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  1. Wouldn't this be a more valid comparison if Tyrod had been a starting QB for 6 years and/or Rex had only been an assistant coach/coordinator for 6 before he came here? But Rex was already a head coach for 6 years before he got his second shot here, and then got 2 more years as HC in Buffalo... (for 8 years total). So by this logic, I guess Tyrod should get at least 4-6 more years as starting QB then, huh? lol
  2. You can post links with a small segment of the article. They just asked that you don't post the entire article due to copy right laws. I don't think that is unreasonable at all. Also, I enjoyed reading the article you posted. So thanks for sharing.
  3. Last night was a big night for the Sabres draft position. Both Dallas and (obviously) Florida won and jumped us in the standings, and Deteoit picked up 1 point. Buffalo went from picking 9th overall to 7th overall (would be 6th overall, but Las Vegas is in there now, and the worst they can pick is 6th overall). If Buffalo loses tonight in regulation and Detroit wins their last ever game at Joe Louis Arena against a crappy New Jersey team, the Sabres will be picking 5th overall in the draft. Rooting for a Detroit win and Buffalo loss today!
  4. What better QB was there to replace him with this year? There was no better free agents, and every QB in this draft is said to be at least a year or two away from being ready to start. Most NFL coaches don't have much of any interest in putting all their eggs in one basket and tying their entire head coaching career to some totally raw rookie QB coming from a college program where they've never had to call plays, read defenses or do many of the other things pro QBs are asked to do. A rookie who isn't even on the roster yet, mind you, and the Bills have no idea how the draft will unfold - who will be on their board when they pick. They probably didn't want to be absolutely forced to reach for whatever project QB is on their board for them at #10 this year either. Nothing at all wrong with that. I know you think that the Bills (and McDermott's) best option was to draft 2 rookie QBs this year (a 1st rounder and a later rounder) and let them all battle it out, and then draft another 1st round QB next year and do the same. But as many have said to you, that is just not a realistic plan. No teams do that because no coach wants his entire coaching career riding on a bunch of rookie QBs. McDermott feels that Tyrod will keep the Bills competitive until they find their true franchise QB. Oh the horror... I have faith McDermott and the Bills will address the QB position in a meaningful way within the next 2 seasons. He may choose to wait until next season, when he's had a chance to truly evaluate his team/roster, which is ok with me if that's what happens. But Tyrod's 2 year bridge deal tells me they will most likely add a QB this year or next (unless Tyrod somehow takes a huge step forward).
  5. This could very well be true. Also, I remember reading a news article from many years ago that stated Ralph Wilson said it wasn't financially feasible for him to field a Super Bowl caliber team. Something like even during the SB years he wasn't making enough money off the team, or something along those lines. So he started making cuts to the front office, coaching and scouting pay rolls. I just tried quickly searching google for the article but didn't see it. I know it's on the internet somewhere, but it'd take some searching for me to find it. If anyone knows the article I'm referring to and has a link, please post it.
  6. If I could just pick one to be the Bills QB into the future - Wentz or Tyrod, I absolute pick Wentz. But when looking at the actual cost it took to get Wentz, there's no way I give up all that for him. Trade up's to the top of the draft for QBs have historically almost never worked out for the team trading up. Also, good point in the 1st acquired for Bradford. That could be looked at as a factor. But then do you take into account the cost it took to get Bradford in the first place?
  7. Trading for Wentz today isn't a realistic scenario. Philly isn't giving him up for a 1st. So it doesn't matter if that's what you want to pay. I am looking at the actual scenario it took to get Wentz, vs what it actually took to get Tyrod. Like I said, I think you have to take the cost of Wentz into account, because it is a huge factor in his worth.
  8. IMO you absolutely have to factor in the cost it took to get Wentz. Eagles gave up two top 12 1st round draft picks, plus the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, plus the cost to move up in the 1st round last year with Miami. Wentz has a very long way to go to ever be worth everything given up to get him. I get what you're saying, but the cost to get Wentz is a very real factor.
  9. I think it's a bit early to be saying that. Does he have more potential/higher ceiling than Tyrod? Absolutely. But did he actually play better than Tyrod last season? Maybe the first few games. I bet if you asked NFL GM's if they'd rather have Tyrod and two 1st round picks + a 2nd, 3rd and 4th OR Wentz, there'd be a whole lot of GMs who would take Tyrod Taylor plus all hose draft picks... My opinion anyway.
