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  1. Absolutely true. Singletary is a nice RB but he has no explosion and that hurts the offense. a WR is a must, maybe even two, and the Oline issues need to be solved
  2. The offense as a whole has yet to show up in what we consider "big games". The O Line needs to play a lot better than today, the WR core needs to hold onto passes and Allen needs a lot of improving before they make the jump to contending status. The D is legit, that's for sure
  3. This....JA has ZERO time which isn't helping his inaccuracy issues
  4. 10 days to prepare off a huge win ad this is the offense they showed up with? Yuck
  5. I feel a lonnnnnnng day coming if these boys dont wake up.
  6. It becomes a huge game if NE loses to the Chiefs
  7. I cant argue, they are really starting to gel and are putting some nice wins together. This was a great win and they are a much improved football team on both sides of the ball. Love this team
  8. The guy is a single, 22 year old millionaire NFL QB who was responsible enough to have a designated driver and left the club by 1230. This should not be a negative story compared to the other stuff NFL players get caught doing. I live in Jets/Giants country and the local radio was RIPPING the Post for publishing this crap.
  9. He's 9-1....still sounds pretty good to me
  10. I feel like the Pats game is too, but they need to be firing on all cylinders
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