs in on field percentage. Maybe the entire DL.... I just hope he keeps a level head and becomes a leader in the next year or two
  8. If he get over 9, double digits, he will win DROY!
  9. Bills rotation this year at the front 7 is going to be good. Shaq, Murphy, Hughes, Oliver, Star, Harrison, Phillips Edmunds, Milano, Lorax, Joseph, Alexander, Harold Solid.
  10. Tasker was annoying. Talked as if he has all the answers. Was negative more often than not and just really didn’t like his style.
  11. Never liked the clown... just looking at him you can tell he’s got some screws loose.
  12. Thank you. Bills will get squat for Lawson. But yet we are clowning the Jets for getting “anything” for Lee.... It sucks but it’s reality. Another first rounder gone
  13. Really? He is going to walk after this year and the Bills will get zero in return.
  14. What are we gonna get for Shaq?
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