  10. Plus Tyrod was recovering from a shoulder injury, which I would imagine affected the velocity he was clocked at. So that may take the count down to 1 (borderline) starter currently playing with a velocity almost as bad as Watson. It's not even his velocity alone, either. IMO he struggles with some of the most important traits you look for in a QB - accuracy, decision making, ability to read defenses and go through progressions/field vision, ability to play in the pocket, play in the red zone (Clemson was ranked 70something and 120 something in 2 of his 3 years there, but to be fair they were ranked much higher in the other year), ability to handle pressure (I seen a stat that said he threw 1 interception every 16 times pressured as of before the 2016 season, and I don't imagine it improved since his Int's went up). Personally, I would not take Watson top 10, but that's just my opinion. There's too many red flags for me. I have some major doubts about how his game will translate to the NFL. I do like his confidence, personality and work ethic. I think he does have traits you look for in starting QBs in those categories (not enough to go top 10 though IMO). . I also like how he showed up in big games and won that national championship. But I don't as much stock into that as some. EJ won all 4 bowl games he played in. I heard that same stuff about how he played his best when the bright lights were on. And there's no correlation between a national championship winning QB and NFL success. The list I seen had very few national championship winning QBs with very successful NFL starting QB careers. Really hoping this is just a smoke screen. But I've thought for a while that Watson would be Doug Whaley's type of QB.
  11. This would be fantastic if true!! All I was saying is that it wasn't a dirty hit - no targeting the head. No charging. No leaving his feet (etc). I was just saying that if Girgensons doesn't intercept that puck, there is no penalty on the play because it would have been a perfectly clean hit. I know it was interference since the puck didn't get there, and I know it deserved a penalty and maybe a game misconduct. But IMO that should have been the end of it. 3 games on top of that was ridiculous, especially for a guy like Risto, with no history of suspension or dirty play (and with such low penalty minutes too. IIRC I believe he even went a large stretch in the beginning of the year without a single penalty minute, which is pretty amazing considering how many minutes he plays per game). Things happen in a split second on the ice. Ristolainen was skating backwards into the hit and it looked like he did try to slow up but I don't know how realistic it is to expect him to be able to pull out of that hit completely. It was an unfortunate broken play, but absolutely not worthy of 4 missed games in total, IMO.
  12. To make it worse, this is Marchand's FIFTH suspension in his short career, and that's not even mentioning how many fines he's received for other dirty plays (like sucker punching Landeskog for ex), and he gets 2 games for a totally intentional spear to the nuts (but to be fair, some guys wouldn't even get suspended at all for that play). While Ristolainen gets basically 4 games (3 games plus his game misconduct penalty) for a clean hit on a broken play on his very first offense ever. Had Girgensons not intercepted that puck,it was a perfectly clean, legal hit. Ristolainen has absolutely no history of dirty play either. He hardly even takes many penalty minutes. This new player safety department is very, very inconsistent. It almost makes me miss Brendan Shana-ban running things (plus, he wouldn't be with the Leafs either, which would be a huge plus. lol).
  13. http://buffalonews.com/2017/04/05/sabres-okposo-hospitalized-icu-department/ "Okposo is in the Neuro Surgical ICU at Buffalo General Hospital, Paul Hamilton of WGR-AM 550 reported Wednesday. The Buffalo News has confirmed the story. website for the UCLA Neurosurgery Department, the neuro ICU cares for patients with all types of neurosurgical and neurological injuries, including stroke, brain hemorrhage, trauma and tumors." Spooky stuff. Prayers for Okposo. I really hope he is ok.
  14. I don't even bother going in the comments section on social media in general. It usually makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Things are really changing with so much social media interaction these days. It really seems to bring out the worst in people. It's kind of sad. I've seen what some of the fans say to our players on Facebook/Twitter. Some really disgusting stuff. There's no reason for that. And there's really no good football discussion on their social media pages either. No good breakdowns or statistical analysis (etc). It's usually just mostly hate. That's why I was so sad when they closed BBMB. But this place has been great. Much better than BBMB in a lot of ways. Pretty cool that you have guys like John Wawrow posting here. I mean, I get why some Bills fans are so bitter. I've been following this team a long time too. It's frustrating. But it's not these current player's (and owner's) faults that the Bills were run so poorly for the last 17+ years. There's no reason to take out all your frustration on them. Also, IMO, if you can't find any reason to be hopeful about a team anymore, then why follow? Especially in the offseason, which is all about hope. Sports are supposed to be fun. For me, they give me a break from my daily life and all the worries that come with it. I may get emotional during a game, but when it's over I let it go. I never understood the people who let a bad Bills game ruin their entire Sunday. I've even seen some who let it ruin half their week! For me, sports are all about hope, and when I can't find reasons to be hopeful anymore, I will probably no longer follow the Bills/Sabres so closely anymore. Hope is one of the things that makes sports so great IMO. You never know when an underdog team will have a great season and shock the sports world, or an underdog player will have a super star type season. There are so many great underdog stories in sports. I always root for the underdog.
