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  1. Lindy really has the devils playing some good hockey. They look like an exciting young up and coming team. Devils fans have sure changed their tune on him! they went from booing him and chanting for him to be fired… to this! That’s pretty awesome that they chanted “sorry Lindy!”. I’m happy he’s finding success there. I wish he wasn’t so successful against Buffalo last night, but I’m happy for Lindy overall.
  2. Yeah the online shopping has definitely minimized it I think. Plus a lot of places start their Black Friday sales days or even a week+ before Black Friday now. And then we have cyber Monday sales that are often better than Black Friday sales.
  3. Even on his worst day he is Still better than Collinsworth
  4. A win is a win. I’ll take it! happy thanksgiving y’all!
  5. I have to think the combination of his play in the last game against New England along with his comments after the game are what did it. Barely a week ago Saleh was raving about Wilson and wouldn’t even consider benching him. He even went as far as to say he would be the starter for the rest of the season. But that post game press conference probably really rubbed guys the wrong way in the locker room. I think Saleh maybe felt he was in danger of losing the room if he didn’t make this move. You can’t preach accountability and always doing what’s best for the team then continue to start Wilson after that whole fiasco. I still think it’s likely he sees the field again this season. I think this might be about giving him a breath as well as trying to humble him a bit.
  6. They played a good game tonight. losing streak is finally over! 7-2 Sabres!
  7. And I’m pretty sure he only ended up in Indy because Jim Kelly called Frank Reich. After Chad Kelly was cut by Denver he worked with Jim. Then iirc Jim reportedly called Frank Reich and got Chad a tryout spot during their rookie mini camp. Getting drafted by Denver was also due to a call from Jim Kelly to John Elway.
  8. I agree. I think the most telling line was when Mcdermott said “if this is the level he feels he needs to be at…” Having torn my acl (and MCL + meniscus) I get it. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with my knee again. I’m sure he’s thinking about his career, not just this season.
  9. Same here. The last 3 weeks of Bills + Sabres play has me totally burned out on Buffalo sports.
  10. mid season slump is continuing so far today. they better pulls their heads out of their asses quick or they miss the playoffs altogether. I feel like today is damn near must-win territory. They’re already 6th in the division with a # of teams nipping at their heels.
  11. Yeah. Connor Bedard. Probably easily the best 1st overall since McDavid. https://www.sportsnet.ca/juniors/article/looking-at-16-year-old-whl-phenom-connor-bedards-historic-season/ but as bad as this 8 game losing streak has been I think the Sabres will likely finish outside the bottom 3. I don’t think they’ll truly be in the race for Bedard. Buffalo luck, they’d finish last and lose the lottery anyway😂. I can’t do another mcdavid draft heart break.
  12. I started watching the first period. Turned it off when the leafs scored their 3rd goal. Just flipped the game back on to see the leafs score their 5th goal. 5-1 Toronto. Immediately changed the channel. 😂 looks like this will be loss #8 in a row. 🤢🤮 🤬**** this team.
  13. He has played well in his NHL appearances. Only 9 games, so obviously small sample size but in those 9 games he’s a .917 sv%. iirc
  14. Actually kind of excited to see UPL. Maybe he can be the spark they need. He’s played well in his NHL opportunities.
  15. The lack of effort form some guys is alarming. Where’s the desire to end this losing streak?
  16. 7th regulation loss in row. 🤢🤮😡🤬
  17. I think the hopes for the 1 seed disappeared with this 2 game losing streak. With all the injuries and struggles I’ll be happy if the Bills just win their division at this point.
  18. I guess people don’t remember how Allen was playing in 2021 before the 2nd half of that Tampa bay game. It wasn’t until the 2nd half of that game where he put everything together and went on a tear to finish the season. He started out the 2021 season struggling. I think he’s actually played better during the early portion of this season vs last season.
  19. When other teams go on 3, 4, 5 game losing streaks you hear about the GM meeting with the team and ripping them a new @$$****. Telling them how this is totally unacceptable. You hear about players-only meetings to figure out wtf is going wrong. With the Sabres? Nothing. I feel like this franchise has just accepted losing. Adams has no one to blame but himself. We had these same issues last season too. And What did he do? Bring back the same damn team almost unchanged. Sick of this f’n loser organization.
  20. 6th loss in a row in regulation. Not a single point in 6 straight games. totally unacceptable. I am very quickly losing interest in the Sabres again. I have no patience left for the losing.
  21. No. It’s Way too soon to even be talking about this. It’s not like Dorsey’s offense has been terrible. I mean, just a few weeks ago people were worrying about him getting hired away as a head coach. The Bills offense was near the top of the NFL (they may still be?). The last 2 & 1/2 games have been rough but they’ve still moved the ball and some of that struggle has been Josh Allen making bad decisions/throws.
  22. I feel your frustration man. I feel the same way. They need to take a step forward this year. I have no patience left for losing Sabres hockey. They finish bottom 8 again this year and they will piss away any of the goodwill they’ve earned back from fans. I do think they’ve been playing better hockey but I’m kind of over moral victories… When I say I don’t think playoffs are the goal I’m just being realistic. They did very little this offseason. 2 free agents, that’s it. A 4/5 defenseman and a backup goalie who they hoped could start. It just seems like it is still another development year. I’m not happy about that, but it is what it is. At the same time, I get it. If they’re ever going to turn into contenders it’ll be because the kids developed. So I get wanting to give guys like Quinn and Peterka spots in the lineup to start their NHL development. To be fair - Adams is entering his 3rd season but his first season was with the old core (Eichel, Reinhart, Ullmark, Risto, etc). So this is only the start of year 2 of the (latest) rebuild (4.0). I’m trying to keep that in mind. And at least they have tons of cap space. When Murray and Botterill were losing, they had cap ceiling rosters. Adams is at the cap floor. Not saying that’s necessarily a good thing either… I don’t think Adams has been aggressive enough. He seems very intent on a draft + develop model and saving spots for kids that may be years away, which kind of frustrates me. I still think stability was the right choice. I think Adams and Granato should get the chance to build their team. I believe the extensions were pretty modest. 3 years iirc. Adams was due for a new deal so you had to either sign him or move on. And Granato had a year left but Adams wanted granato’s contract to match his in length and Pegula obliged. I think they’re in this together now, for better or worse. At least for the next 2-3 years. Im ok with that. I think the Sabres need stability. You can’t keep changing coaches and GMs every couple years. I don’t expect playoffs this year but I want to see them at least stay in the wildcard race. I want to see them finish outside the bottom 10. I don’t see how you can sell another bottom 10 finish as progress. Another area I really want to see a step forward in is an end to these long losing streaks. To take the next step forward that has to stop. They can’t keep going stretches with 3,4,5 losses like this. They we’re actually doing ok at that in October. They didn’t lose more than 2 in a row. But now they’ve gone 5 games without even picking up a single loser point. You can’t do that. Good teams don’t do that.
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