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  1. I heard before "Box of Knox", not mine but I loved it
  2. Two of those teams were the Dolphins and Jets on their third string QB. While I dont think we are ready to contend with the Patsies just yet, I dont think they are going to run away with this game. Bills D will give them a fit if they show up all game
  3. The D really needs to come up big on this drive and Allen needs to nut-up
  4. Left way too many points on the field, making too many mistakes and getting cute in short yardage situations. This team still hasn't figured out how to keep their foot on the gas and they let another team back in when they were all but dead. This would be a crushing loss having to face NE next week, they better tighten it up
  5. It would make us very tough to pass on that's for damn sure....but so you want that guy in the locker room? Im not sure
  6. And circling back to the OP purpose....here's the link on what he said on the sports minute https://omny.fm/shows/cbs-sports-minute/9-16-jim-rome-cbs-sports-minute-on-the-buffalo-bil
  7. This thread turned into a fart in a phonebooth
  8. This. Until we can beat the Pats we will not win this division.
  9. Only here would someone post highlights of a dude that brutally murdered two people and went to prison for robbing another. You think Pats fans still love and post about Aaron Hernandez? I wonder
  10. Maybe the Bills want to start playing again at this point
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