  15. Yup. That's what I was thinking too. I would guess that a number of the people who are reluctant to give McDermott credit for much of anything are the ones who were all in with Rex Ryan and bought all his hype. I have no idea if this is actually true or not, but it would make sense. Me personally, I am much more on board with McDermott than I ever was with Rex. I never bought Rex's hype.
  16. I think about what could have been with those two 1st round picks in 2015 given up for Kane and Lehner. That was an insanely deep draft. If you look at the players that would have been available for our picks at 21 and 25 - Connor Brown, Brock Boeser, Travis Konecny, Jacob Larsson, Jack Roslovic, Noah Juulsen, Anthony Beauvillier, Travis Dermott, Sebastion Aho, Brandon Carlo (and the list goes on). You add 2 players like Konecny and Brown/Boeser/Aho to our forward prospects or Larsson and Carlo to our defensive prospects,and this team could look much different... But, to be fair, Tim Murray said he was planning on using that #21 pick on a goalie anyway, so if it wasn't traded for Lehner, we'd probably have someone like Ilya Samsonov, so... (and it'll be years before he's ready for the NHL). We needed a goalie now, so I get it, and Murray did get one of the 2 best available goalies that offseason. But I'd rather have just signed Chad Johnson or some other stop gap or found a cheaper alternative. Or like others said, only given up a 2nd for Lehner (although then we may not have Brendan Guhle, who I am very high on). The book is still very much out on Lehner though. He is very young by NHL starting goalie standards. A lot of very good #1 goalies never even played an NHL game until they were 24/25/26 years old, and Lehner is only 25. So he's ahead of the curve as far as that goes. I think the book is still out on both those trades. I was never a fan of the Kane trade from day 1, but he does add a lot of value on the ice, and he may still end up being traded for a good defenseman, so I will hold judgement until I see if he's re-signed or traded and for what/how much... Also, IMO I think Bogosian for Myers was basically a wash. Both are injured about the same amount and both are very similar as far as skill/value, but they just play different styles and Bogosian's toughness was something desperately needed in Buffalo at the time of the trade. Bogosian looked great that first 1/2 season after the trade. Not sure what's happened to him since then... But I think Tim Murray has tended to give up 1 too many assets in most trades IMO. You take that 1st round pick or Lemieux/Armia out of the Kane trade, or one of the 2nd round picks out of the Fasching trade and those trades look much different IMO.
  17. Actually, Babcock and Murray are friends. Tim Murray was a big part of Anaheim hiring Babcock for his first NHL coaching job in Anaheim and I guess they've been friends ever since. Babcock even made a point of saying at his Toronto introductory press conference that not choosing the Sabres has nothing to do with Tim Murray. He said he couldn't make Buffalo work with his family. I believe it was Bob McKenzie (IIRC) who said that Babcock's wife nixed the Sabres deal. I guess she didn't want to live in Buffalo (or would rather live in Toronto, since that's where she's from and still has family there). To be clear, I am still very much up in the air on Tim Murray. But I don't have nearly the hate for him that you do. He is very well respected in the NHL as a talent evaluator. I think we need to give him more time before we can make a definitive judgement on him. He's done some things I like and he's done some things that I hate, but every GMmis like that. The next 2 seasons will be big for Tim Murray. Some of his drafted players should be ready for the AHL and NHL, so we will get a better idea of things IMO. But he has to address the blue line in a meaningful way this offseason or everyone will be looking for new jobs in a year...
  18. Yeah I didn't really understand what Ristolainen was so upset about. I watched the replay a bunch of times and all I seen was Kadri getting pushed into the goalie and then cross checked/slashed repeatedly by 2 separate Buffalo Sabres, but I didn't see Kadri actually do anything. Maybe something happened that we didn't see? Kadri is a bit of a pest, it wouldn't surprise me... Ristolainen was charged up all game though. He was one of the few Sabres that actually looked engaged in the game. Half the damn team looked like they had no interest in being there.
  19. I haven't heard anything at all about the players not wanting to play for the Sabres because of Tim Murray. All I've heard is respect from the players for him. But there has been all sorts of stuff about how Bylsma has lost the younger players on the team and how half the team doesn't want to play for him, and how Eichel hates playing for Bylsma etc etc etc.
  20. If you're going to be "that guy", then you should probably correct all the misspelled words in the sentence. (Our & Knot) lol j/k
  21. Interesting he got another 1 year prove it type deal. Not all that surprising though, given his history.
  22. Man, 3-0 Leafs already... Matthews with his 39th goal. 69 points. Just broke the Leafs rookie record. That's amazing. But man I HATE losing to Toronto. Buffalo needs to wake up here. I was expecting them to be fired up for this game and so far they are sleep walking. They literally don't even have a shot on net almost 10 minutes into the game. WTF
  23. I ought most were saying Trubisky would need to sit for a couple years, no? Either way, none of these QBs are viewed as day 1 starters and all are being called projects. Maybe long term wasn't the right word. But I still think my argument holds up.
  24. I've seen this argument a number of times here. But how true is it? How often do NFL execs actually get fired for passing on a QB who seems to be almost universally viewed as more of a long term project type? If Trubisky turns out to be a true franchise changing type QB, then yeah I could see it being one factor in some people's long term job security. But it will be years before we know what Trubisky is for sure, and Whaley and others could be gone by then anyway. Who knows. But the argument could also be made form the other side - if they drafts Trubisky at #10 (who is a huge risk with only 13 games started) and he doesn't turn out to be a true franchise QB, then that almost definitely costs Whaley his job IMO. You can't swing and miss on two 1st round QBs and keep your job IMO. Especially if you blow a top 10 pick on a QB. I don't know, IMO it seems like a much bigger risk to job security to take a project QB at #10 then it does to pass on a project QB at #10. How many GMs have been fired for missing on a top 10 pick as opposed to passing on a project QB who turns out to be good? GMs pass on project QBs every draft and I can't remember any losing their jobs because of it. I'm not saying that they shouldn't draft Trubisky or anything like that. Just looking at the premise of the argument...
  25. Agreed. I've been saying this for a while now. People like to say that this is only Toronto's 2nd (or 3rd) year rebuilding, and I just don't see it that way at all. Look at all the players they have from previous rebuilds - Rielly, Kadri, Bozak, Gardiner, JVR, Connor Brown. Those are all guys that are big contributors to the Leafs current success, and all of them have been with the Leafs longer than a couple/few years. Kadri was drafted in 2009... The Leafs just didn't tear it down the same way the Sabres did. Sabres went scorched earth, total rebuild. The Leafs current rebuild is more of a re-tool of previous rebuilds. They kept a lot of talent from previous teams. Buffalo didn't do that. The other MAJOR difference is coaching (and probably management IMO). Babcock blows Bylsma out of the water. It's not even close IMO. And Shanahan is proving to be a top, top end NHL exec. I am very impressed with him. He's done a fantastic job in Toronto. The book is still,out on Tim Murray, but I think he may have screwed up by trying to speed hints up so much and trading away so many assets. Thinking about what could have been from just that 2015 draft alone really bugs me some days. Toronto definitely went flying by us in their rebuild. But I also think maybe people thought Toronto was going to continue tearing down the team this year. I kept reading how JVR, Bozak and more would be traded away. But they kept them instead and they've been contributing more than anyone thought. Their rookies have been very surprising as well. Auston Matthews is about to hit 40 goals! Who would have ever thought that?! Man that's nuts! Marner and Nylander have also been fantastic. Nobody thought they'd come in and contribute so much. I get it. It's hard not to be jealous of Toronto. I know I am at times. They still have some nice talent in the pipeline too, and their rookies look miles ahead of some of ours. But I am willing to be patient with the Sabres. Our rebuild was just different than theirs, and their coaching is far superior. I do like what Toronto is doing though. They are drafting for speed and skill. Talent is their #1 priority. Buffalo is drafting for size and toughness, along with speed and skill. I feel like Tim Murray is building a team more in the Western conference mold and Toronto is building a team that seems to fit the direction the East is currently going (but NHL trends are constantly changing). We will see which works out better. Ultimately, you have to beat a western conference team to win a Cup. But you have to go through multiple eastern conference teams to get there...
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